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    I’ve never knew so many white people had options about how we, black people, use the N Word. So many bad takes out there pouring in from so many dumb people in and out of the game. If you haven’t read Micah Johnson’s take, I advise you to.
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    Just going to throw this out there....could you imagine Timmy's bat flip if he hits a walkoff?
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    It's pretty clear some white people are really threatened when they can't dictate the way black people speak.
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    How many times a day do you think you bring this up?
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    As a white guy, I understand why it is frustrating to be told "you can't have an opinion on this because you are white." But seriously, just think a little bit. Just a little. The only reason this is true is because blacks were told for centuries "you can't have freedom/humanity/equal rights etc because you are black." We brought this situation on ourselves, so lets stop making it worse and just shut up for once.
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    Please try to contain your excitement.
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    Sox are just being extra cautious. Robert hit multiple balls over the CF wall in BP tonight. Should be back this weekend.
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    That’s why he shouldn’t be promoted. Those 2 games are more important than the rest of the body of work.
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    What’s his k rate
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    You quite honestly waited for his one bad game to say this nonsense, huh? Had it all saved in your phone and you took the opportunity? You sound incredibly stupid. Before today he had 2+ hits in all but like 3 games including a 1.400 OPS but hey he's 0-3 today so Adam Engel should continue to get playing time
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    Unlike some here I have no problem with this. Gordon Beckham didn't fail because he was rushed. He wasnt good enough. If you're good enough you'll adjust and survive. Baseball is learning this as well.
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    36 year old Ervin Santana, coming off of an ERA of 8.03 with a FIP of 7.94 will wind up being paid around $1,370,000 per start by the White Sox. Can't spend $1 if you only have $0.50.
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    I actually enjoy Jerry having his money lit on fire at this point. It's not like he's going to spend it on legit upgrades anyways so fuck it...burn it all.
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    We get it that the trade makes you mad. We all know. Time to move past it and stop dragging down conversation
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    Hey there are a few of us over 40 crowd (way over ) that say celebrate whenever you want. Life is too short. Be happy in the moment, any moment. Celebrate life. A really good hitter fails 7 of 10 times so live it up when you succeed while you can.
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    I get that, but nobody even knew he said anything until mlb told them. Tim lost half a game, fine him and leave it be. Instead, they suspend him, everyone says why that is total bullshit, and then the MLB has to tell everyone he said a racist word which also has divided the conversation (whether he should or should not be able to say it, context, comparison to other situations like Schwarber). the whole situation was handled extremely poorly by mlb starting with Joe West and they only made everything worse at every turn
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    Red Sox deserve to lose that for taking 5 minutes in between pitches
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    He actually should be a hero. White Sox fans like to complain. He's given us many reasons. Rick reminds me of the guys that used to make Dick Vitale's all airport team. Guys who looked good at the airport but couldn't play worth a damn. Rick is a bright guy, talks a good game, makes everything seem to make a lot of sense, and then loses,and loses, and loses. He looks and sounds the part, but the evidence suggests he should be doing something else.
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    When I read the title to this thread, this was all I could think about.
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    Maybe. I think he's just going to rake.
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    What’s the rush? The clock is ticking on Eloy, Moncada, and Anderson and the young pitchers. The sooner Robert, Cease, and Madrigal could learn from playing at the highest level the better. It is the same reason Padres promote Tatis at ripe age of 20. Do you really think Moncada would have made a drastic change to his approach if he didn’t fall flat on his face last year? Prospect development isn’t linear and prospects aren’t called up without flaws, get it through your head. (If I do come across as condescending it’s because I think your Robert K posts are becoming troll posts at this point.)
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    Calling it right now, he goes on the IL and comes back and immediately goes on a tear. Book it. Dude signed a huge contract, realized his dream and lost his Grandma in a short period of time. He will be back stronger than ever before.
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    Regardless of how Eloy’s career plays out I just can’t imagine giving less of a fuck about the Sox being on the hook for a bit of guaranteed money.
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    This is why folks have to be careful about claiming victory in trades. This trade may come down to Q for Cease. Hitting the ball all over the minor leagues doesn't guarantee success at the MLB level. That's why I'm all for rebuilding with the prospects taking their lumps up here.
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    Grey Worm making plans felt like it was literally from the McBain movie on the Simpsons. He has one week until retirement, and then he's going to sail around the world in a boat called "Live-4-Eva."
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