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    Are we getting Harper Like for yes Laugh for no
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    machado in a Padres uniform in 4 years
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    That would literally be the dumbest thing this organization could possibly do.
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    We should have a walk out petition here and send it over to Brooks. Vowing to not financially support this team next year. We are the die hards that have supported them when no casual fans would and we just arent going to do it anymore.
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    What an off season Maybe this is our time Two whales are available Both entering their prime Harper would be an unbelievable catch But maybe Manny’s the better match? We’ve got the money, Rick has said so But will Jerry shell out that kind of dough? Trade for Alonso, then sign John Jay Looking like Manny, he is the play Sign him by Christmas, oh what a present Did I say Christmas? No, in the New Year I meant January came and went and so did the next one Surely by Spring Training, they’ll get the job done Not looking good I fear, taking too long But our competition, isn’t too strong? Why is Moncada taking ground balls at 3rd? Manny is coming here, that’s what I heard Alas San Diego makes a guaranteed offer KW says we don’t have that kind of cash in our coffer What about unprecedented flexibility? Just count that up to my gullibility Now I am upset, now I am pissed They had this all wrapped up, how could they have missed? Time to go online, that’s what I’ll do Time to tell Jerry just who he can screw And about Alonso and his friend John Jay I want them both gone before Opening Day Ok, calm down…sorry for the rant Never really wanted Manny, that is my chant Harper is still out there, that is the hope But why do I just kinda feel like a dope? Following the Palehose sometimes feels like a disease Prove me wrong White Sox, prove me wrong please
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    I will say this: Shack is getting his information from multiple solid places. You guys can believe whatever you want though obviously. The constant craving and whining for information throughout this process and then immediate reaction to tell people who actually have intel that they are full of shit is quite ridiculous. Shack shared with the board to keep people informed. I told him: fuck that board. The majority of the people posting there now don't deserve the information anyway. This place is tiresome. There are some things in this thread that could be debunked but I don't really have the patience for it. Everybody could be united in being extremely pissed ta this organization right now. Instead, some of us like to criticize others who have legit info and call them "insiders". It's pretty lame.
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    I'm not as upset about missing out on Manny. Yes, I wish he would've chosen the White Sox, and yes, I was fine with giving him well over $300 million. However, when I really sit back and look at things, I realize one really important thing: Regardless of if we would've signed him or not, most of the success still relies on the how the prospects from the rebuild turn out. If guys like Eloy, Robert, Cease, Moncada, Kopech, Lopez, Madrigal, and Collins live up to their hype, then the White Sox will be a good team regardless. Now, would I like to have Machado in the middle of that future lineup, of course. But look at Mike Trout in LA. If I recall correctly, he has never made the playoffs, or he has made the playoffs once, and lost in the ALDS. Now that is absolutely no shot at Trout, more of just a statement on how hard it is to win in baseball, and how many really good players you need to have. I know that not all the prospects are going to pan out, but the White Sox have A LOT of options at various positions. Lets say this is the lineup, and their realistic potential: 1. Yoan Moncada (.270 hitter with a .330OPS. Can hit for power and is quick on the base paths). 2. Luis Robert (Otherworldly skill set. True 5-tool player. Can do everything on the field) 3. Jose Abreu (Consistently one of the better 1B in baseball). 4. Eloy Jimenez (Arguably the best prospect in baseball. Huge power. Can hit to all fields). 5. Zack Collins (Huge power. Gets on base). 6. Tim Anderson (Showing improvement each year. Very athletic). 7. Luis Gonzalez (Solid power. Good speed. Gets on base). 8. Jake Burger (Big power potential. Could exclusively be a DH). 9. Nick Madrigal (Not a lot of power, but gets on base a ton for guys at the top of the lineup to knock him in). Lets also not forget a couple of things. This would be assuming the White Sox did not add a single free agent by the 2020/2021 season. And I'm not saying it has to be Arenado/Trout/Betts... Just any veteran free agent. And like I mentioned above, not every prospect pans out, but we still have guys like Basabe, Adolfo, Rutherford, Zavala, Sheets, and Walker. Then we get into pitching. Lets say the rotation is: 1. Kopech (Top 10 prospect before getting hurt. Seems like one of the hardest workers in the game). 2. Cease (One of the best pitching prospects in baseball now. Will probably be Top 10 by the time he gets called up). 3. Rodon (When healthy, the stuff is nasty). 4. Lopez (Finished 2018 very strong. Nasty off-speed stuff) 5. Giolito (Top prospect in 2016. Struggled last year, but you can see that he has nasty off-speed pitches). And again, not all these guys will work out, but we still have prospects like Dunning, Hansen, Lambert, Stephens and Medeiros. And just like the lineup I posted, this is assuming the Sox don't sign one veteran pitcher to add to the staff. Moral of the story, I am bummed that we missed out on Machado just like everyone else, but in baseball, you need more than one guy, no matter who it is. The White Sox have a of depth in the minors, and have a number of guys with ridiculously high ceilings.
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    "We worked tirelessly, but sometimes it doesn't work out." "I'm proud of our efforts." "We like the guys we have this year." "We will continue to pursue premium talent in free agency." There, now no one needs to waste their time listening.
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    I made my jersey for 2019... but unfortunately, the whitesox.com checkout page doesn't accept commodities and promissory notes as currency.. which, is how I thought the sox did business.
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    That Padres shtick is getting old already 😫
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    You guys are missing the point. The rebuild didn’t hinge on Manny Machado, but it DOES hinge on the team being willing to spend money on the stuff they need the most. There will never be an opportunity to do so that was easier and made more sense than this one. So if not now, when? On an older player? When bidding against the Yankees and Dodgers? This isn’t about them missing the player, this is about them fucking up the process. And, specifically, in a way that just happens to be “cheap” as opposed to simply incompetent. This does not bode well, my friends.
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    I am seriously considering not following them myself. I would bet there are a lot of others considering the same. I don’t owe it to anyone to prove my fandom. There is more to life then sports and entertainment and when the entertainment sucks why waste my time, money, and energy on it? I can definitely fill that void with something else that is meaningful and fun.
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    Sox 2 days ago: We're going to go down swinging. Sox today: We're not going to bid on Harper because we'd probably lose.
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    My God, Phil Rogers is more intelligent than the White Sox organization.
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    Bravo. The thing I can't stand is the fans lining up to defend them. This isn't just about Machado, it's about their systematic approach to FA and how broken and flawed it is. It feels hopeless that they will ever be able to convert on any of their targets moving forward. I keep seeing people clamor about the prospects but these people are "la la laing" the fact that they will be extraordinarily lucky if even 3 or 4 of these guys work out. They'll have to play in free agency if they hope to supplement these guys and they failed miserably and sounds like they didn't learn a damn thing through the process.
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    The funny thing is, just think about the fan reaction one way or the other... Sign Harper, bring all the fans back, make tons of money in ticket, concessions, merchandise, etc. sales Whiff on Machado and pass on Harper, everything goes to shit. How do the Sox not realize this?
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    Maybe Harper is not worth $350 million. Maybe he isn't worth more than Machado got. Maybe he isn't worth as much as Machado got. Maybe even Machado isn't worth what Machado got. And maybe none of these free agents are worth what they get. The point is that this team is now an embarrassment and the few fans it had, in the same city as the widely adored "Cubbies," are ready to abandon the South Side. The people in the front office and ownership have botched this off season so badly, that they desperately need to do something to redeem themselves. The question is; Is there any other plausible move, which they could make this season, other than signing Harper, that would approach redemption, in the eyes of their fans? Maybe the answer to that question will help us all to determine what Bryce Harper is "worth".
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    The thing that greatly angers me is really not about not getting Machado. The things that makes me extraordinarily angry: 1) that we went out and got Yonder Alonso and John Jay as window dressing, and then offered an amount of money that was a completely bad faith, shit offer based on where everyone knew the money should be, including Machado, his agent, my cat, and any intern working in baseball. 2) that early along people scoffed at the White Sox being serious suitors, given their track record with FA, and then people grudgingly included them in reports when it became clear they were the only real offer for weeks. Then, after San Diego just went out and got it fucking done in a normal way, our organization looks like the punk ass b**** bridesmaids who got stood up at the altar, and we can now not too quietly return to being league laughingstock cheapskates. 3) that just once our stupid fucking front office can’t just have gone out and done something extraordinarily above and beyond to get a premier player in an era that demands it given where their organization is 4) that just for once our stupid fucking front office can’t fucking own their total lack of vision on this. If they had simply not pursued Machado, we would have been fine. Instead, we look like complete fools, have nothing to show for it, and the optics are terrible for luring future FA. There is no silver lining in how this was handled. How it was handled was categorically terrible.
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    I think you're seriously underestimating what they just did. And you can fire my post count back at me if you want, I won't even tune in during free preview week this year.
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    Wow...I was actually mentioned on Twitter, he sincerely made my day, lol.
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    I am newish to this board and fully aware of banning rules, but can iWin get the heave for this foolish charade. It wastes server space and serves zero purpose here.
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    Phil Rogers And Steve Phillips proving they deserve to be running the White Sox more than the people actually running the White Sox. That's..... not great.
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