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    Ricky sucks and his lineups are infuriating but Ozzie hit DeWayne Wise leadoff so fuck him too.
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    You’re just mad Mercedes isn’t the father. Might be the only time he would have scored this year.
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    Benetti is amazing. This thread is trash. Mainly because of your weird internal insecurities with "femininity" invading your sports world. You are definitely in the minority on Jason though. This year's Athletic Broadcast survey has Jason/Stone as 8th best in MLB.
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    Benetti doesn’t make me “cringe” This thread does, though.
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    In solidarity with their head coach, Tim Anderson and Yoan Moncado will bunt during their first at bats in tonight's contest in Cleveland
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    So we've got that females are inferior to men (otherwise why would "female" be an insult)? We have that being gay is inferior to being straight, otherwise why need the gay culture slurs, as well as other stereotypes such as a "high" voice and ones I don't understand like working at Starbucks. I think at this point there is only one thing to do at this point: *Consider this a warning. Soxtalk is an inclusive spot, with a membership that covers just about every stereotype you just crapped on, not to mention a myriad of others. We don't allow hate speech, even when it there is an attempt to cutely hide it, but still use it as an obvious attempt at an insult. Further instances will result in suspensions and/or banning from the page. If you can't handle that, you are on the wrong page, feel free to find a new home.
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    Benetti is fantastic. Those who don't like benetti, I dont really understand. Sox have one of the best play by play guys in sports
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    This lineup is so absurd I had to come out of hibernation to join the fun
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    Is this not an open forum? Cancel culture on soxtalk?
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    You mean the guy with the near 60% GB rate?
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    Couldn't be further from the truth. The entire club is behind him. Everybody. The speculation on his professional and personal safety concerns in the midst of a pandemic has been beyond unfair by the media and a large portion of this fanbase. People need to get over it and let the guy live his life. Unreal.
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    Trading for anything that is "win now" in a season that may be cancelled in a week is silly.
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    Warning for entire thread: Don't speculate like assholes without any information or proof to back it up. It's a marriage and his life, not simply about baseball.
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    It would be swell if people did, like, at least 1 minute of reading about complications other than death. And if not, maybe have an ounce of consideration for the person standing next to them.
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    Poor guy . I hope some of those hard comments in the game thread makes a few of us realize those are human beings out there not toys to stomp on because their performance makes us unhappy. I know that's how the whole sports and fan dynamic works but we don't always get the perfect perspective.
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    Y'all think there is a poster on a twins board somewhere about to post a rant about how they are definitely not a playoff team this year, period?
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    Have you been having thoughts or dreams with homoerotic undertones that you're ashamed of? All jokes aside, this is one of the dumbest things that I've ever seen here. I can't decide if this post is more misogynist than homophobic or if its more homophobic than misogynist but its certainly completely stupid.
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    MLB: No spitting Joe McEwing: spits, take a swig of water, swishes it around his mouth, spits it out.
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    Lol you and harold are in midseason form.
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    He doesn’t owe us an explanation, but we certainly have a right to wonder why he isn’t playing. This is a White Sox message board filled with diehard fans, of course we are going to wonder what’s going on with a key member of our organization and how it might impact our future. I really don’t get why you are thread policing over this.
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