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    Relax people. Sox are very likely gonna get this done.
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    Hello everyone. Just want to clear a few things up - someone DM'd me this thread today looking for info/clarification on what I know/don't know. -I know the sox are in a very good spot. This bucket (?) guy probably knows more than me. I don't care that he does, in fact I hope he does. Some people are acting like he's talking shit to me, he's not. We're all sox fans here. We all want what's best for the org -I have zero clue what the financials of the offer are. I do know it's 7 years. I assume they have room to budge if they need to. Right now, as far as I'm aware, they don't need to. I would assume it's for an AAV record of about $35MM, so I was just putting two and two together. I could be incorrect there. I wanted to clear that up because people are speaking as if I was stating it as fact. - I know there are a lot of people that don't like me in here. To each there own. I know my humor and style isn't for everyone. I am who I am. - I typically avoid message boards, facebook forums, etc. They can be good communities but they also lead to fans wanting to jump down each others throat. The few times I've meandered to these forums I saw that, so I haven't been here hardly ever since I knew they existed - if anyone has any questions let me know, because I'm not gonna make it a regular thing posting here. I don't want other people's brains seeping into my brain now that I have to cover the sox for my job PS - I'm blogging this as we speak
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    http://tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations Take a look at this website. I think you’ll enjoy it.
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    Does Manny have any friends that are good?
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    Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. 😆
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    Bro.. please just stop. Log off and forget your username and password and never come back.. Sincerely, SoxTalk
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    I've been told from a trusted source that length isn't everything.
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    I can’t believe we’ve reached the point where we are debated the better fit for Manny potentially cheating on his wife. He really needs to sign and get this over with. Not sure I want to be here for the conversation on which city is easier to dispose of a body in case Manny decides to kill someone.
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    I talked to Shane last night. He told me that a really good source told him Machado to Sox is indeed happening. He couldn't get confirmation from anyone else. He wasn't trolling though.
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    Here is an idea. Do that BEFORE you make a public post on this board like that. Share what you have or don't post anything at all. You just posted "I have a secret you guys want to hear but I'm not ready to tell you yet."
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    I have reported more about the White Sox than anyone who is not paid to do it. I have time stamps. You are giving me shit for having a New York Times Best Selling author who wrote a book on the White Sox on a podcast. You are also an internet troll who's opinion has never once been lauded or quoted or requested but it has always been tormented. Have a good night.
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    Give this motherfucker an IP ban. Make him unplug his damn router if he wants to shit up this place.
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    Well there it is guys. Hard not to see how Manny doesn't end up in NY after this extremely insightful information is now public.
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    Short term memory? Lucky for you the internet does not forget. A, What terrible moves have i asked the Sox to make. Advocating trading for a utility player when we already have a better utility player, but still wants to make the move because Astros have acquired him, but failed to see Astros actually needed a utility infield and Sox do not. Definition of a terrible, irrational move. B. Concerning there terrible moves and shit product Have you watched baseball during a rebuild? C. And I would not spend a dime on this team and root for another team Publicly advertises not to spend money on this team numerous times yet complains the team not spending money on players. How rational of you. And then there is this classic: D. Why am I still here Fan of the Sox? See above in bold. Every other post of yours leads of "this garbage organization", seems pretty ironic that you're fan of the said garbage organization and couldn't wait for them to move out of this city. E. Now I was able to explain all this in a civil way , unlike you. I am impressive this time around Brad, didn't know you were capable of posting in civil manner judging by the other posts.
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    You couldn’t even make it to the end of your own post before realizing your point wasn’t good.
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    Come on dude you were sharing Facebook messages like it was 100 percent accurate
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    Dude is fake like everyone else you wanna call me fake hes fake too
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    I hope they showed him Wrigley Field. Definitely a must-visit when it town.
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    He hit .268 last year. This is a board of intellectual’s sir, get your information right or GTFO
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