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    Jerry has seen enough. He has had enough. Jerry will make TLR step down after today's performance. Jerry's loyalty has boundaries.
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    I don't want to call out any posters specifically, but I am so tired of reading that Leury Garcia is a "good" utility player. He's not. He's one of the worst players in MLB (this year he has been the 2nd worst player in baseball). Leury Garcia has never been good. He's never been a player you have to lock up - he's always been replaceable (look at how Mendick is playing in limited time this year). The White Sox currently have two players in the minor leagues that would absolutely outproduced Leury Garcia for a minimum wage (Lenyn Sosa and Yolbert). After last night, Leury Garcia now has a 24 wRC+. The worst in baseball for anyone with over 100 PA's. Since Leury Garcia entered the league, of players with at least 2000 PA's in that span, Leury Garcia has been the 17th worst player in MLB via fWAR. By that same demographic, he's been the 9th worst hitter with a 76 wRC+. By every measure, Leury Garcia is one of the worst players who has been given any sort of consistent playing time in the past decade. While Leury Garcia leading off is inexplicable - Leury Garcia had the lowest wRC+ for a leadoff hitter this late in a season (with greater than 100 AB's) in at least the past 50 years - the onus can't lie solely on the shoulders of Tony La Russa. That said, the decisions of La Russa have just been inexplicable. La Russa's decision making has gotten so bad that other teams announcers are calling them out publicly: Rick Hahn was supposedly serious about winning, but he gave one of the worst players in baseball a three year contract which limited funds to allocate (apparently). Not only did he give him a three year contract, but he was one of the Sox first moves. Rick Hahn viewed Leury Garcia as a must lock up. Beyond that, this has happened multiple off-seasons now; Rick Hahn feels the need to "beat the market" for players who would likely have no market. No one in baseball was going to give Leury Garcia three years at 16+ million dollars, because as I laid out above, Leury Garcia is awful at baseball. This team made fans sit through a rebuild for years under the guise of spending and supporting the group once they came into their contention window. I guess Rick Hahn meant supporting them with dollars spent on replaceable utility players who are on the wrong side of 30. Eduardo Escobar, who cost the same yearly as Josh Harrison/Leury Garcia has been worth 1.1 fWAR. That's 2.2 more fWAR than Garcia/Harrison combined despite having similar total PA's. If Rick Hahn was serious about winning, he would release Leury Garcia and Josh Harrison today. He would call up Yolbert and Sosa. There was no excuse for Hahn to spend 10+ million dollars on two players who were easily two of the worst players in MLB. I'm tired of watching Leury Garcia and Josh Harrison. How Rick Hahn executed this off-season is baffling. And LEURY GARCIA IS NOT A GOOD UTILITY PLAYER. Please stop saying that.
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    Lmao.... At least you're consistent with your undying loyalty to this fucking incompetent, demented dinosaur. Walking him was the wrong call based on every available data point on the fucking planet. And yet, here you are, completely ignoring the facts that contradict his braindead decision, and defending it.... It's like the people who still believe Trump won the 2020 election. Complete and total cognitive dissonance.
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    But then who pitches the other 8 1/3 innings?
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    I tweeted this but Lenyn Sosa is giving me Marcus Semien vibes
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    Family Fuck Off Sundays
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    He's actually the Trump of baseball. A completely delusional, narcissistic asshole, who thinks he's the smartest man in the room, when the reality is, he's a fucking imbecile.
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    I've never fallen out of love with the White Sox like I have this season. Even during the rebuild. This is just pure misery inflicted onto the fanbase.
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    Muncy was probably more pissed about the intentional walk than anyone else. That's a special form of disrespect. The batting average in an AB that goes to 1-2 is .166. Intentionally walking that guy to face the next hitter is basically saying, "I think the guy on deck has less than a 17% chance of getting a hit".
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    I couldn't attend in person, so I'll start a chant here. Can we get a thousand posts? Fire Tony
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    Thompson's final line 5.1 IP 8 H 3 ER 0 BB 9 SO. 79 pitches. 63 for strikes. I am pleased with this development. He looked great.
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    Don’t panic. Soon the schedule will work in our favor and we can stop playing juggernauts like the Rangers.
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    Taking 3 boys under 7 to the game tonight wish me luck
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    This offense struggles so much with consistency and we want to trade the one guy who is consistent every year...
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    Why be mad at everyone who holds this team to a higher standard? These are bullshit results, we all know this team is better than this. How good? Not totally sure, but this is not what anyone expected. Getting mad at other fans is a waste of your energy when the manager is quite literally losing games for them with bad decisions
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    Sheets finally got sent down.
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    Please then explain why Tony the genius let him see 3 pitches before walking him? If a homer was coming 1st base being occupied meant nothing.
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    I don't think they are unlucky. They think they are brilliant at playing the FA market, and have a set price to pay for player performance. Those prices are under market value for the best available players, and overmarket value for past their prime players. Sox budget 18 million for top position players, don't get them, then see productive, mid-30s DHs and say "holy crap we can get them for $14 million? That's a way better deal!" "$10 million for Escobar? We could get 34 year old josh harrison, who just had a pitiful second half, for half that! And he'd be 80% of Escobar! You can't really do negative numbers, but lo and behold escobar will be multiples more valuable than Harrison, who is another player unlikely to see another contract. "Sheesh, why pay for that guy when we can get 80% of him in Jon Jay?" Jon Jay's career ends. Back in the 2000s they were actually very good at this. They found veterans with years more life. But whether it be velo, or steroids, or whatever, the aging curve has either been stiffer or teams are smarter who they prevent going to FA. The sox still shop like it's the 2000s. They are also just very bad at mlb scouting. With most teams with a Reese McGuire/Seby Zevala being ahead of Carlos Perez to start the year you'd say "well he's not as good/isn't ready". With the sox I'm assuming he's an all star. They probably could outsource all of their scouting to a baseball america subscription and be better off / have way more money for other fun stuff.
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    Hiring La Russa to manage a young, exciting ball club that had a chance to take over the city will forever go down as one of the worst decisions in baseball history. That and refusing to seriously pursue Bryce Harper when there was little competition for him.
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    But in hockey, you can't position your players wherever you want. In football, you can't position your players wherever you want In basketball, you can't position your players wherever you want. In soccer, you can't position your players wherever you want. I Don't get why people think baseball should be different. There are rules in all other sports preventing some form of exploitative defensive/offensive practices related to positioning. I don't see why baseball should be any different.
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    On field delay at the Dash game as someone has run onto the field during Ramos' AB. He rips off his shirt and has a Cleveland Browns jersey underneath? He has now thrown a book on the field then put on some sunglasses?! He now rips off the Browns Jersey and has a polo underneath. Golf cart chasing him? Tackled now. Has left a pile of white stuff on the field? Is it popcorn? It's popcorn.
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    2005 we were literally in first place from Day 1.
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