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    I've written letters to JR for years. He's even responded to some of my letters in the past. He didn't respond to my letter last year when I requested to be interviewed for the job of White Sox GM. I feel the time is right to write him another letter. Its obvious to everybody that this White Sox season of 2018 is a complete train wreck. I sure don't see any light at the end of the tunnel with this team. I can definitely see this team fighting for last place for years. The team is at the bottom in the standings, attendance and TV ratings. One of his players (Lopez) said yesterday that they're playing like clowns. I think its time for a very drastic change. I'm going to request that he put the team up for sale. I realize he's making nothing but money with this team. Still, at his age how much money does he need? The franchise is a disgrace. We need a new owner here. I know of at least 3 groups of people who want to buy the team. I'm curious to see if he responds to my letter. Better yet, hopefully he'll put the team up for sale.
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    Whatever seems reasonable to greg
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    I am moreso surprised the White Sox even made the list, as ESPN generally forgets they even exist.
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    He can most definitely guard you.
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    Whichever team can offer ozzie Guillen on a lifetime managing contract and an authentic Alex Rios voodoo doll would get Jose Abreu and the sox top 3 prospects
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    This week, Julie dives into the reported, rumored and supposed roster moves as part of the wave of changes likely coming today across the White Sox farm. And she shows why there is reason for excitement as a result.
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    i checked the weather this morning before I left because i am supposed to play softball. There is not one hour segment that shows anything but rain, all the way through 11AM tomorrow morning
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    Package up our top 10 list for veterans.
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    LMAO. You should just keep calling the score
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    No need to send Jerry a letter. He just emailed me confirming he read your post
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    The trade deadline isn't about WAR it's about filling needs and replacing non productive players with productive ones. If a bunch of teams need to replace their 1B and feel Abreu is the answer to fixing that then it won't matter what his WAR is or how much JDM went for. Conversely if you have a player who has a high WAR but where is isn't a market for his services among contenders it doesn't matter what previous players went for or his WAR the return will be limited.
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    I did a huge report on this while in college. The movie is great, but it doesn't tell half of it. You need to get the book by Eliot Asinof.
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    Also might interest you to know that Ken Berry who was a White Sox CF and my favorite player as a very young man has a bit part in EMO . His IMDb profile says "heckler" but I can't remember if that is accurate. Guess I might have to rewatch it since I have it in my DVD library.
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    What else would you expect from an anti-statite?
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    Oh really? So you actually believe that I thought he'd go 2-4 every night and I wasn't exaggerating? You totally get it, man. Exactly. The guy is crushing the baseball. As long as he continues to do so, he's worth following closely.
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    I still want to know who the "objective" people referred to earlier were. Also who changed the thread title a few weeks ago and why
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    Yea me too. Either show what you got where you are or stay there until you prove you belong at a higher level. No one can say for sure the reason that he under performing. Personally I just think it's because he has a lot to learn. I think he comes out of his funk fairly soon . Once he proves he is ready by commanding some of his pitches he'll be here. Just string some very solid starts together, like 4 out of 5 , and he'll be here at a still very young age.
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    Exactly. I was going to throw " mental midget" into that post but it gets used often enough. IMHO, Kopech looks to be mentally pressing to perform for the call-up and could be going through a bit if a dead arm phase. I watched highlights of his last start and it was obvious he couldn't find his release point to save his life. He was all over the place. It's why I suspect the dead arm phase as part of the problem. He'll get his muscle memory back and be fine. He's just not ready, yet.
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    And probably not mentally strong enough to be an MLB pitcher.
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    This I've seen this happen too many times where an already atrocious team sells their only valuable players. Then you think "holy shit... they may never win again". Somehow they wind up having a run of .500 baseball or something. It's an all too common occurrence. Sometimes a group of young guys fighting for a future in baseball is better than the presence of a couple of stars who wreak of "just get me out of here".
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    Now, that's silly. I'm reading all sorts of ridiculous excuses to rush a guy up, when he has a snowball's chance in hell right now. "Frustration" means exactly jack and shit when you're walking the yard, and forcing more workload on less-talented team mates in the bullpen. If he were to be rushed up now, WE'D all be frustrated, his team mates would be struggling [particularly the flimsy bullpen], and HE'D have the new excuse of having "lost confidence." Here's a novel concept that many are reluctant to embrace: Let him EARN HIS SPOT by right of superior performance, instead of rushing him up Carson Fulmer-style. [And squandering an option year, and wasting his pre-arb controllable years while he figures it out, Carson Fulmer-style.] Setting expectations for young men has never hurt anyone, and I'm still dubious about "frustration" harming his prospective MLB career, or hurting him in any way. Of course he's human, but I'm pretty sure he puts on his "big boy pants," irrespective of his emotions. He's plenty young enough, and I'm willing to wait to try to find out if it were in any way possible to do. If a reduction in walk rate to 4-ish "cost him" a marginal declination in K/9 down to, say ~10ish, it would be worth it, IMHO. At the same time, his LD% suggests he'd be hit around were he to come up as well. I'd prefer that number to be south of 20%, as BABIP on line drives is high. As an aside, there's something about the younger SPs in the org that I've wondered about. Consider the BB/9 for the following: Rodon: 4.02 in 2017 Lopez: 3.96 this year Fulmer: 6.68 in Chicago this year Kopech: 6.06 in Charlotte this year I wonder if this org would be better-served to focus on FB command/control for their higher-level SP prospects BEFORE having them master a change. [I don't know this to be the case or not, but the cavalcade of walks is irritating, and leads me to speculate about this.] Heck, even Lopez and Rodon, who are the best of the bunch, aren't exactly Mark Buehrle in terms of limiting the free pass. Happily, Hansen's BB/9 was < 4.0 in all stops last year, so I'll concede that I may be finding trends where perhaps there aren't any. I just hate walks.
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    Positive: After another losing season. Hahn is finally no longer the White Sox GM. 6 Seasons of being "Mired in Mediocrity" is even too much for JR. Hahns contract won't be renewed after the 2018 season.
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