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    Me - I had to seperate this into a new thread. Didn't need 80 pages of historical garbage. Lets get the big news in its own thread.
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    I’m sure I will get pushback on this, but what exactly was Cooper doing with these guys the last few years
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    Certain posters here when the sox sign good players and hear Tony was a positive in the process:
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    We have been around quite a few blocks here at Soxtalk, and none of them are quite like the one we have just made. I know 2020 has been a year of loss and struggle for way to much of this country, and our little corner of the interwebs isn't immune from that. I just want to take the time to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas. Hopefully even if those struggles are still present for you, this time can give even a temporary respite from the pressures of life.
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    Hello everyone! I just found the board a couple of weeks ago and this is my first post. I'm from Southern Illinois and I am primarily a St. Louis Cardinals fan, but I've always liked the White Sox as well. Being from Illinois is part of that, as is my disdain for the Cubs 😁. Anyway, I am honestly more excited to watch the Sox this year than the Cardinals. It's nice to see a team seeing their division weakening and then making additions to the roster to make themselves dominant. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and share my excitement to really root on the White Sox this year. As a noob I won't agree or disagree with anyone's take on these signings, but again, it's nice to see a team that appears to be trying. Hendriks seems like a good add to me!
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    In his first 29 career games last year Madrigal hit .340, and here we have a 6 page thread with people complaining about him. So bizarre.
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    Ingredients for a great closer •great stuff - check •ability to go multiple innings - check •composure to close out close game - check •balls to tell your wife you ain’t going back to Canada - double check
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    Can you post less? It would help the general IQ of the site.
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    I see Soxtalk is Soxtalking. Madrigal has played a grand total of 29 games and has had 109 plate appearances at the major league level...and we're writing him off as garbage because he made a few rookie mistakes. He batted .340 in those 109 plate appearances and played a pretty good second base. Maybe we give him a full season before deciding he's trash.
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    I would say "Bye-Bye" but we all know you'll be back.....
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    The White Sox have an offer out for Hendriks.
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    Wow, if the Sox figure out a way to put both of those kids into the system in 13 months, that replaces a lot of graduating talent and gives them some future waves to add on with, or even deal from if needed. Much respect to Paddy if he was able to rebalance both Colas and Cespedes with the changes that just happened to the signing periods.
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    https://theathletic.com/2309736/2021/01/08/new-white-sox-pitching-coach-ethan-katz-is-in-constant-contact-with-his-starters/?source=emp_shared_article We have had good discussion on the Crochet part, but thought some would like to get some info on what was said on the rest of the pitchers on the staff: Cease - Katz has been working with Cease to eliminate the cutting action on his fastball that was causing decreased command and ineffectiveness. Katz showed Cease he was opening up too early and is having him ride on his back leg longer before starting. Good line: "But Cease noted to Katz that his delivery feels like that of Josh Hader, Milwaukee’s All-Star closer with a distinct cross-firing throwing motion. Cease is not cross-firing at all in Katz’s estimation, but it’s just that after two seasons of flying open, that’s how unfamiliar having a consistently straight line felt." Lopez - Katz thought Lopez' arm was getting too far from his body causing the velocity decrease. He's had him throw more compact and keeping his arm closer to a straight line. He is reintroducing his curveball now that the changes were made. Kopech - Kopech is going to be a Fastball, Slider, Curveball pitcher, his changeup is no longer the primary focus of the 3rd pitch. Giolito - They are refocusing on the Curveball. It won't be the same as it was in high school, and they are going for a "strike getting" pitch, but they aren't dismissing it becoming an out pitch. They also have focused on trying to keep his slider consistency to match how good itw as at end of last year. Lynn - Talked about Lynn's 3 fastball approach, but he's been working on two offspeed pitches and hoping to add those to his arsenal this year. Keuchel - Basically Keuchel is perfect and knows what to do on his own lol. The rest of the crochet stuff is mostly in the other thread. Thanks fegan.
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    The food boys have been manipulating me by capitalizing on my affection for La Stella by acting like the sox are interested in him. I have been using the food boys in hopes that Tony LaRussa sees the tweets and calls up Jerry to sign him. It is a long shot, but I love Tommy La Stella. Let me count the ways: - Tommy La Stella strikes out less than Nick Madrigal but nobody calls him nellie fox because he actually hits for power as well. - Tommy La Stella plays multiple infield positions with 2nd, 3rd and first. He's not particularly fast, but whatever, how hard is LF if we need him in a pinch? Nobody cares. We have Robert. - Tommy La Stella is Left Handed and the last two years has had a 134 and 151 wRC+ vs right handed pitching - Tommy La Stella walked 12% of the time last year. Move him around and around, as long as he's in the lineup. He is my la stella, the star. Tony, please put him in my stocking this year.
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    If he has one project this year it should be Cease. The analytics show that he has PLUS stuff but cant generate swings and misses. His awful swing/miss and chase peripherals remind me of 2018 Gio which makes Cease such a break out candidate IMO. Cease's O-Swing% (Swings on pitches outside the zone) was 26% (8th lowest among 81 pitchers with 50IP) and his swing and miss % was 9% (18th worst). He also had a first pitch strike percentage of 54% (7th worst). In 2018 Giolito's O-Swing% was 24%, his Swing and Miss % was 8%, and his first pitch strike % was 55% . In 2019 that went to 32%, 15%, and 62% respectively. Jake Arrieta, another guy who had a rough MLB start but had plus stuff had similar changes in those percentages. Both made minor adjustments on mound positioning and increased first pitch strike % significantly. Having plus stuff doesnt mean shit if youre behind in the count. His swing % was 41% which was sixth lowest which makes sense he started as many counts 1-0 as nearly any pitcher in the league.
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    I wish the goal was to get as good as possible, not just to hopefully be better than 4 small market teams.
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    I'll believe it when it's announced " White Sox have signed Liam Hendriks" and not a minute before that.
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    They brought back Eaton and hired La Russa....I'm not sure they are concerned about team chemistry all that much.
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    It could be worse. You could be a White Sox fan watching a team in the beginning stages of completely squandering a window because ownership is too chicken shit to take a risk to win a championship. At least the Cubs ownership, for all of their faults, wasn't content with 2nd place during their window. Should the Sox be trading guys like Vaughn/Kopech/Madrigal/Crochet/Kelley? No. But they should be using money to fill holes. And they don't.
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    Yea. They should have signed the left handed version instead.
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    This is a pretty damning indictment. Trading the funds made no sense at the time.
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    Hitlers 1st try at overthrowing the German government wasn't 1933, it was 1923. Castros 1st attempt at overthrowing Cuba wasn't 1958, it was 1952. In pretty much any other country on earth when you lead a coup, there would have already been executions. The idea that somehow everything is ok because the people who died weren't the right politicians is absurd. History tells us that someone who is willing to lead a violent uprising once, is perfectly willing to do it again and again. They are perfectly willing to sabotage the people and the government to win power. The absolute minimum that should be happening right now are massive and very public investigations by this government with the intent of jailing anyone found to have participated in any form in this coup attempt. The President should be charged and tried for his crimes against the American government to render him politically neutered at a minimum, jailed at best. This was treason, and not some protest gone wrong. This was an attempt to over throw a dully elected government of the United States of America.
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    To me this Hendriks pursuit is like watching a bunch of kids having an easter egg hunt in the back yard, and you know there's a landmine in there because you just saw the dog take a dump in the grass this morning, and you're just sitting there watching and hoping that it's not your kid who ends up stepping into the pile of shit while trying to win a prize.
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    How about just adding to the low payroll and sign Bauer?
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