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    On August 1st we had a thread that asked "Is This Rock Bottom ? " On August 19th a thread told us "Michael Kopech called up . " Now 4 of our 5 starting pitchers are all key pieces to the rebuild . Can we honestly keep rooting for losses when these guys pitch ? We can't think we can get good pitching and lose enough to continue tanking can we ? Now next year Eloy will be here full time along with some young bullpen arms. Yes the position players are all still pretty much disasters Maybe Abreu , Anderson and Moncada will be here still . In Abreu's case who knows ? Right now we are a team full of DH's and utility players and guys on the cusp of being non tendered or jettisoned in some other fashion. So what's the plan moving forward this off season ? CF looks bleak in free agency and there's not much there for 3rd base either our 2 weakest positions. Machado is presumably a SS . He and Harper don't seem likely but there are still plenty of talented players out there. I think the key might be who is going to get a qualifying offer among the remaining free agents. Until the new CBA it's possible the owners keep the contracts offered to aging players low. If there is a lack of QO's then perhaps the Sox take a bigger plunge into free agency then we might otherwise think. The off season should be very very interesting. Is it worth it to try to give out smaller contracts to guys who can bridge the gap for another year or continue to search for diamonds in the rough? That didn't work out real well this season and I don't expect much help from anyone on Charlotte outside of relief pitchers, With so many holes offensively and defensively even good luck with trades or FA probably doesn't mean the playoffs next year. But with so many holes some have to be plugged right ? It's all not just going to happen overnight and relying on the 2020 free agent class could be a disaster if the Sox strike out there.
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    I honestly am just reading those tweets and wondering what the hell is so bad about that coming from a 17 year old. "Mexican rapist version of Super Mario"... how is that racist? He's just saying the guy looks like a creepy ass Super Mario. "Are you calling us f*gs?"... Really? This is homophobic? lol.... Then he clearly says "ni**a" in a manner which is simply conveyed as "dude". Don't get me wrong... I get the implications of the words f*g and Ni**a. However, this is ALL completely normal for a high school kid. Myself and people I grew up with said far worse. Teenagers don't have a frame of reference for this stuff. They don't understand the weight it carries. They have no life experience. They're still learning all of this. That's the point of growing up... lol. You say/do dumb shit. You learn from it and then you look back going "Jeez I was dumb". I couldn't even pretend to act like that stuff is a reflection of an adult's character. My god, did I say stupid shit at that age. Not even out of anger or hate. You just don't get it at that... ZERO of Kopech's tweets were angry or actually making implications pertaining to a group of people.
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    Yoan Moncada= Strike out king with less WAR on the year than David Bote Lucas Giolito= xFIP of 5.48. That is no bueno. Reynaldo Lopez=xFIP of 5.42. Not as bad as Giolito but still no bueno Michael Kopech= In the infirmary for the foreseeable future Luis Robert= No homers so far in full season minor league play and is built like the tin man. Nick Madrigal= No dingers or triples in 43 minor league games Jake Burger= Probably retore his achilles answering the door for his Dominoes Pizza delivery Carson Fulmer= Soon to be pursuing opportunities on the traveling swim meet circuit as a goggle salesman. Letting Rick Hahn and company architect this rebuild was a terrible decision. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?
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    SHUT THE FUCK UP DUDE. Your posts are garbage. UCL tears do not happen in one game. Coop did not cause an UCL tear on him by pitching him 14 innings. But let’s pretend Coop didn’t do his job because Hansen and Dunning is also hurt in the minors right? Let’s also ignore the fact that everyone was down on Rodon this time last year but he has recovered better than any of us cuz of thought. Typical garbage posts pretending sky is falling in time of adversity trying to find someone to blame. REAL MATURE.
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    you might as well clean house with the entire fucking FO. Look at all the injuries this year to key pieces. Broom the entire fucking FO starting with Hahn and all the way down to the guy that tapes up ankles on the med team. I'm done with this FO. You pushed him too hard and FOR WHAT? So you could sell some tickets while keeping Eloy down? FUCK OFF.
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    Only 2 posters are freaking out and those guys freak out about pretty much everything.
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    This reminds me of the people who always demand a catcher who's good at framing, good at throwing runners out, good at handling a staff, and good at offense. They act as if we should easily find this player and it's our scouting department's fault for not coming up with him. Yet, there are like, 1-2 catchers who fit all those requirements in all of baseball. Anderson is the least of our problems. You can pencil him in as the #9 hitter on a good team at shortstop and call it a win, especially with what he's getting paid.
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    FWAR for starting SS on contending teams this year: Indians - 6.9, Dodgers - 4.2 (team number), Red Sox - 4.1, Yankees - 3.9, Rockies - 3.6, Mariners - 3.3, A's - 3.0, Cardinals - 2.2, Astros - 2.0, Diamondbacks - 2.0, Cubs - 1.6, Braves - 1.5, Phillies - 0.0, Brewers - negative 2.0 (team number). *Average value = 2.6 Anderson's 2.3 value is already near the average value for starting shortstops of all contending teams. He's definitely not a fringe starter.
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    Our country has turned into a whole slew of tattletales.
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    inchlong is a boring troll. Yawn.
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    How convienent for this front office. I'm tired of the damn excuses and losing baseball. I guess we got another two more years of tanking baseball to look forward to.
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    Actually it was probably good. Ucl tears don't happen at once but are usually weakened over time due to repetive stress. Maybe it would have recovered over the off season but more likely it would have torn anyway like next spring so his comeback would have been pushed back another 5-6 months. Still sucks but recovery rate from tj is quite good. Bad thing is that it hurts the chance of a surprise breakout like the braves had. But the timing is much better than spring which basically means almost 2 full missed seasons while he has a good chance to be back in the first half of 2020 with average recovery time being like 18 months.
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    I only remember him being a future catcher 🤷‍♂️
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    If you read anything about him, Chicago apparently has long had a special significance for Eloy. But instead of rewarding this young man for a fantastic display since joining this organization, and having confidence that we could retain him in 2025 by simply developing a positive relationship with him and offering a competitive amount of money when the time comes, we decide to play technicalities to trap him here for the extra time. I’ll be sure to bump this post going into 2026 when we’re not even considered for Eloy’s next contract. Or when we wonder why other big names never seem to want to play for us.
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    Eloy 2-4, 2B Basabe 0-4 Zavala 0-4 Rutherford 3-5 Madrigal 1-5 Gonzalez 1-3, 2 BB
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    Again by this philosophy let's take the best OF in Trout. All other OF must suck because they can't play center field AND hit like him. If you are comparing all other players to the best at their positions everyone in the MLB sucks except for maybe 10 players. The entire premise of your discussions is invalid. Everyone is dumber for having to listen to this insanely idiotic diatribe. I award you no points. May God have mercy on our souls.
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    I don't really care if the PC police take issue with me thinking you're an idiot.
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    Please, please keep facts and relevant information out of this thread. Only over reactions and sweeping generalizations are welcome..
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    This is also the same team that DEVELOPED Chris Sale and attempted to help him pitch in a way that kept his arm healthy throughout the whole year as opposed to what is happening with the Red Sox where he misses a month with shoulder inflammation.
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    Especially the fact he is left-handed. Guy definitely needs to DH to open next year. Delmonico can play LF (for like 2 weeks) until Eloy comes up and then he can move into a bench role spelling the corner IF spots and LF every once in a while.
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    I could see some sort of compromise where the 1st September call up wouldnt count as service time, but the player would get a MLB salary. Then make it so service time is 1 day played prior to September. Thus Eloy could get called up this year, get paid MLB money for a month. Then next year Sox have no incentive to hold him down at the start. I could see that making sense for both sides.
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    Interesting approach. I've always thought it would be better to focus on the right fielder's ear, but the pitcher's hand does seem to make more sense.
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    I'm a high school teacher. On the first day I make it clear that calling something they don't like "gay" or "retarded" will not be tolerated in my class.
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