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    Jose Abreu’s 2019 salary is not preventing us from adding Machado or Harper.
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    Over/under Machado getting benched for not hustling in 5.5 times in 2019
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    What would be the point of signing just Machado or Harper? If you wanted a “superstar” at one position and garbage around him we should’ve kept Sale. A hell of a lot cheaper than 1 of these 2. If the plan isn’t to land both of these guys than scrap this idea. We don’t need a $30 million dollar player to suck 4 games less than we do now.
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    We saw an opportunity to accelerate the rebuild, and were aggressive, but ultimately the price did not make sense for us. We will continue to explore every opportunity to make our team better, with the ultimate goal of sustained winning, and multiple championships.
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    Everything about this post is just stupid, dumb, & ignorant and represents everything wrong & cowardly about the internet.
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    Ha, there was only one direction this thread was going to go. One good post to start, and then mostly people making up what they think they know here.
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    "Manny, here is a Hawk Harrelson alarm clock and, get ready, we'd like you to meet Southpaw, our mascot. Please clap."
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    Should be banned for backing out on their own ban bet.
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    That first picture is from before Obama was president (he denounced Farrakhan during the campaign and Farrakhan isn't exactly a fan of Obama - plus their houses in Hyde Park are literally walking distance from each other) and I don't know how you figure Aretha Franklin's funeral was some kind of Democratic-sponsored event. She was a Black American cultural icon, so that's the crowd who was at her funeral. Black Americans have a complicated relationship with Farrakhan but that's a whole other topic. His anti-Semitism is well known and he's been rightly been condemned for it over and over again.
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    I really don't understand the thought process of going after relievers. Nate Jones will be the veteran down in that bullpen. There are only so many spots and the Sox need to see which of the young guys will be here long-term. On the left side they have: Jace Fry, Aaron Bummer and Caleb Frare. Those guys should be given every opportunity to pitch in the big league bullpen next year without having to worry about beating out some veteran signing. I think Medeiros and Schryver could come quickly as well. Nice stable of high leverage lefties. From the right side: Nate Jones as I mentioned. Ian Hamilton, Ryan Burr, Thyago Vieira, Carson Fulmer, Jose Ruiz and Juan Minaya are all on the 40-man roster. This doesn't even include guys like Dylan Covey and Jordan Stephens that could end up in the bullpen. It also doesn't include Zack Burdi, Zack Thompson or Tyler Johnson. The Sox farm is loaded with relievers. They won't all pan out. Taking away innings from these guys in 2019 with veteran placeholders is the last thing the organization should do though.
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    The White Sox have been so terrible for so long, the main motivation I had to visit was Filibuster AND maybe discussing movies and a few other interests (financial). The depressing thing here is that we're all supposed to be bonded by being White Sox fans...and yet the vitriol is so overwhelming that a community with shared interests can't get along. (I'm also pretty sure if everyone on this board had actually met in real life at a Sox game and got to actually know each other, the tenor of conversations would be quite different, but that's obviously not feasible, some of us are thousands of miles away from Chicago.) Imagine how poorly that augurs for the rest of American society, when their used to be more beliefs about who we are as Americans that united us together as one, rather than dividing us. There used to be a sense of care/concern for anyone struggling in life, down on their luck, depressed or lonely...now there's more and more a prevailing sense that everyone is pretty much on their own, nobody can help you but yourself (and your family.) In the end, the political system has won again. They've managed to put the "common people" at each other's throats and distract them from the issues that really matter in the world. We've gotten bogged down in details, gossip, scandals, conspiracies and minutiae.
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    The money we saved from not hiring a decent manager should afford us more flexibility in signing Harper and Machado.
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    The more I think about it, the more I want Harper. Signing him adds a huge left handed power bat into the lineup and solidifies right field long term. If Eloy is as good as advertised, he would occupy left, leaving Robert, Rutherford, Gonzalez, Walker, etc to compete for the center field job. Whoever doesn't win that competition can be traded for positions of need, like a 3rd baseman. Not to mention the star power Harper brings. He would put the Sox back on the baseball map immediately.
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    I thought you didn't deem Harper and Machado worth of conversation? Insert eye roll emoji.
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    And he can change his dog's name to Guaranteed Rate.
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    Found that on the twittersphere. Someone made it. 🤤
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    We're going to get a big name FA, and all of you pessimists can suck it
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    This is complete BS. There isn't a front office in baseball that would non tender him. You talked out of your ass, got called on it, and chickened out.
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    What an absolutely terrible post. You should be banned from this site for this bullshit. Ozzie actively chose himself over his players when the team was battling for a playoff spot. We were heading to Detroit and needed to take care business and he decided that was the time to start whining about his contract. He’s a selfish motherfucker who will always place self over others. I would be enraged if the White Sox ever gave this ego maniac and the clown show of a family that comes with him a second chance.
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    Because I personally don't believe either Harper or Machado has even the slightest interest in the White Sox unless...unless the Sox offer is significantly and highly over the top compared to other club offers. Teams that can actually win now (not potentially in two-three years), have large scale marketing opportunities for said player (the Sox are so far off the board in Chicago they basically don't even register) and present an environment that is stable in the relative long term (say the next three to five years. With the age of JR, should new ownership come into play, who knows what could happen to the franchise) those are the teams I think they will listen to. Yea JR understands but it's not up to him. It takes two to make a deal and I just don't think those guys basically care a tinker's cuss (ya like that phrase? LOL) right now about the White Sox.
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    Sorry to break it, your opinion of Chicago QBs do not represent all Bears fans.
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    What country are you guys talking about? That element has always existed in this country and we've never managed to be rid of them. We don't like to think about it because it clashes with how we like to see ourselves as a society but it's all over history.
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    I see no reason to throw money at relievers this offseason. There is a wave of really intriguing relief arms at or approaching the upper levels right now, some of whom will be the core of a bullpen on the next contending team. I'd like to see all of them get good playing time. Now obviously if some dumpster dive player seems like a good cheap gamble, I'm not saying you don't consider it. I just don't think it should be something to go out looking for.
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