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    I am moreso surprised the White Sox even made the list, as ESPN generally forgets they even exist.
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    His delivery is like watching an octopus fall out of a tree.
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    One of the few bright spots of our season at the Major League level has been Tim Anderson. Coming off what was a rough 2017 for him in many ways, he has made huge strides defensively, increased his walk rate, decreased his strikeout rate, become more of a stolen base threat, more of a menace on the bases, more of a home run threat, and still has a very low BABIP (.276, was .328 last year) which suggests better looking offensive numbers by the end of the season. Defensively, he still botches a routine play here and there, but he also makes rangey, flashy plays and has gotten better as the season has progressed. It's been fun to watch him grow and I'm confident we have our shortstop of the future. That said, looking at where he was at the end of last season, it would probably have been considered a surprise to learn that he has likely been our most valuable player through 75 games. While he still has room for improvement, it is clear that he has begun to iron out irritating mistakes and has become a more complete hitter offensively. I'm sure more improvements will come. Watching him improve has given me more faith in improvements from Moncada, and even in the rebuild as a whole. Yoan is similar to Anderson in the sense that he's young, uber talented, and sometimes frustrating to watch. But seeing Anderson slowly but surely put his main concerns to rest with time has made me feel a lot better about Moncada doing the same, perhaps to an even greater extent.
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    You seem to think you know a lot more about the business of professional baseball than you actually know.
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    Dude seriously just shut the fuck up (worth a potential ban).
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    So, I'm reading In the Garden of Beasts right now, Erik Larson's (Devil in the White City) book about the American ambassador to Germany from 1933-1937. I haven't ever really touched the subject of how Hitler came to power, and how he was able to obtain popular support in Germany for objectively inhumane and horrible policies. In any event, as I'm reading, I note similarities between the events that Larson depicts (Nazi's attacking the "other" - in their case the Jews, their attacks on the press, and perhaps most startlingly, the number of instances of foreigners getting assaulted for not giving the Nazi salute during parades) and some of the things this administration has done (verbal attacks on immigrants - legal or illegal, attacks on the mainstream media as "fake news," and demonizing people for not standing during the National Anthem). Note, I'm obviously not saying that Donald Trump is Hitler. I don't bring these comparisons up to say that Donald Trump is about to start gas chambers for immigrants, or to invade the world. Rather, I think it's important to note some of the similarities between Hitler's rise to power, and the authoritarian nature of President Trump's behavior in office. The flag stuff, the military parade, the demonizing immigrants, the attacks on the press. The fact that he cozies up to Putin, and expresses admiration for Kim Jong Un and Duterte of the Philippines while attacking NATO and our allies. This is really authoritarian stuff. And this is the stuff that shouldn't be normalized, and that both sides of the aisle should be pushing back against hard. This is the stuff that transcends my team vs. your team. And we should be taking lessons from the rise of authoritarian leaders of the past (even, gasps, Adolf Hitler) to recognize the signs and push back against it.
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    I mean, I think we're all a little frustrated with Moncada. But the talent is there, and we just need to give it time. He'll come around.
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    There is a good chance it will heal and not need surgery if after the 6-8 weeks it tightens up. If it heals up enough then it will be strong enough. He could always injure it again but it won't be because of it being weaker.
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    Based on your recent posts, I would say this is accurate.
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    We are all going to need rehab once he re-takes the mound for the White Sox.
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    It's easy to say totally absurd shit when you don't care at all about being called out for being wrong.
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    Ugh. If there is one thing the Americans have always been, it is xenophobic. The only thing we have been welcome of it more of our own types. English speaking white Europeans? Sure. Come on over. We have targeted so many different ethnic groups over the centuries, using the same language and the same phrases to do it. The Chinese Exclusion Act, Japanese interment camps, The African Slave trade, No Irish allowed, on and on. All went back to the tried and true "safety" arguments that continue to get used here to this day. Go back and revisit the Zoot Suit riots where Mexicans were being accused of raping US women and were randomly murdered for essentially no reason other than hysteria. If you look at maps of our major cities, a large reason why you see places named Chinatown, Little Italy, Germantown, and the like was the forced segregation and the anti-immigrant sentiments of the periods of times for those ethic groups mass migrations. It is why barrios exist around the US exist today. And please don't pretend like there wasn't terrorism or immigrant violence in the 19th century or whenever our families came over. I mean can we start with the Mafia? Did we shutdown Italian immigration because of that? There has always been an element of trouble, but that is due to poverty and not due to ethnic lines. It isn't Mexicans that are more dangerous than other immigrant groups in the 21st century. That whole idea is just ridiculous. At the end of the day it is one thing to have a structured and legal immigration program in place. But this is a whole other level of humanity here. It also doesn't matter who started it or whatever other political points people want to gain here. For the modern superpower of the world to be acting in this manner is a disgrace. We would have a holy fit if American children were being held without legal representation in camps of this nature in another country. It would be a human rights crisis of the highest degree. And honestly this is something that hasn't been touched since Ronald Reagan was President. No one has had the guts to fix it. Now comes along Donald Trump to exploit it, and to gain from it. While other President turned a blind eye, including Democrats, there is no arguing that Trump has pushed this to another level. The evidence is all 100% clear there. Both are true.
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    Man this board has really taken a dive in quality since we entered the rebuild.
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    A loaded Oregon State team to a loaded Winston-Salem team. He’s not going to be used to losing when he makes it to Chicago.
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    Jenks, this is the stuff that I'm talking about in the other thread though. We can't normalize this type of authoritarian behavior from the President of the United States. There needs to be forceful condemnation of these types of words from both sides of the aisle. I agree with you that those words probably didn't cause this specific shooting, but they are still completely and utterly unacceptable. And until his own party actually calls him out on this, nothing is going to change.
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    Or maybe you can just give him some time to figure out the strike zone first. My God. We've become such a culture of instant gratification.
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    So I was able to dive a little deeper into your claim that Jose Abreu has lost bat speed as he's aged & is now unable to catch up to fastballs. Below are some numbers (four seamer data only) I've pulled from Statcast and my underlying findings: 2018 represents Jose's highest average exit velocity on four seamers (since Statcast started) 2018 represents Jose's highest line drive % of balls in play on four seamers (since Statcast started) Jose is swinging more on four seamers this year, both inside & outside the zone Jose's batted balls in play are down a bit this year, entirely due to pitches outside the zone Jose's swinging K percentage is up a bit this year, far more significantly outside the zone Jose's HR numbers are relatively flat, but with some small improvement within the zone Jose's XBH numbers are up moderately, entirely due to improvement within the zone Jose's batter balls in play are up significantly against high velocity pitches, both within & outside the zone Jose's swinging K % is down significantly against high velocity pitches, both within & outside the zone Jose appears to be struggling with low velocity pitches within the zone & medium velocity pitches outside the zone I see no evidence to suggest a substantial drop-off in bat speed or that his ability to catch-up to fastballs has been impacted
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    He had a hand injury and he’s played like 15 games. This whining tonight is ridiculous.
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    I'm not going to let the first inning and then one bad pitch to LoMo take away from this start either. Its still the progress we wanted to see.
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    This is surprising. Ron must be working day and night casting votes to make sure Abreu stays #1. Somebody get Ron a red bull, he's earned it... so far.
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    If they got Shields, they'd still have a pitching need.
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    LMFAO. Love seeing the idiots in clown pajamas on the north side fail miserably.
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    Fascist pigs are not a protected class.
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    Whatever seems reasonable to greg
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