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    GUYS! I just got a message back and word that I WILL BE SINGING APRIL 16!!!! Thanks all for your help. Probably wouldn't have gotten this far without the information! I owe you all a beer if I ever run into one of you.
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    This trading Vaughn talk by some people here is fucking ridiculous. Why would we want to trade a guy who some experts think is one of the best college hitters they have ever seen. Insane talk imo. I wouldn't trade Vaughn for Senzel straight up. He is our first baseman of the future and we should be excited about that as Sox fans.
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    These posts are just so wonderful . You are all getting likes from me. There's so much more to why Abreu got that contract and it has like $4M in deferred money from 2023-26. I'm sure Reinsdorf thinks he was worth every penny of it ,Abreu loves the White Sox more than just about anything and wasn't afraid to show it . He is Mr.White Sox and if you can't deal with that I feel bad for you. He has done everything in his power to make this team better. The more I defend him the more I learn about him and just how influential he is to the younger guys not only on being a better baseball player but being a better person and representing the White Sox in a positive way.
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    Good god man you will complain about anything.
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    Do you feel some obligation to just shit on everything that anyone on this website gets excited about? Not needed.
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    The thing about Schilling is this. Racism is not a political opinion. Sending out memes and tropes that disenfranchises and advocate violence against the media, muslims, and the LGBTQ community is not a political opinion. Doing that sort of behavior is morally wrong and against what freedom in America stands for. Yes, Schilling has the right to express his opinion, but racism and attacking various minorities is wrong, morally wrong. And there is a morals clause to getting into the Hall of Fame. Schilling should never get in.
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    Madrigal can't check the boxes at the top of the list, amirite
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    And also I don't think the Sox FO should be ashamed. Yolmer should be ecstatic he got that long of a shot to play so many games over a dreadful period for the Sox. He wouldn't have had that shot with many teams. He made a good amount of money. I think everybody can walk away somewhat satisfied.
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    The work that has been done to build FutureSox can't be praised enough. Congratulations team and everyone who has had a part in this! It is literally one of the top content providers for ANY White Sox related page, especially one that is fully independent.
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    After he made 20+ posts about Yolmer being a SoxFest surprise (based on NO information), he needs something else to complain/b****/whine/beat a dead horse about.
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    It's not even about that and you know it.
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    Its obvious that the Dodgers werent going to trade Joc if they couldnt get Betts. Lets not pretend that it would have been a good idea to wait until the Dodgers made a move before looking for RF help. Come on now.
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    Trout to backup Robert would also be cool
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    Tough to summarize. But it was first time I’ve ever heard him, not even sure I remember an article interview after his new role. Hes very enthusiastic and I appreciated that he got really wonky while explaining things very clearly. He covered a couple times the difficulty scouting prospects across different maturity curves, such as a prospect from Vanderbilt who is already on a mlb nutrition and hitting plan be a guy at Indiana state. He brought up that Gladney was drafted by them largely because he was an EV darling at a workout they held. He said they would not favor college over high school under him (and I believe him). I appreciate how available Hostetler made himself to blogs and media, but he was a bit arrogant and loved to mostly talk about how much they knew about guys. Shirley loved to talk about the process of evaluating guys. He was super interesting. This from Y2Jimmy summed up my thoughts
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    Sterling write-up on Luis Robert as the #2 overall prospect. Andrew Vaughn is #30, Michael Kopech is #33 and Nick Madrigal is #48. They gave Robert 70 grades for power, speed and defense as a 70 overall.
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    The Sox aren’t pulling Moncada or Madrigal late in the game for a defensive replacement unless it’s an absolute blowout. Also, his ability to switch hit is not valuable when he’s not good from either side.
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    They called Miami "Florida" and spelled Cincinnati wrong...so I think that is your answer.
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    Being 24 and being a major league regular for 4 years means the kid has a ton of talent. He could've been in the minors all those years. He started off as a 21yr old hitting 20 HR's. He's been almost the exact same player every year . Maybe he never gets it. Or maybe he decides OK I did it my way the last 4 years maybe it's time for a change . I think he's capable of 30-40 HR's. I'd call that a good improvement and a good ceiling. Apparently you don't agree. I hope you can still root for the kid without an I told you so in your head every AB he doesn't produce . That's no way to be a Sox fan. If the Sox end up with Castellanos I will cheer for him too just as loudly as i would for Mazara.
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    My buddy sent me this photo of his dad who attended and brought this flag to hold up with Eloy. He wanted Eloy and Cease to sign it but the lines were too long, apparently.
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    People may not like the contract. But Abreu brings soo much more. The PR he brings is outstanding. That's one thing I can say about jerry that he rewards his people well. I know its not the best way and sometimes its the wrong people but the sox ain't losing nothing with Abreu. I hope they can be good these next 5-6 years. Abreu deserves that. I really wanna see what Abreu can do with protection in the lineup and I hope he realizes its not all him this year and he can just relax and let it flow. Abreu can be a dangerous hitter.
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    Based on Schillings' past racist remarks, he is without a doubt, 100% a scumbag. The irony is, thinking otherwise makes one the moron (or bigot if you prefer).
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    Stop bunting then, dickhead.
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    Frank Thomas got 83% of the vote. There is no way in hell that Derek Jeter should get a larger percentage of the ballot than Frank Thomas. Frank Thomas>>>>>>Jeter as a hitter. Also, Jeter was a shitty shortstop so anyone that wants to bring defense into it can eat a bag of dicks. Every gold glove jeter won was a massive joke because he had the worst range out of any SS in baseball after like 1998. It's hard to make an error if most balls hit your way end up as hits. Tim Anderson is a better SS than Jeter ever was. Derek Jeter getting as large of a percentage of the vote as he did is insulting to my Intelligence as a baseball fan. If they had defensive metrics for the entirety of Jeter's career his WAR would probably be around Harold Baines. His reputation as a player was entirely undeserved and was a product of the Jankee hype machine. If Jeter played his career in Fucking Dallas or something and had the same numbers he'd be a borderline case. We have entered an age where there are no longer any magic numbers for entry into the HOF.
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