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    After only 257 at bats, you are ready to declare him done? Thaffs not evrn half a season. I wouldnt say thats a solid shot.
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    I don't know him personally but I don't think Fulmer needs a "wake up call", I think the Sox have screwed with him way too much. His "Wake up call" was being shelled when he was called up to save the 2016 bullpen (Thanks Rick!). Since then he's been doing everything people have asked him to do to develop a more consistent delivery, he has made delivery changes a number of times, but his delivery is wild as a starting point and there's been so many attempts to alter it, with no time to see if changes work, that the end result is him getting shelled every first inning. He has to get into a single rotation, a single release point, that he can repeat, and throw strikes from. The stuff is there, but the Sox haven't been able to harvest it by turning good stuff into a consistent pitcher because of the choices they made in 2016, and they are still paying for it here.
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    You seem like a great person, bazox
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    That's already sorted here , which has given me a premonition about a great night for the Sox . I will be dreaming of Tim & co hitting multiple dingers.
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    I've literally never seen a poster anywhere on the internet make more strange comparisons and use more false equivalence than you. I have a theory that you and Greg are the same person just trolling all of us.
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    This is just a horribly simplistic way to look at things. First off, your once again under-estimating his velocity based on one start. I’d wager he sits closer to 93 MPH and tops at 95 to 96. Second, even if he was typically in the 90 to 92 range, you’re ignoring the heavy sink on his fastball and his ability to command the pitch. MLBpipeline has already bumped him 18 spots on their top 100 list. He may not have have ace upside, but the kid is a bulldog and probably has the best chance of being a quality major league starter out of anyone in our system. Your pessimism with him is completely unfounded.
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    Law gets bad info because people in the industry generally don’t like him. Was told this by a Blue Jays crosschecker. I take him with a grain of salt.
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    Thanks for the reminder. Sorry, I lost my head there for a second.
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    Isn't this a common issue with young pitchers? The guy has started 22 MLB games and he is supposed to be a finished product? You a far too pessimistic.
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    So condescending for being so wrong. You claim to be a CPA, so you should know that projections are based on past known data and are meant to be as accurate as possible, accounting for things such as expected growth rate. So it's reasonable to assume that if 1.4 million were projected, something in the neighborhood of 1.4 million went. In fact, that organization later went on to say that 1.3 million Americans went abroad for medical care in 2016. And yes, that's an estimated figure, but you know as well as I do that actual accurate figures on this sort of thing are not going to be available and that reasonable estimates and approximations are used in all things business. If you want to be unreasonable and accept neither a projection or an estimate, you can choose to, but we both know that makes you unreasonable, since I'm sure you've certified audited financials that make use of reasonable estimates. If you read that article, the first listed, and therefore likely the most commonly given, reason is reduced cost. Even the sentence you quoted says "In addition to traveling in order to save money...", meaning that the article is recognizing your reason as secondary to cost savings. In fact, every article I encounter on the subject lists cost as the first or primary reason for medical tourism, with seeking treatments that are illegal here typically listed as a secondary or tertiary reason. Okay, so let's take the lower number for the US. Using your numbers above and the numbers from the articles, we have 0.38% of the US population traveling for health care in 2016 vs. 0.18% of the Canadian population. In other words, US medical tourism more than doubles Canadian medical tourism by percentage of population. Again, the numbers don't add up in favor of your argument. It's not that hard to convert raw numbers to percentages. I even did it for you above. I don't understand why you are trying so very hard to not see the obvious conclusion the numbers are giving you, that's typically the opposite of how accountants work. In any case, here's a graphic showing Canada as the top medical tourism destination in the world:
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    And for your daily "this guy is having a good game, call him up post."
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    In college, Fulmer got a lot of outs with pitches out of the strike zone; major league pitchers do that too, but only after first setting them up with pinpoint command early in the count. Fulmer didn't have to do that in college. Fulmer does a glove-pump in the middle of his windup; it's like a twitch. Hard to see how you can have consistency doing that. Cooper's not for everybody; the Sox have good minor league pitching coaches, so it may help him. I don't think Covey's necessarily a disaster either- he had under 40 pitches above A ball prior to last season, and the Sox didn't try to hide him in the bullpen by using him sparingly; they threw him out there. He may end up being useful, especially on this team.
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    I don’t respect the opinions of people anywhere defending or humanizing white supremacists. You are certainly entitled to it, but nobody has to give two shits about it and i certainly don’t. This alt right conspiracy theory bullshit is ruining the minds of people across the country. The fact that this “movement” is back after decades of operating in the shadows should scare everyone. I know if my grandfather was alive he would once again tell me about his experience fighting these assholes. This most recent kid going on a senseless rampage wearing a nazi t shirt (if it’s true) isn’t the end. And I personally won’t ever accept it as a valid point of view.
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    Or the talent evaluations were just way off. We’ve heard the same things said about Fulmer as used to be argued about Gordon Beckham, Viciedo, Brian Anderson, Josh Fields, etc. That Tim Anderson was rushed. Even that Moncada was rushed, because he wasn’t hitting LH pitching very well and kind of leveled off after getting out to a quick start in April in Charlotte. It’s not like we have had an assembly line of pitching in recent years. Sale, obviously....Danks for awhile, but other than those two and Quintana, it has been a pretty barren wasteland. I hope that 5 years from now we’re not saying the White Sox also messed up the development of Lucas Giolito, for example, because there’s clearly some “head issues” and physical ones as well with the erosion of 4-5 MPH off his “original” velocity post-TJS. That’s probably why the traded “looked too good to be true” in the first place.
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    So if Tony's version is right and this guy accepts a 2nd degree murder plea bargain in October or he's convicted afterwards, do you admit you were defending a white supremacist murderer and change your behavior based on the fact that you spent a year defending a murderer on behalf of a white supremacist using conspiracy theories?
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    Keep truckin man. Rationality and objectivity are the best of traits and the birth of all things good. It’s why double-blind experiments exist.
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    Actually this is it. We have to wait for the Millenials to take office and get the weapons off the streets. If the government has a plan to take over the populace, so be it. There's no need for all these weapons. Now, it's probably too late already. The kooks are not going to give up their guns. They will hide them and this leaves the opportunity for students to take their parents' guns to school to kill. The Millenials will eventually take over the house and senate and they might tackle the problem for their kids' sake.
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    And Thompson...who has done even worse statistically. One thing’s for sure, Avi Garcia will get every single at-bat to establish even one iota of trade value before July 31st. Or, if Tim Tebow was putting up the same numbers for BIRM as he is for the Mets’ AA team, he would currently be first in line for a promotion to Chicago (over Tilson and Fisher...as Jimenez isn’t going anywhere soon.)
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    Pessimist- Covey and Elmore Realist- Covey and Tilson Optimist- Kopech and J. Rondon
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    It is most likely closer to the 6 weeks. The callus of the bone will form in 4 weeks. This is when it will be stable. However, it won't be fully healed for 8 weeks. It just depends on how large the fracture is. The third metacarpal is the most stable bone which all the other metacarpals move around when you grab something. So it is important to heal properly.
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    Has it been 4 years already? The last WC, I was at my old job where I was home by noon. I didn't like soccer but it made for excellent ambiance for my afternoon naps.
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    I'll be there for the Poland - Senegal game in Moscow. Excited and anxious!
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    I didn't know much at all about the use of pitchers , I've learned quite a lot on that game and this thread , thanks. I can now understand why Fry was not kept on although I don't agree with the decision , of course if Jones had done his stuff then ......... I'm just getting to grips with minor league and have been reading the couple of excellent threads on the forum .
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