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    Going into the offseason, if someone would’ve told me that the Sox would land Yasmani Grandal and Dallas Keuchel, I would be ecstatic. Couple that with Mazara in right and adding Gio to the rotation, I think our guys have quietly had the best offseason of any team so far.
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. I hope that you are all pleased with what "SHAHNTA" has brought us. Good Night.
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    Just want to say thank god we didn’t trade for Price
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    Another pitcher off the market. What the hell is Hahn waiting for? Why aren’t we signing any of these guys? Oh wait, he signed with the Sox? Then what are we doing signing this washed up piece of garbage? Sorry, sometimes I get confused on how to fit in around here. (In all seriousness, I love the move. Now go sign Ryu or Keuchel.)
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    better than wasting time sitting her being angry at hahn and wiliams for days without any info. Live a little
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    Well.....you don't HAVE to give him the attention
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    She is Caitlin now whether you like or not. You don't get to decide her history. The subtle transphobia deserved to be called out as well.
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    Yeah! You're not only ruining this message board with your light hearted joke, but also ruining Christmas!! Enough!!!!
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    Tatis and Semien, just to cut down on 50 pct of the posts on here
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    I know I'm going to get shit on for being negative, because everyone is excited that they don't have to watch Dylan Covey pitch all year, and I get that, but looking at this in full context, I hate all of it. Classic White Sox. Get the 6th best guy on the market for roughly $50M, call it a marquee signing because the guy used to be good. The guy had a 4.72 FIP last year. Wasn't even worth 1 WAR in 112 innings. He's a fourth starter with the upside to be a 3. THIS is what I was afraid of. "The money will be spent" means spending $15-20M on a handful of okay players. It's Melky Cabreras all over again. All the teams that actually get to the playoffs are developing their averageish players and buying the elite talent to truly supplement their core. Altogether now, the White have committed a bit over $60m next year to: 1. A good catcher to upgrade a spot where they already had a solid player, who may be overvalued because we aren't actually sure how to quantify pitch framing 2. A slightly above average 1B/DH 3. a SP with a near 5 FIP last year, worth just under 1.5 fWAR if you extrapolated to a full season. Steamer project 2.6 next year, mostly on past track record. 4. 34-year old Gio Gonzalez 5. a reclamation project RF who has failed for four seasons now. Meanwhile, the Yankees have committed $36M to Gerrit Cole, the best pitcher in baseball, who Steamer projects at 6 and half wins. The White Sox spent nearly TWICE as much on a bunch of useful spare parts. Having missed on the actual difference makers, the White Sox would have been better off just punting until next year, and letting their players continue to develop, to have another shot at a true difference maker in Betts or whatever. Except of course that they would never actually have a chance at Betts, because the ownership/front office is too afraid of long-term contracts to actually have a chance to win. Every successful team is investing heavily in player development and then being opportunistic with elite, big-time players. The White Sox won't play that game. Yeah, I know, if literally everything goes as good as it could go next year, the Sox could win 85-90 games. Everyone is healthy, everyone takes a step forward, no one regresses, etc. But, I'll put it this way: there are only two teams insisting on this strategy of spending inefficient FA money on 5 middle-of-the-road players instead of 2 elite ones -- and it's the White Sox and the Reds. That's your model. Basically the Pirates the last five years.
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    They should’ve just signed Rendon if they wanted an impact bat.
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    Do you ever stop and think, "maybe I shouldn't be a total asshole in every post?"
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    There are a lot of assumptions on here about the health of the players. A few of them will surely spend time on the DL, and it’s a lot better to have the depth of actual big leaguers instead of having to use the likes of Skole.
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    Long time lurker here. My two cents, which echo those of many others... Solid, deep organizations don't make decisions about seizing opportunities based on blocking prospects. Look no further than Tucker in Houston. That dude, without question, was major league ready (with a heck of a lot more upside than Collins). Did Houston stop pursuing guys when the opportunity came? Collins will be ok. The more depth you create, the better. I want 30-40 guaranteed bombs in my lineup. That's, barring a catastrophe, what EE brings. For one year, it's an easy decision. The rest can be figured out later.
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    There’s zero need to have brought it up in the first place
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    Who cares about WAR? 19 starts last year. 12 of them quality. Only gave up more than 4 ERs twice, and only in his sole disaster outing of the year did he fail to pitch five innings. Dude will give us a decent chance to win every time he goes out. Dylan Covey gave us one QS in 12. We were pretty much finished in several of his starts before we even came to bat. He’s DONE. Ross Detwiler gave us two QS in 12. He’s DONE. Despaigne, Santana, and Banuelos gave us one QS in 14. There’s four QS in 38 games. And it’s not like they were just failing to reach the six inning mark to have QS; those five gave up four or more ER in 21 of their starts. They’re DONE. Keuchel eliminates all of them. And he’s reliable, unlike Ryu. Too many people on here think we need an ace. No- arguably, we already have one in Lucas. We now just need people to add to the potent but untested youth who will give us a chance to win and keep the uninteresting (for us fans) and disastrous (for our W-L) pitchers off the mound. Dallas and Gio do that just fine.
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    On the bright side, people have to stop calling Giolito “Gio”.
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    I just turned to my coworker (who also reads the boards) and said, "Countdown to Moan4Yoan chiming in with something negative...3, 2, 1..." Then I hit refresh and sure enough! Thanks for giving us a good laugh, you miserable human being.
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    And you COULD stop being pessimistic on every optimistic view, signing, and idea
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    This would make me a happy boy. Gonna make it so sweet to have him and betts locked up for the next decade.
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    He does a great job with minor league stuff during the season. You’re missing out on a lot if you don’t follow him.
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    I know we thrive on negativity on Soxtalk but I gotta say...there is not a single batter in your lineup that I don't want to watch hit. There's not a single pitcher on your list that I would be angry about having tickets for his start. This is about entertainment...and I love dreaming that Madrigal is going to be Rod Carew, that Robert is going to be Ken Griffey Junior, Vaughan is going to be Frank Thomas, Eloy will hit 50 home runs a year and they won't even be the best player on the field. I love the idea that Kopech, Cease, Rodon and Giolito could create a late 90's Brave-like rotation. My god we suffered through the 2018 tank year where Yolmer, Engel, Palka, Davidson, Navarez and Avisail were 6 of our top 9 batters by at bats and Dylan Covey, James Shields and Hector Santiago were three of our top 6 starters by IP. But past is prologue. i think we are on the cusp of something amazing.
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