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    This will be Jerry offering
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    In other words those of you who think Mookie Betts is a legitimate option - stop.
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    “Bunt? Again? They must be on to us, no one can be this stupid”
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    This is nothing new really; this culture has been building and intensifying since Luhnow took over. I loved Stras calling them out in the World Series - he said he was "tipping" but in reality he was calling the Astros on what a lot of baseball feels. Stealing signs legally is fine and a part of the game - using home field electronics is trashy and cheating. Period.
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    I'm not at all a huge fan of Hahn & Co. and the drafting they've done, but at the end of the day they're 2nd round picks in baseball. How many teams actually make a killing drafting in the 2nd round? Here are a few examples of some teams that everyone considers to have exceptional scouting, especially compared to the Sox: Astros Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2012: Nolan Fotana 2013: Andrew Thurman 2014: A.J. Reed 2015: Tom Eshelman 2016: Ronnie Dawson 2017: Joe Perez/Corbin Martin/J.J. Matijevic 2018: Jayson Shroeder 2019: Grae Kessinger Rays Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2013: Riley Unroe 2014: Brent Honeywell Jr./Cameron Varga 2015: Chris Betts 2016: Jake Fraley /Ryan Boldt 2017: Michael Mercado 2018: Tanner Dodson/Tyler Frank 2019: John Doxakis Twins Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2012: J.T. Chargois/Mason Meoltakis 2013: Ryan Eades 2014: Nick Burdi 2015: Kyle Cody 2016: Akil Baddoo/Jose Miranda/Joe Rortvedt 2017: Landon Leach 2018: Ryan Jeffers 2019: Matt Canterino A's Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2012: Nolan Sanburn/Bruce Maxwell 2013: Chad Pinder/Dillon Overton 2014: Daniel Gossett 2015: Mikey White 2016: Logan Shore 2017: Greg Deichmann 2018: Jeremy Eierman/Jameson Hannah 2019: Tyler Baum Dodgers Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2011: Alex Santana 2012: Paco Rodriguez 2013: Tom Windle 2014: Alex Verdugo 2015: Josh Sborz/Mitchell Hansen 2016: Mitchell White 2017: Morgan Cooper 2018: Michael Grove 2019: Jimmy Lewis
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    Never heard of this guy but he said something good so I rate him as highly trustworthy in predictions
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    Or maybe they watch the rest of the season.
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    I'm not playing this game again this season off season
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    Time to sign Gerrit Cole’s family and friends!
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    Let’s hope! After all, Jose is the team leader in the clubhouse for a reason. The more players the Sox have who comport themselves the way Jose has all these years, with his work ethic and positive attitude, the better the team’s chances.
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    Shocking that a young player would not want to be relegated to DH. I'm shocked.
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    Spends $35,000+ on a Tesla.....won't spend $6.99 on something he wants.
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    This an early-but-not-too-early projection of the 2020 White Sox based on the different scenarios of how free agency could unfold for the team. Point is, we have a good young core costing next to nothing and ample money to spend, so let's see how this could play out. First off, a baseline of how the 2019 White Sox stacked up against AL playoff teams, going by fWAR. I also added 2018 Twins in there as a case study of a team making significant improvements without marquee off season moves: Next comes free agency, and it could play out in a number of ways depending on how much confidence you have in this FO and JR's willingness (or unwillingness) to open his checkbook. I am taking some of the common names thrown around in different Soxtalk threads and projected contract value: Now projecting fWAR and win totals for each scenario: The fWAR projections may be optimistic for some and not aggressive enough for others. Basically this assumes: - Anderson and McCann will slightly regress - Bullpen is a wash between Colome, Marshall and/or a few others regressing but Herrera, Fry improving, as well as adding a high leverage arm - Abreu, Giolito, and Moncada producing at the same level, Robert and Madrigal producing at league average for 80% of the season - Eloy taking a step forward and two of ReyLo/Cease/Kopech giving you 180 innings at 4.50 ERA. Also, obviously, Sox would be making some trades, but it's too much of a reach to project any trades, but you could safely assume any trade will either have net neutral or positive affect on the WAR total, unless we have another Alonso-esque blunder. The result is surprising, but the Sox, on their current path, would be a better team than some folks are anticipating even with a sad but not out of the possibility free agency showing. How are we getting there? Between DH/RF we were at an awful -4.8 WAR. By replacing those positions with league average players, we're adding 7-8 wins to our 72 win season. On top of that, bench play should improve with Leury and Mendick anchoring. Adding 2 SP arms and with some natural progression from the group of ReyLo, Cease, Kopech and Eloy, this is suddenly an 85 win team, if not more. TLDR; even with a disappoint offseason (though seriously hoping Hahn would have more stones), with a couple of breaks going in Sox favor and some mid-season additions, this team could at least fight for a WC spot in 2020.
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    Puig is a bigger whackjob than Parkman. Not needed here.
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    One man’s horrible opinion
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    One mans opinion. He was as good an announcer as he was a GM.
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    Wasting more international money to avoid paying the buy out
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    Someone please add to the megathread, I don’t think I can.
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    I'm getting ads to buy a sofa...but that's because I've been searching online to buy a sofa.
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