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    Not really. If we trade 6 years of Fry for Chavis I'd be really annoyed. The guy is a lefty with an 11.6 K/9, good control, and left handed hitters hit .093 against him with a .299 OPS. His deception and profile do not scream regression to me. At some point we need to start keeping the guys who will be here until 2024. I understand the always trade relievers thing but Fry is an exception to me with his team control and consistency. The only way I can see us winning a trade in which we let him go is if he gets injured.
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    Here's our first, very early, look at the start of Nick Madrigal's pro career. Truly this is the infancy of his career with just 10 games under his belt, but there are already a number of things about Nick's start that are worth noting.
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    Ozzie Guillen then handed in a lineup with Brian Anderson on the bench and Rob Mackowiak in CF, and added "Now this is how you f***ing don't care about defense".
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    He obviously went to have his medicals checked out because Baltimore is in on a deal for him.
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    Seems like a lifetime ago for me personally. My dad was still alive, I was still living in working in NYC and I was still in my mid 20s with all that entails. I remember watching the final few outs on MLB.tv with a couple baseball fans at the office crowded around. Fun times. What an awesome day and moment for the Sox and us fans.
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    Hamilton and Johnson might have something to say about the 8th and 9th. All good problems to have though
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    Adams vs Adams... I like Adams in this one.
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    I was actually there. Had two season tickets but did not think I would make it due to a busy schedule. By the 5th inning I was in my car with my 4 year old speeding down the Ike from Oak Brook. We arrived around the 6th and got a spot somehow in the VIP area next to gate 1, got to our seats in RF about a half inning later. The ballpark was electric when Wise made that catch. At the end, everyone is going nuts and the usher in our section with her back to the field says to me, "Why are people going crazy? Just because they won?" My kid then asked "Did the Sox win, dad?" Great memories.
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    If it was a heart problem why would he leave the hospital?
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    I was driving around a certain south suburb with a girl getting RH when I got the call. I’ll never forget it!
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    I almost hit the ceiling in the front room when the Sox won the AL Pennant on Sept. 22, 1959.
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    This game sure is taking place.
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    With Suter down, MIL will need a starter? Same team Hahn fleeced Cordell from (a top 15 prospect) for Swarzak last year I know MIL is into Britton too so maybe they go for Soria How does RHP James Shields and RHP Joakim Soaria to MIL in exchange for 1B Jake Gatewood and LHP Brendan Murphy That allows Hahn to package LHPs Avilan and Cedeno to BOS in exchange for OF Cole Brannen and RHP Roniel Raudes and call it a Deadline
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    At home, caught the last couple innings and then scared my then 1 y/o daughter with all my screaming and cheering. I also have to agree with hawk, wise’s catch might have been the best one I’ve ever seen given the circumstances. I had forgot how it popped out of his glove and he juuuuuust was able to barehand it. Freaking awesome all the way around. MB will forever be the man
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    I was sitting in the parking lot of Elmhurst College running very late to a meeting with an admission officer. I wasn't going to leave my car until it was over. To make things worse, the admissions consultant was a Cubs fan...
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    Cordell 3 run shot first AB
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    Watching in the library with an mlb.tv account given to me by a soxtalk poster (whoever you were, thank you!)
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    I was driving home from a Blockbuster (which says a lot) in the fifth and then just had a feeling when they said Buehrle retired everyone so far.
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    For what its worth the Sun-Times spoke with Ozzie about some things, its in Monday's paper. Ozzie talked about how today's players don't seem to value defense and had honest opinions about both Anderson and Moncada. Ozzie didn't pull any punches (but then he usually doesn't)
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    To our benefit, Soria has certainly pitched well enough to be dealt by the trade deadline. We almost certainly are not getting anybody in an organization's top 10 prospects, but we still should be able to land a decent prospect. I would think that asking for one or two of a team's #15-30 range prospects would not be crazy
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    No doubt. Hopefully, as he gets out and experiences the world more he will come to understand that people are people and not to hate them based on these. If not, hopefully he'll at least not to be dumb enough to put it on social media.
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    Honestly, this post kind of makes me hate baseball.
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