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    I think you are delusional if you think we can fall much further behind and still make a run at the playoffs. This is a young team and needs to stay within striking distance.
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    With Cleveland winning today, we may fall 9.5 games out of first. I think we gotta stay within 10 games if we are to have a chance at winning the division.
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    Someone is dividing K's by at-bats (outs), versus ALL plate appearances (including walks, hbp, etc.)
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    You managed to put the two biggest a$$holes I encountered in my time in the MLB in one sentence. Thanks for ruining my holiday weekend.
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    The way I look at it, at #4 we should get either the best college hitter, or pitcher, or the best high school hitter, or pitcher. If the Sox are stuck on taking a college player, we should at least get the best, or second best, college hitter, or pitcher. Duh. Now, the trick is finding him, as there doesn't seem to be much of a consensus. The only college pitcher, at the top of most lists, is Mize. The next 3 potential picks seem to be leaning toward Bart, Bohm, Madrigal, or Singer. Some suggest that Madrigal is the best college hitting prospect. I think the problem is that he would need to be a .300 plus hitter, with tons of walks and stolen bases to be a Major League star. That is a tall order, for any player. Guys like Bart and Bohm, or even my favorite, India could become significant contributors, by being run producers. In this age of baseball, that is easier to do. And finally, just to reiterate, I'm still convinced that Madrigal has to stay at second base, to be a plus defender. Since Moncada will likely be there for the next 5 years, Madrigal would likely be 27, by the time he would get his chance on the Sox. I like India because his bat is solid, with power and the ability to take walks. Moreover, he profiles well at either 3RD, SS or 2ND. That makes him not only a better bet to be able to contribute to the contending young Sox team, but a better trade candidate. No one is likely to give up much for Madrigal, unless they need a second baseman. If Singer is really the second best college pitcher, in this draft, I'd be very happy with him, at #4. However, how confident are we that he is indeed the second best college pitcher? Again, not much of a consensus, on any of these guys, which mitigates the value of the conventional wisdom, of taking the "best player available". "Best player," says who?
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    I think you need to put down the crack pipe
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    Jason's attempt at comedy really irks me. I mean once and a while but Jason over does it
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    To me, Abreu is only moved if they get exactly what they want (like Q). Sale and Eaton were getting moved no matter what.
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    There are a group of posters here who talk like Anderson is some bum and are hoping he gets replaced at SS. Whether he’s a 3 or 4 WAR SS isn’t important, it’s the fact he’s a solid to very good player and only going to get better. You are actually arguing that one bad play last night should somehow offset his body of work which is absurd. People are focusing too much on the mistakes and not looking at the bigger picture. And I don’t get the Yolmer comparison at all. Tim has a very strong package of tools, whereas Yolmer is more solid average around the board outside of fielding. Anderson has a significantly higher ceiling and has a chance of being a special player. We all hope Yolmer can be a solid starting 3B, but that’s probably as good as it gets. I truly believe Anderson will put up a 30/30 season this year. If so and he can maintain his current BB rate, he’ll be one of the best offensive SS’s in the game. And tool wise, he’s got all the ability in the world to be a good defensive SS. It will just take some time.
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    I have some info on Jose Ruiz here from when I did a deep dive on bullpen options: http://www.chicagonow.com/future-sox/2018/02/future-pensmen-aplenty-in-deep-white-sox-system-part-1/
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    Gary Sanchez (age 20-22) at AA (191 G) 841 PAs, 754 ABs, .265/.335/.424, .759 OPS, 27 HR, 27.93 AB/HR, .159 ISO, 8.8 BB%, 18.67 K% Zack Collins (age 22/23) at AA (55 G) 233 PAs, 172 ABs, .256/.442/.453, .895 OPS, 9 HRs, 19.1 AB/HR, .198 ISO, 24.5 BB%, 26.6 K%
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    Guy goes 4-for-4 again today. Has been as consistent or more consistently excellent than any other player in White Sox history. And he gets no love. Very strange and sad. If we are dumb enough to trade him I hope it's to the Cubs so he stays in Chicago. Any fan who wants him gone deserves him raking for the Cubs.
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    I believe there are fantasy guys who would still want to make trades while we were winning the World Series. They cannot control themselves.
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    I'll take this opportunity to re-post this: Sox pitching staff MLB rank by WAR and RA9-WAR: 2002: 16 / 15 2003: 5 / 5 2004: 18 / 15 2005: 1 / 1 2006: 4 / 8 2007: 9 / 18 2008: 1 / 6 2009: 4 / 7 2010: 1 / 10 2011: 2 / 8 2012: 12 / 6 2013: 16 / 18 2014: 25 / 25 2015: 9 / 16 2016: 13 / 11 2017: 29 / 23 There certainly isn't much *under*achievement in there. Combined, the Sox are 3rd in MLB in fWAR (7th in RA9-WAR) since Coop took over. While maybe the bit about free agent acquisitions doesn't tell the whole story, I don't think the Sox have had anything like the 3rd most talent over that time.
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    Fast moving is fine; I don't think it's a reason to draft them, esp for this org that has struggled for so long with the draft.. Mize would be great, assuming his health checks out. Singer has that goofy delivery - not for a top 5. Always get best player available, which probably means Go prep.
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    A 35% K rate is a problem whether you like it or not. And it's more likely to carry forward than the 24.5% rate if he doesn't hit better.
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