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    This--and other threads from anti-rebuild folks who are furious that a rebuilding team is bad--have really convinced me and gotten me thinking. I have even tried to apply the lessons of these threads to my own life. For example, in the offseason I decided to remodel my kitchen. I did this because it was old and bad, and I wanted one that was new and good. My contractor told me that I'd be "without a kitchen" for two months while they finished the job. I paid him, but must say I was really taken aback when I walked into my kitchen in early April to find all the appliances and most of the walls were gone! My original attitude about this was, "well, I will suffer through the pain of remodeling for the delayed gratification of a nicer kitchen down the road. After all, this was the plan all along." But reading the comments in these threads has inspired me to treat each day without a working kitchen as a new and independent outrage. I walk around the site each day screaming "where is the refrigerator?!!" and "This kitchen doesn't even have running water - kitchens should have running water!!" I mean, the name of the game is to have a kitchen, not a construction site, right? Pretty simple. My contractor tries to calm me down by saying things like "....I don't understand -- IT IS a construction site, because it's under construction" and "the refrigerator will arrive when the kitchen is done -- remember?" and "We talked about all this, didn't we? Wait, am I going crazy?" But honestly I think he's just an apologist. I'm thinking of firing him and having my big Viking stove delivered and plopped right in the middle of my former kitchen so I can admire it all day amid the sawdust. It's really the least that I deserve.
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    I guess my prediction that he should return with no issues was way off. It's a huge setback and a big issue. In 30 years I've never seen a re-tear in a younger individual. If the story is true, we must have been walking without his boot and slipped or something. He should not have been walking without his boot this early, if it's been around two months since surgery. the big issue is the quality of tissue left in his achilles. the surgery is like trying to tie pieces of spaghetti together. Now the spaghetti is frayed as well. They may need to take tendon tissue from another part of the body or use synthetic tissue, if the tissue quality isn't there. This isn't a ligament where it's a static structure. This tissue needs to have the contractile and flexibility to run and jump. I can honestly says that this is one I have never experienced. He will have the advantage of youth and a good blood supply to the area. However, the fact that he is young and has torn it twice doesn't give much confidence.
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    The amount of doctors on this site is amazing.
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    6 for 26 in those 7 games with 3 HRs, 6RBI, 5 BBs, 6Ks, .231/.355/.692 1.047 OPS.
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    We've had some nice rivalries with all the other ALC teams in the past couple decades but I've never hated anyone more than those Twins teams from 2003-2010. Game 163 in 2008 wasn't that far off from 2005 for me. Beating those assholes in that game was so sweet.
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    Thank you everyone! Go Sox!
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    Tell us. You’re the one who evidently believes that you’re GM material.
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    I'd just like to go on record as saying "The Bess" is an incredible nickname and I think Eloy is good. Thank you.
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    All this rebuild is proving is that many Sox fans actually werent ready to really buy into a full rebuild. Its been less than 2 seasons and people already want prospects called up for instant gratification.
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    He'll be up in July or August. August roto (if Fulmer, all rotation is part of the future) 1) Rodon 2) Kopech 3) Lopez 4) Giolito 5) Fulmer August bullpen RP Burdi RP Hamilton RP Bummer (at least 3/7 part of the future) August lineup 1B Abreu 2B Moncada SS Anderson LF Jimenez - at least 4/9 will be part of the future. Maybe Sanchez or Davidson can have roles too. Things are starting to come together. Just have to keep in mind the Sox are 29th in payroll with $24.75 million coming off the books via Shields, Soria, MiGo and Santiago.
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    Dude quit on his team and let his douchebag kids embarrass our organization, he should never be welcomed back under any circumstance.
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    You better tune in to the GOAT broadcasting duo.
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    Gonna miss Hawk and Wimpy man.. Alot of my childhood watching and listening to these two in South Chicago growing up.
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    This may be the worst post in SoxTalk history. Does the new site have a down-vote button?
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    Yolmer and Tim are fun to watch. At the two games in STL, Tim asked for the ball after the 3rd out every time because he wanted to throw it to fans. He would throw it 20 rows up down the LF line, I don't remember other players doing that in the past. He just looks like he is having a lot of fun out there, it is refreshing to see
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    7th round pick a “wasted pick” and less than a year into their career. Never change soxtalk.
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    First game thread in 10 years and it's a James Shields start. I'm sorry man. Better luck next decade.
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    Longtime lurker to this board,first post. Tim’s an entertaining player who makes mistakes, to be sure. But as other posters have noted, he is young. He’s also playing the most difficult position in baseball (along with catcher), so the learning curve is greater in that regard. Luis Aparicio had 35 errors in his first year -- he recorded 30 errors as late as 1960. So this happens with shortstops This thread is primarily interesting because of its casual racism, though. Lillian’s comment about basketball players, baseball IQ’s and genetic was especially troubling in its casual racism. And troubling because no one called this out. It’s not altogether surprising, though. I’ve been a Sox fan for more than 40 years and went to school near Sox Park (proud DeLaSalle alumnus). And the one thing that many Sox fans don’t want to admit is that there’s a core group of Sox fans that has always had a double-standard for black and Latin players, including the best player in franchise history, Frank Thomas. I think this is partly because the core Sox fans have historically come from nearby neighborhoods like Bridgeport, Canaryville, Mount Greenwood, Morgan Park and other Southwest Side neighborhoods which have had a history of racial tension and animosity towards blacks and Latins. This animosity exists today, as noted by this Sun-Times story about a Latin little league team being labeled as “taco boys” when they played in Beverly: https://chicago.suntimes.com/?post_type=cst_article&p=1067048
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    Funny, the Royals had probably the biggest chicken shit player in baseball in Y. Ventura, but I don’t remember Ol’ Sally taking to exception with him. Weird when it’s another player.
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    What about moving him to catcher? Then he can platoon with Narvaez against lefties and play CF when Engel needs a breather. Course that’s assuming Engel and Rutherford are building blocks and then you have to consider Robert. Maybe Micker leap frogs Eloy and solves the problem. You could always use Yolmer at SS til we sign a FA (maybe Arenado??). Assuming Abreu stops hitting and he’s traded for Archer before the decline you got yourself a pretty good 1-2-3 punch with Kopech coming up and good defense with Rutherford/Call as the super subs. It all hinges on Moncada.
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    This is the Democrat thread, we don't need your party's official slogan.
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    Its strange when you put those posts together, because 2/3 guys you mentioned are SS/FS. If the Bears had made the trade TB did, the Bears could have had James + 2 additional second rounders. Fitzpatrick was selected 1 pick before Tampa's and James was selected at 17. It seems like you are now changing the argument to the Bears should have never traded out of the first round, which is entirely different than what most people were suggesting which was to trade down a handful of picks in a draft where 4 of the top 10 players who were picked were never going to be selected by the Bears anyway. And of course everyone can "agree to disagree", but when you say "Is every fan base this disgusting? " in response to Bears fan who thought the Bears should do a Tampa style deal it doesnt leave a lot of room for reasonable people having reasonable differences. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion, but it is not statistically sound. Your basis is that you believe Smith is so much better than anyone else that the Bears could have taken, and that value could not be offset by other players. There is nothing wrong with that opinion, but dont insult the rest of us by trying to argue that its somehow based on statistics that dont exist.
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