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    It honestly never occurred to me that The Walking Dead might have started because boomers couldn't get their haircuts
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    i would like the administration here at soxtalk to start gaslighting us as well "the boards were down for an hour" "no, they weren't" -- "i don't trust the sox pitching, they are awful" "of all the people pitching for the sox, they are turning in the best performance" -- "greg keeps talking in the third person" "we are fairly sure that he is freely intermixing stories of another friend named greg"
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    Greg gregged the shit out of this thread
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    Hey Greg can you explain to me how a governor shutting down the economy (which best reflects his/her administration, knowing that unemployment will go through the roof) indicates that they are trying to grab power? And also, how does this grabbed power exceed their current power, and how does that power benefit the governor? Thanks
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    Sorry Caulfield, I wish u the best. You are a good guy I bet. My frustration with this situation is some of these governors appear way too power hungry, including the one in Kansas who won't let me get my hair cut. I feel like there needs to be a balance here. The economic impact of this suggests people soon will be dying. Deaths of hunger and being homeless because of layoffs are real. We must compromise and put people back to work. And these power hungry governors need to shut the bleep up with their ORDERS and COMMANDS. I'll proably be arrested before this is all over cause I'm not going to wear a mask at all times. So I'll probably be thrown in jail. This situation makes me understand why so many people want to keep their guns. I never would be comfortable with a gun but I can see why people would feel the need to have one with possible chaos coming if not this pandemic but the next. Take care Caulfield. Hope you pass the tests so you don't get roughed up by that government there.
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    The 3 ways I've got that the next 18 months can go are: 1. Cut transmission down to low levels followed by aggressive tracking, testing, and tracing (led by the federal government), wait for a vaccine. 2. At least 1.5 million people and more than likely 3 million people die nationwide and the economy is destroyed because it's impossible to open anything when that many people are sick for weeks to months and the Health Care system is paralyzed. Hope that transmission doesn't re-start if people begin losing immunity, because then the death toll is way more than 3 million. 3. Keep everything, schools, businesses, closed for the large majority of the next 18 months, wait for a vaccine. Literally everything we've seen for the last 7 weeks tells that exact same story. No magic bullet has appeared, no magic drug or treatment, there's a giant pile of bodies and every bit of evidence says that the 1-2% death rates seen in January will absolutely hold, including most notably the nightmare that New York City became. Spots like Singapore and Hokkaido show clearly that if there are any areas that open up even to a minimal degree without aggressive tracing, the Virus will begin spreading rapidly there again, forcing new shutdowns with much larger case totals. If you've got a better idea, please let me know.
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    Because the owners said so. Owners creative accounting where they don't include parking or concession sales because they are technically provided by outside vendors who coincidentally split the money with the owners. i side with the owners more than any other person on this board but even I don't believe the numbers they throw out there during negotiations.
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    Little Looie, turns 86 today, the last living starter from the 1959 World Series team. Only a few role players are left like Lou Skizas & J.C. Martin who both had a cup of coffee with the 59 Sox. Luis was the first baseball player I met, along with Pete Ward in the summer of 1969 when they showed up to sign autographs at the store behind my house on the Southwest Side. As a 7 year old that was when I became a White Sox fan for life. Best of health to you Luis, one of the Sox (and baseball's) best.
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    Thread has been sanitized.
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    Ok, to make myself more clear, Biden/Reade stuff ends now. That's not relevant to the pandemic.
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    I know you aren't implying this per say, but feels like it needs to be said there is nothing wrong with having that attitude. Make that money.
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    On line. Groupon. If you can't find them, you aren't looking very hard. Greg I used to think a lot more highly of you. But you aren't willing to put in any effort to protect the people who happen to be around you. it's too much of a hassle. You really should be ashamed of yourself.
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    After weeks of saying 60,000 deaths would be a great job, Trump has revised that number to 100,000, and they blocked Dr. Fauci from testifying to Congress. Trump is a genius but you can’t see his grades. Trump is the healthiest President ever, but you can’t see his medical records. Trump is a billionaire but you can’t see his taxes. Trump is innocent but you can’t subpoena the witnesses. The pandemic is totally under control but you can’t talk to Dr. Fauci.
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    Yes, the economy is in shambles, the worst it has been in decades. But if you open up too soon, the deaths will mount up even more, and you will have to shut down again. And the purpose of the stimulus was to help people, imperfect and inadequate as that is. Any opening up will have to be measured. People have to realize this is pandemic, and even if we open up, we will have to do it with some care. Sending people back into infested meat packing plants Is not the answer. How about this? How about Trump using the full power of the federal government to help instead of dreaming of some fucking rally with 25,000? Wouldn't that be refreshing for a change?
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    Are you honestly trying to tell me that your mental health depends on a f@#$ing haircut? That is a kick in the nuts to those who actually struggle with mental health. You should be ashamed of a statement like this.
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    I want to throw some of the opposite out. While the federal government has been often terrible here in the places i think it can make the biggest impact (purchasing power, borrowing) - State and local governments have been doing quite well in addressing the pandemic, including some very ambitious and amazing work to get additional PPE and testing set-up. - The American people have answered the call, doing a very good job as a whole of staying inside. We can get upset all we want about the isolated stories, but in the times i've had to drive around - chicago is empty. My dad is in raleigh. Had a march of hundreds being idiots - but raleigh is empty. My mom is in SC, should be heart of the antagonistic audience right? Her town is empty. People have been sewing their own masks, buying medical workers lunches, donating to causes. - The federal reserve has been doing everything possible and incredibly dynamic to address anything within its power to ensure this does not only not become a financial crisis, but work to get money into hands of organizations that typically don't interact with the Fed. You also have the fed pushing HARD on the fed government to inject more money to cover the losses, ruining arguments that worry about borrowing now. - Congress deployed trillions within a month. It isn't enough, and could have been designed better, but in 2008 it took a year to fully respond and it was much less robust. It has taken a while to get money out, but that isn't just a US problem. - Tech companies did a pretty remarkable job to protect their workers and sound alarms of the severity before many, and may have saved many in california. Connectivity has been remarkable despite the surge. As a whole, companies have had priorities in right place, and it's fine to argue against those that have not. It's not enough and people should demand more because more can be given, a lot more in terms of resources to help people and businesses recover. obviously, the admin has been garbage and antagonistic to much of this work, but a lot of this country has mobilized very positively.
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    Starve and die with long hair or get a gun -- it's your choice. We need you out there helping to spread the virus. Without volunteers like you the virus will wither and die. Even in the US there are still vast areas with no reported cases. That's unacceptable. We need people infected and moving around. This is your destiny. This is your moment in time. Go get that hair cut. Someone has to have an underground barbershop in Kansas. Resist the man and his attempt to stop this virus. Take care greg775 and thank you for always taking on the toughest points of view.
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    There’s way too much whining about not being able to get haircuts, meat from the store, Starbucks coffee and then there is anger about layoffs, protests and the divide of those who want to open the economy and those who want to re-open after the orders end. There’s a lot of fearmongering out there. It’s annoying how people don’t consider alternatives like cutting their own hair, making meatless meals, making their own meals and getting a walk or run in if there’s a shelter in place in their state. I can understand the argument about Sweden’s way of combating the virus, but I am concerned about the elderly, people in their 60s, and a second wave of the virus with another lockdown, giving people more to b**** about. There needs to be a gradual reopening rather than some politicians in southern Illinois trying to re-open the state based on technicalities. Both parties could work together on a fair reopening strategy in phases than opening everything up at once. There’s too many variables in play and too much not known to go back to how things were, which some people seem to want to do immediately.
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    I have to re-convince myself every day that those who are unwilling to listen will one day, eventually, realize the truth of what is happening to their country. Yes, I realize the odds of Greg reading Noam Chomsky are probably 1 in 10,000. Perhaps less. And there’s not going to be any hardcore Trump supporters changing their minds, that much is certain. But it’s worth it to me if just a FEW become more open-minded. I have zero illusions about Joe Biden even being able to reset the world back to November of 2016. I was a high school senior in 1988 back when he first ran and I participated in the Iowa caucus. I didn’t like him then, not do I particularly like him now. But something has to change, eventually. The country can’t keep going on this way and continue to be a shining beacon for the rest of the world, the greatest remaining hope for the future. Maybe it doesn’t matter. That’s fine, too. Next Thursday I have to do the nose swab and nucleic acid test here in Wuhan despite not going outside once since January 20th. Every teacher and student needs to do that before we can all go back to school on May 11th. Then my life will finally return to the new normal and I won’t have nearly as much free time. I will spend an hour each way going back and forth to work. So you can relax and turn your focus to bigger problems in the world than me. Good luck.
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    The silly thing is that people don't think they are paying for people who aren't taking care of themselves now. Why do you think hospital stays are so expensive? You are paying for everyone else's risk factors, as well as the uninsured.
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    The correct way you mean?
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    How many have committed suicide from being home for a month? How many OD'd because of this? It's nothing but a talking point. Blowing off social distancing would blow any of those death counts away. And those numbers would just get worse as well. Even while being stuck at home, it's blown it away. The plants will be open because that is what Tyson wants. It's not right for the workers. But Trump is playing to CEO's not for heath and safety, but for votes and cash. . Sickening.
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    Greg, I dont want to pick on you. But once again, you're full of shit. First, I've worked with Alzheimers patients in a previous career. Biden does not have any of the behaviors of someone with Alzheimers. It is impossibly moronic on your part to associate Biden with Alzheimers. It is also incredibly insensitive to families that have an Alzheimers sufferer in their family. Second, Biden has been a gaffe machine. Partly because of his history with a stammer. We have had previous gaffe machines as president; Bush the younger comes immediately to mind. There is nothing about Bidens gaffes that are more alarming than others who have held this office. So, once again, I'm not picking on you greg. But, once again, you're completely talking out of your asshole, and you would be better to stfu on this.
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    Let's get back to discussing coronavirus.
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