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    I've been bamboozled. I came in here ready to talk about el Caballo and Maggs Ordonez 😞
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    You do nothing. You use your 1,000 years of managing experience with cases similar to this and try to snap him out of it. He's a rookie and been a key part to this team. He hasn't been ideal with RISP, but this is not the time to make any changes. If he still can't get a hit with RISP and its now October? Then bring in a pinch hitter if it's necessary.
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    Ok relax buddy, the other day you turned off the TV in the second inning of a game not sure you should be preaching to others about attitude.
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    Far too often we see backseat managers on here that think they can manage the team better than TLR. Despite not knowing the inner workings of the team or how players are feeling, they think they know what is best for the team. The Sox have been decimated by injuries, but the team has still performed damn well. Tony gets a lot of unnecessary hate on here. It's time he gets some appreciation for how well the team has performed in the face of great adversity. The players also seem to love and respect him.
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    They clearly should overrreact to a guy who has made an incredible leap this year, and never played nearly as much as he has played this year in his life by sending him to rookie ball because he hasn't hit with RISP and two outs. Because we all know that the way to hit major league sliders is more batting practice, in rookie ball. Instant gratification much?
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    This is hilarious. Did you wanna send Robert AZ last September? This fanbase is insufferable.
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    Well considering that Covid is so easy to get over and is less impactful than the flu to the anti-vax crowd. How about this. Let's just have them sign a waiver. If you get covid and need emergency procedures to save your life, you get a lovely flower arrangement and get sent home. Take all of the dewormer you want, take all of the other nonsense witch doctor shit that is being peddled. My wife had to wait 24 hours last week to get admitted to a hospital for something serious because of the mouth breathers and their 3rd-grade version of science. I don't need family members dying because the ER is filled with morons who go oh, yeah I can't breathe. Well, this isn't what I signed up for. I am a strong republican. The anti-vaxxers can all go fuck themselves. Maybe we can have Polio come back because the human body's defense systems are so good. We are at a point in evolution where we can do amazing things to save lives due to science. But the human condition is the one aspect that will even that out.
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    It is going to be damn emotional for me if I can get to a playoff game and finally cheer for our MVP in a playoff game. The man has not taken the easy way in his baseball career, chose this team - and how often has that happened - and stuck with this team and done nothing but deliver. And there was a huge chance he'd never get to the big stage despite it. Last year happened, but getting a real stadium full of us for him. I can't wait.
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    He slipped on damp grass. That has nothing to do with conditioning.
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    Most of his body has inflamation.
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    Really wish they’d stop resting multiple main starters on the same day. If they want to take the foot completely off the gas pedal, there are better ways to do it than all these garbage Sunday lineups on the last day of a series.
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    The Sox have thrust him into situations he’s just not comfortable in. 8th inning situations and then a seven run lead over a team like the Cubs. You can see it in his eyes. He’s trying, but he’s a future HOF reliever, and it’s almost like asking Abreu to play shortstop. On paper having he and Liam back-to-back in the late innings sounds great, but obviously in reality, it’s not working.
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    Imagine thinking grandal wasn't a huge loss
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    I'm on a roll today boys. Definitely in the running for winning the day with the most liked content. In the terms of total liked content rankings, I trail right behind Balta (somehow. I'm guessing he cheated) and am in front of kylee (obviously). Be sure to hit the like button if you enjoy my content. I think I've got today locked down.
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    Hot take: 83 jerseys suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
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    If any of you really think the Indians are catching this team...please stop posting. Your negativity is poison and we dont want you here. Sox are winning this division by at least 8 games.
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    That was a great interview.
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    Speaking of dumb enough and needing to go away... Hahn got the chance to do the rebuild he had been trying to convince the organization to do for years, is about to make the playoffs for back to back years, with a young and locked up core, and no competition close... but all you care about is Tatis. The Sox are 1st by 10 games, but this is what you think about? How miserable.
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