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    Some side effects are paranoia, hallucinations, and psychosis. So we may not be able to tell if it is affecting him.
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    When people respond to Greg then the rest of us get his germs.
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    Get a new hobby @greg775 I recently took up wood working and it’s been very fulfilling, time consuming, involved, therapeutic, and will result in products that’ll be passed on to my son. ... or just keep stirring around my love. 😆
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    I've had a tough time confirming anything during this pandemic. The White Sox have heavy rumored interest in Cespedes though. Today, Oscar Colas signed with Alex Cotto, the same agent that represents Norge Vera and Yoan Moncada. I'm not sure if it means anything but it's something to watch.
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    Our city opened up dog parks today but they would like the dogs to follow social distancing recommendations. i am not making this up.
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    I can't believe this is still a thing. This thread, which was once a refuge from the craziness and conspiracies on basically any other public forum, has gotten hard to read ever since more people started taking Greg's bait and the False Equivalence Army came out of the woodwork... but even then, I can't believe that the latter is still arguing for that drug even after it was revealed weeks ago that the whole thing was just another profit scheme masquerading as health care (obviously, in addition to the drug not even working)
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    I have come to the conclusion that people who refuse to wears masks don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves.
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    i would like the administration here at soxtalk to start gaslighting us as well "the boards were down for an hour" "no, they weren't" -- "i don't trust the sox pitching, they are awful" "of all the people pitching for the sox, they are turning in the best performance" -- "greg keeps talking in the third person" "we are fairly sure that he is freely intermixing stories of another friend named greg"
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    I think one pastor had it right when he said the church is not closed, the building is. Why can’t you worship virtually? For a bunch of people who think they are so decent, they certainly aren’t will to sacrifice much to actually prove it. Why won’t some even wear masks? Why is that an assault on your rights and the requirement that you must have insurance and wear a seat belt to drive a car not?
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    Beat me to it. I feel like that is the part that most people that are protesting and refusing to wear a mask don't understand. It was never to protect you...it is to protect the people you interact with in case you are someone that is asymptomatic. All these Karen idiots refusing to wear masks at stores in public places just blow my mind. It is called PUBLIC health....meaning for the general PUBLIC. What you do in your own house is your own business but when you are in PUBLIC you should follow PUBLIC guidelines.
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    I'm doing a mock draft for FutureSox and I'm gonna do all 5 rounds for Sox included in there. I won't give player names right now but I went like this: 1st Round: HS pitcher $4 million 2nd Round: College Pitcher $2 million 3rd Round: HS OF $1.2 million 4th Round College Infielder: $600K 5th Round College Pitcher: $350K
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    Yes, he ignored the virus because he was told the stock market would be spooked. He blamed the previous administration for not having tests. Even though Obama was supposed to know Covid 19 was happening 3 years after he left office, why didn't the Trump administration prepare for a pandemic? They were left a playbook, which they ignored. I already said it was going to be bad under anyone, just not this bad. He was wrong, wrong, wrong, wouldn't come up with a National response, made the states compete for supplies, like it was The Apprentice, Governors edition, which cost time and money, and took zero responsibility. His own words. Golf too much? I didn't say that, he said Obama did. He golfs more than Obama and makes money when he does. But who cares about conflicts of interest. If Trump can dish it out, and all you have to do is see a really or look at his twitter, he should be able to take it. World's biggest victim. You really don't have to be a democrat to see he messed up, bigly. Almost every single Republican politician who isn't afraid of him has pointed it out.
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    The virus itself is not political, but everything else about it is. Trump called it a Democratic hoax, he said it would disappear, he DID ignore it until it was too late. Now it's Trumpers vs. Democrats (and some intelligent Republicans) regarding how to respond to the virus and how to go about opening the country again. It is absolutely political.
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    This is just wrong and ignorant. The world doesn't need it to "end". The world needs scientifically developed immunity and that comes in the form of a vaccine not this "herd" concept where millions and millions of human beings are infected.
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    I haven't heard this specifically but I think the White Sox will try to prioritize Cespedes during this upcoming period. Then you worry about Colas later. Nobody else has money either and his Japanese club believes that they own his rights. If his situation isn't solved this summer, they could theoretically just sign Oscar Colas using 2021 signing money and push his signing to that period. There likely won't be any minor league baseball anyway so it's not a huge deal at this point.
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    No, you don’t like being told what to do, and you enjoy the “freedoms” that come with living in the United States. The President from that start declared very early that he wasn’t taking responsibly for any of this, and he was leaving it in the hands of the governors. That can’t be disputed. He put it in their hands. To me, that was gigantic mistake. But when faced with a real crisis, Donald’s true “leadership” abilities were shown off to the entire world. “Not my problem” Because of that, you had 50 governors making decisions for their own state, obviously with very different agendas and political motives. All the while domestic travel was never stopped or halted. So now you have unrest with different messages coming from every side of the aisle, instead of having one unified message from the top. Trump has broken more rules than the Catholic Church, he could imposed a forceful National lockdown for two weeks that would be strictly enforced to control the spread. Temporary discomfort for a better outcome. But again, he didn’t want to take responsibly. You call these governors who are imposing strict lockdowns “power hungry.” I’d call it leadership.
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    In the small victories column, I've made a concerted effort to take at least two walks a day of around a mile and a half each (unlike Lawrence, Kansas, we are allowed outside), and between that and making food at home, I've lost seven pounds of bad weight.
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    For the love of God people. STOP REPLYING TO GREG. Dude is getting you all twisted with his shtick, and it is working perfectly for him. Ignore him, and he will slowly fade away. Please, for all of us.
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    Thread has been sanitized.
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    Ok, to make myself more clear, Biden/Reade stuff ends now. That's not relevant to the pandemic.
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    I know you aren't implying this per say, but feels like it needs to be said there is nothing wrong with having that attitude. Make that money.
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    On line. Groupon. If you can't find them, you aren't looking very hard. Greg I used to think a lot more highly of you. But you aren't willing to put in any effort to protect the people who happen to be around you. it's too much of a hassle. You really should be ashamed of yourself.
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