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    Election integrity is a big issue in this country, especially since we have 50 states + DC, all with their own independent election laws. Both the 2016 and 2020 Elections were publicly questioned, whether it was Democrats claiming Trump worked with Russia in 2016 or in 2020 the claims from Trump's side claiming fraud with mail-in ballots and electronic voting devices. I see this bill as a measure to secure elections in the US. Voter ID laws, despite claims of the left, are not "voter suppression". The MLB is free to do as they choose but this is similar to the NBA overreacting to bathroom laws in NC a few years ago. These leagues typically cave to public pressure, and quite frankly, so do most public figures who get caught in some sort up political windstorm. Delta, for example, requires ID to board a plane but their chairman seems to have an issue with voters being required to provide ID. Go Figure. Unfortunately, this is the way of our country in 2021, but so be it.
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    He should leave a flaming bag of shit on Ricky's porch for ruining his arm.
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    Literally nothing. Only thing we learned last night was that many at Soxtalk are back in regular season form and drawing vast conclusions from a singular baseball game that means next to nothing in regards to how good or bad any player or team are. It's great to have baseball back!
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    This is correct. Manfred caved based on Democrat disinformation talking points. There is nothing racist about requiring ID to vote.
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    Tied Mazara's HR total from last year already .
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    as the sacrificial lamb? I will see myself out.
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    IMO try to trade Grandal for Blackmon, kicking in a lower-end prospect or two if necessary due to the amount remaining on Grandal's deal. It's some immediate salary relief for COL. Or maybe Grandal + Ruiz for Blackmon. C Lucroy / Collins 1B Abreu/Vaughn DH Abreu/Vaughn LF Blackmon RF Eaton ...and it actually makes us a better team than we were before. Grandal lovers would certainly disagree.
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    For all you guys using Eloy's injury to justify all the complaints you been making all spring is just total BS: The owner is too cheap; Hahn's an idiot; LaRussa's too old and a idiot for playing Vaughn in LF or for other reasons. . . or Why didn't we get more depth, especially at starting pitching . . . or Why is our drafting (or if you please, spending money on Latin players) and minor league development so terrible? The bottom line is the White Sox are World Series contenders, without Eloy or if he returns, the Sox are still World Series contenders; and I said this before, that's all you can realistically and reasonably ask of ownership and management. First of all, can we quit calling Eloy an idiot and implying he should be fined for trying to make that catch? Every ballplayer in that situation is gonna try to make that catch; that's the kind of catch that gets you on the Sports Center highlights for that night. Of course he's gonna go after it; anyone would. A player in the minors or majors; any high school or college player; hell, I'm in my 60's and in my softball league, I'd have gone after it. He was at the fence, had his right hand on the fence and had it measured. He's gonna go after it. I have no idea how he got hurt. I guess he is just made of glass, but it's absolutely crazy to tell him he can't play left field or any where because he might get hurt. He's been hurt running the bases; he's been hurting celebrating, he could choke tonight eating chicken. Should he never run the bases, or celebrate, or eat chicken. You guys are letting your disappointment get the better of you and attacking a player who was doing his best to try to improve and win. You can't play sports worrying about getting hurt. It's a sports cliche, but it is a cliche because it's true: The fastest way to get injured is by playing not to get injured. Plus, I wonder why Eloy might want to make that play; why would making a catch like that, even in ST, be so important to him? Hummm? Would it be he was trying to shut up, at least for a while, his critics who bash him LF play on this board and now in the press? You think that might have played into why he wanted to bring back that ball so badly?? Of course it did. Next, on to the injury thing, again can we stop the over-worrying about injuries. Now people are saying that Vaughn shouldn't play LF because might get injured or even more stupid, he might get Robert injured. He might, but he could and Robert could get injured in a myriad number of ways. Do we wrap them in bubble wrap and sit them on the bench? You try to put the best team on the field to give you the best chance to win. You guys using this as a complaint, it's just stupid. You're disappointed and pissed off about Eloy's injury, so you're gonna find anything possibly to b**** about. I think Vaughn in LF is a good move. We give up some defense to try the best way possible to make up for the lost offense. Plus, all you guys bitching about Eloy's terrible defense, can't tell me that Vaughn is gonna be that much worse. All you guys, the entire point of you complaints was that Eloy was barely better than a little leaguer (you know, like what you used to say about Avi Garcia in RF). For all you guys, and there are many of you, who have been saying that, how can Vaughn would be that much worse. Again, you're just bitchin' to b**** because you're upset and pissed off. Next, the drafting and Latin player development thing. If we ever needed them, it really looks (and I know it's only ST) like our draft choices are really starting to come through more than they ever have, and again, when we really needed them. Rodon has looked great. Collins has looked great and that's why Vaughn can play in LF. And then there's Vaughn; he's looking rather above average. So, I think that management has done of pretty good job of drafting and having player ready to contribute. Robert and Abreu as example of good Latin players? All the complaining about not getting another starter. I think the funniest, most ironic poster on this board is the guy that keep complaining about Dylan Cease, how he has no control and is walking too many. What has Cease given up this ST? I think it's one run. I liked the post where the guy compared Cease to Musgrove after people where complaining about not getting him; that was pretty funny. And you're right; Rodon, we can't depend on hit; he has been a total fail so far. In reality, he's looking a lot better than our 5th pitcher. Now I know Rodon still could get hurt and Cease could go all to hell. But right now, the "we need to sign more pitching depth" complaint looks pretty sad. To me, I think it's our starting pitching (let us pray on avoiding injuries) that's going to compensate for the lose of Eloy. And if we do get a starting pitcher injured, if only we had some one or some two like Kopech and Crochet to fill in as a starter (another failed and not developed draft choice). I posted a message with this same message about a month ago. The complaining on this site is ridiculous and petty. Please get you emotions and disappointment under control. Again, we have a World Series contender. Yes, losing Eloy really hurts, but look at our line up; it's still amazing: Moncada, Anderson, Abreu, Robert, Vaughn, Grandal; put that with Madrigal and Eaton and Collins and the White Sox are going to score a lot of runs, a lot of runs; and with our starting pitching and bullpen. There's no reasonable way to deny that the Sox are still very much a World Series contender. But if all you did was read this message board the last few days with all the bitching and complaining, you'd never know it.
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    If Cease and Rodon pitch like this in the regular season then I will forever hate Don Cooper
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    I'm going to take the Jack Parkman approach and assume that Eloy is actually out for three years now.
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    The Sox did stockpile talent. That talent has now graduated to the majors and makes up the core of a team that has the baseball world buzzing. And, incidentally has allowed us to take slot one talent (Vaughn) into LF while moving another talent (Collins) to DH, possibly without even reaching outside the organization. Sorry 100% of our prospects didn't pan out (which would mark the first time in history)...they never promised you a rose garden. Just a good team.
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    I'm not sure what picture of Yermin you are referring to, but please send it to me via PM
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    Ricky will still pitch him next week
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    Can we stop with all the suggestions that Moncada is soft? In the last three seasons, he has basically played the same number of games as Tim Anderson (actually a few more). And he seemed to have toughed it out last year while dealing with COVID. Moncada appears to have elite level athleticism, but he couldn't even run the bases last year without being totally gassed. From me, he actually gets credit for toughing it out, even when he couldn't put up 2019-type numbers. But that's just me, and doesn't mean Lamb isn't useful depth.
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    You're wrong. They're a borderline playoff team without Eloy. Fangraphs has them at 84 wins and I'd say that's about right, plus or minus a a few.
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    Yeah and the Sox never acquired any veterans for the purpose of flipping at the deadline with any success. Could have brought in more assets if they targeted more marketable veterans. Edicts - an official order or proclamation issued by a person of authority. ex. - COVID curfews, capacity limits, etc. You realize the rate of which people are being vaccinated right? Why will the bills be come due soon if the most vulnerable are vaccinated and most others are in the process of being vaccinated? Do we just live in fear forever even if there's a vaccinated public and herd immunity? I didn't say anything about Florida's leadership. I spoke about the data. You don't like the implications of what the data shows. I never said anything about indoor venues. You find it hilarious that I insinuated about indoor venues - reread my post from the lens of someone without your imagination. I responded to the data provided by a mod who brought up the subject. Everything I said was supported by the data that mod provided. You're sure a mod will delete your post because you're bit is the name calling and trying to take down others and you do this all the time. Give it a rest.
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    Wow. this is much better for the longterm. If he ruptured it they can tack it back down and all is good. A tear in the middle of the muscle could cause long term issues. It sucks but could definitely have been worse longterm
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    When did it become a right for you to fly anywhere? Which amendment does that fall under?
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    This is a grade A excuse. Well done sir.
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    No. Everyone in the game thread last night was almost unanimous that pulling Gio at that time was the right call, and something Gio wouldn't have done. Leury batting 6th and playing Opening Day was a valid question and he didn't do anything to prove TLR right. On the flip side, Eaton had a huge night. Most agreed Bummer got a raw deal last night and the defense let him down. It's one game. But a team with World Series aspirations needs to win those games on most nights. Especailly when the rotation has question marks at #4 and #5, you need to win the starts Gio leaves with a lead.
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    HoW WiLl LuCaS pitch WiThOuT McCaNN
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    Bauer's fb spin averages 2300 rpm . Cease just spun a heater at 2600 😳
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    I don’t think you can ever dismiss the possibility of the Sox adding a shitty, aging slugger
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