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    was hoping this would be about hats and bobble heads.
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    No, you weren't. This needless underhanded jab proves it. He was just cracking a joke. You're such a miserable ass...
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    Why waste the service time? I would've waited until the June after next
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    Filling out reports for both your asses. Enjoy the bans!
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    I'm about to hand out bannings to those who stupidly overreact. Its for your own good...maybe you can learn to be something other than a miserable piss.
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    my only philosophy on baseball (as a young person) is that old players like colome are useless (as are saves, since I am a statnik) and should be force retired. If that's not possible, flipping them is an okay consolation prize. White sox should seek to ensure their roster is as young player as possible, as the old players may rub off on them and turn them old.
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    There you go. This is the lip we know and love. Slam the team after a sweep of a double header.
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    Jesus dude, do you do anything but whine?
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    Your trolling really needs work if this is the best you got for this thread
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    You're a Cubs fan though. I was asking the Sox fans here.
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    Did peavy44 confirm anything yet?
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    Oh man, there has to be a section in the stands that dresses up like nerds and is called "The AV Club"
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    It has been mentioned that AZL has been fun, it has been. AZL has often sucked while Great Falls was the fun one, where we sent older college prospects to face competition likely worse than what they just played against and laughed as they dominated. But the real progress we are seeing in AZL this year is about getting earlier production from Intl and HS prospects, though we just have not had a lot of HS prospects in general. A major caveat here is the rankings are based on qualified batters, so in some cases I fill in the gaps. I make a line in the sand in age to make a cohort 18 and younger for the rank columns, and total rank is for all players. What we see: Jose Rodriguez is producing really well! Will it matter? Well who knows. But the "suck in AZL and then be great" hasn't been a great route either. 2019 performers, wrc+, rank (total in class), rank (cohort) The noticeable thing? Jose Rodriguez and Gladney both top ten in their cohort. Ramos just after that. Lost in this is Diaz, who is only at 50 PAs, but would be basically our best by wrc+ (he's at like 195) 2018 Weaver and Comas were both respectable in being over 100, and both are doing fine in Great Falls. Mieses is performing way better this year. 2017 We were so pumped for Lenyn Sosa! He survived at 17 and dude keeps surviving. That's because this is a taste of what we looked at before 2016 Woof. And that was an improvement from 2015, when Nunez as a 17 year old had a .365 OPS, Alfaro had a .436 ops, Adolfo had a .636 ops and felix mercedes had a .625 ops. So, how does this fare against all players in AZL, from 2016-2019? Notice I included bush, who was so freakin good they moved him up right away. DJ Gladney, Ramos, Rodriguez all stick out, all top 6 in their literal ages, and top 15 in the 18 and under cohort. Bush would have led all of them had he stayed down at that same pace. So who are the league leaders 18 and under during this time? How did Tatis the Traded do? He had a 107 wrc+ as a 17 year old in AZL. Now, we know Abrams story, Ruiz is a top prospect for Royals, and the Giants have a bunch of high bonus latam players like Luciano who look awesome. Does this mean these guys will be top 10 prospects? No, but considering how few of the low production younger players we saw come through, and how Bush and Sosa who survived/thrived look like they can develop into top 20 guys, this means we may be really finding depth and improving latam scouting and drafting. And hopefully player dev. Let's see what happens next.
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    Uh collins is 3 years younger and catches and this is his first ever taste of the majors. Palka is the worst defensive player in MLB baseball and cant hit and has had like 600 mlb at bats. Weird that you cant seperate the two.
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    You seem a tad bi-polar here.
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    Will he have his signature half can of dip in his lip when he is up to bat? The same way that he does it with the White Sox, which is illegal in Chicago might I add. Hopefully he chooses to be a better role model during the all Star game
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    It's similar to how someone will post something good about madrigal or yoan and you'll follow up with some comment about tatis or Manny. No, you're point may not be wrong but its unnecessary, adds nothing to the conversation and is merely made to be a negative dunce and talk down other peoples enjoyment and fun. I hope you find some happiness bud.
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    Can you ever admit you were wrong ? Your post said at the time he was acquired he was struggling. Then you move the goal posts and say the previous 3 years.
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    Palka is awful. Amazing how many sox fans still think he is worthy of a mlb roster spot
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    i got to say tho, TA be a bit of a diva. if that was Moncada he would have spit on it and tried to play until jose talked him out of it.
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    Yonder from being killed in a car accident to now being Hero. I love baseball!
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    Who cares? It was tasteless.
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    Stop, stop. My nipples can only get so tender.
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