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    Given the age distribution here the state of the game threads is even more embarrassing.
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    I did spend some time going through the stats on his huge 2021 dropoff. McNeil has an excellent K-rate, but a generally low exit velocity. He doesn't hit the ball hard, but he makes contact. Compared to 2020 his walk rate did drop off somewhat, but his K-rate didn't spike and there was basically no real drop in his exit velocity compared to 2019, and his exit velocity was higher in 2021 than in 2020. What I do see is that there's a big change in the way he's hitting in 2021. There's a big dropoff in him pulling the ball and a big increase in him going the other way. There's a drop in hard contact and an increase in medium and soft contact. There was a career high in ground ball rate. His BABIP went from being .340 in his first 3 seasons to .280 in 2021 - was that bad luck, or was that the poor quality of his contact? It's a little hard to believe his BABIP stayed above .330 all 3 of his first 3 years and 1000 PAs by luck. Perhaps a little bit unlucky in 2021, but the dropoff in BABIP fits with the dropoff in his contact quality. He also went from a 15% HR/FB rate in 2019 to a 6.5% rate in 2021 - but its hard to see a high HR rate as sustainable with his generally fairly weak contact. One thing that does stand out, going along with the drop in pulling the ball, increase in groundball rate, and drop in HR rate, is that his launch angle has noticeably dropped. Now here's one final problem - since Statcast started recording, the White Sox have had as low of a launch angle as any team in the league, bottom 5 in the league 6 times and bottom 10 in the other season. So, you've got a guy struggling badly in 2021 when he's going the other way, hitting the ball on the ground, and not elevating like he did beforehand. For whatever reason, the White Sox are really bad at launch angle, so if a low launch angle and not pulling the ball are big parts of why he was terrible in 2021, do we think the White Sox can fix that? Or is this a guy who is a particularly bad fit for the White Sox since his success was associated with a higher launch angle and that's a weak spot for the White Sox?
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    You're a gigantic baby. What did you hope to accomplish with this post? People feeling sorry for you? Did you want people to join in on the pitty party? You're the same guy that literally asked the admin team to ban you, only to reach out shortly after because you just couldn't go without this place. But now you're this "broken fan" Stop acting like a child and if something is upsetting you, do something about it. I haven't watched a second of the Hawks this year. Sold my 2007 Toews jersey (which actually netted me a solid return.) I'll check in on the NHL here and there but don't miss it right now. Really have enjoyed watching the Bulls. Stop doing things you don't like. And if you're going to continue doing it, then come here and cry about it, you're going to get shit about it from me, and others like you already have.
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    Wtf did you really just link the census.gov website under boomers
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    I discovered this board as a 16 year and decided to join as a 17 year old. I'm 35 years old now. Man time flies.
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    Pitching wins pennants and you need a lot of it through the season. Why would we trade from our strength And weaken it to fill a supposed hole in our lineup, which we may have other options?
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    The owners locked out players on the 40 man roster. Players not on the 40 man roster are still able to go about their business.
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    In an era of the crashing of workforce participation like none other in modern America, which has literally come to be known as The Great Resignation, this is an interesting take.
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    I'd put Kath as the top prospect in the system. That Kid has a chance to be a really really good hitter.
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    34 years old, $103 million in career earnings. He should have a lot of fun the rest of his life.
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    There's NOTHING in the record amount of job openings mismatched with job seekers for any position under $15/hour or even $20/hr in the US that would suggest this is being reflected by what's actually happening on the ground. And back to baseball...the equivalent of those earning under $15-20 in the MLB economy, anything outside of the first, second and occasional high bonus/lower round June draft picks, Pacific Rim players, Latin Americans under age 18, and all the players in their first 3 seasons don't generally enjoy much protection. Mike Trout in his second and third seasons in baseball recorded 10.1 and 10.2 fWAR seasons. He was pretty clearly one of the best players in the game already, but made less than $2 million combined his first three years. By Balta calculations, that would make him worth roughly $160 million to the Angels, not even including marketing/promotional aspects. What other industry can you think in the entire world that limits the very best performer to the baseball equivalent of minimum wage? If Mike Trout had a career-ending injury after his first three seasons, he would have had just $3.2 million (pretax, including his signing bonus) to his name. (That's a mere pittance compared to the CEO of Binance already being worth $96 BILLION when almost nobody in the world was even familiar with Bitcoin and Ethereum a decade ago when Trout was a rookie, let alone Doge Coin and Shiba Inu.) So does somebody who just happened to be in the right place at the right time (pretty sure the story involves a poker game) deserve that much more than Mike Trout, who was already the best player in the game in years 2 and 3 in his contract but wasn't rewarded for that performance until Spring Training of 2014 ($144.5 million/6 years).
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    It has to be true, otherwise people would just be quitting their jobs in droves.
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    That does seem to make some sense, except I don't think Bassitt is a 4/5 and I think I would rather the Sox get Bassitt than McNeil, and I like McNeil.
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    Oh my god I found floor seats for tomorrow’s game for only $200 (normal weekday/non big time team like this would be like $550+). I’ve only been on 100 level once, this is gonna be amazing
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    Sadly, the only one who deserves credit for the Kimbrel trade is Jed Hoyer.
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    High phrase given for such tasteful and creative useage.
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    While I am not a fan of this poster's constant charade against the Sox FO, this paragraph is definitely accurate: When they moronically failed to get the year of control back on Kopech, they shortened the window. When they stupidly failed to start stretching out Crochet, they shortened the window. And when they fucking added an old, expensive closer in decline to the BP w/the 3rd most FWAR, while giving up 2 league minimum pieces, they shortened the window. Each one of those moves was in fact stupid and short sighted. They were moves made by a team that was trying to win now - I get it. But they were all minor trade offs that could have seen this whole thing have more longevity. You can add Vaughn not starting in the minors last year to the list. All moves that in a vacuum are not the end of the world, but when you total them up - its obvious that the Sox are less concerned about the back end of this window than some of us fans. Its a tight rope and I get it. I want to win now too. But if they took the longer term approach on any one (or frankly even all) of those moves, competing in 2021 wouldn't have been impacted all that greatly. I too hate short term thinking, and in 2021 we saw a lot of it.
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