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    On August 1st we had a thread that asked "Is This Rock Bottom ? " On August 19th a thread told us "Michael Kopech called up . " Now 4 of our 5 starting pitchers are all key pieces to the rebuild . Can we honestly keep rooting for losses when these guys pitch ? We can't think we can get good pitching and lose enough to continue tanking can we ? Now next year Eloy will be here full time along with some young bullpen arms. Yes the position players are all still pretty much disasters Maybe Abreu , Anderson and Moncada will be here still . In Abreu's case who knows ? Right now we are a team full of DH's and utility players and guys on the cusp of being non tendered or jettisoned in some other fashion. So what's the plan moving forward this off season ? CF looks bleak in free agency and there's not much there for 3rd base either our 2 weakest positions. Machado is presumably a SS . He and Harper don't seem likely but there are still plenty of talented players out there. I think the key might be who is going to get a qualifying offer among the remaining free agents. Until the new CBA it's possible the owners keep the contracts offered to aging players low. If there is a lack of QO's then perhaps the Sox take a bigger plunge into free agency then we might otherwise think. The off season should be very very interesting. Is it worth it to try to give out smaller contracts to guys who can bridge the gap for another year or continue to search for diamonds in the rough? That didn't work out real well this season and I don't expect much help from anyone on Charlotte outside of relief pitchers, With so many holes offensively and defensively even good luck with trades or FA probably doesn't mean the playoffs next year. But with so many holes some have to be plugged right ? It's all not just going to happen overnight and relying on the 2020 free agent class could be a disaster if the Sox strike out there.
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    Two hours until first pitch. I wanna hear Hahn tap dance around Jimenez questions.
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    I love the Hawk and he will be badly missed. Sorely missed imo. If I have to listen to the snarky smart ass bennenti anymore I’ll puke. Him and stone together are awful …- hawk will ways be the best and no ones comes close,
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    I sincerely hope that Rick Hahn will announce that Eloy will be brought up tomorrow . If Eloy proves to be an All Star and likes the Sox, they will have every opportunity to sign him long term. If not then they can trade him like the Sox traded away Sale and Quintana at the pinnacle of their careers. The idea that the Sox should take advantage of the rules to hold Eloy and make force him wait another year for FA is a joke. Take the high road instead. Treat the guy like a champ and he will be here as long as the Sox want him and can afford his Contract. If the Sox want another championship in the foreseeable future they are going to have to sign a few All-Star level players to big money deals. That is just the reality of baseball. Look at the FA that teams like the Cubs, Yankees and Boston have signed over the last few years. If the idea is to try to win with a team that doesn't carry several big player contracts, forget about it. That's probably not going to happen anymore.
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    He could have not said anything about the Cubs.
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    Talk about "boning up on knowledge", that's not even what slander is.
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    Besides Anderson, is anyone else in the MLB going to finish with 20 HR, 30 doubles and 30 SB?
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    Pitching staff has a shot at being really solid from the start next year. Should have a shot at .500 next year, if healthy (always the caveat).
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    Geez some of you guys would rather talk about your dislike for Hawk on Hawk appreciation Day . Don't any of you have a mute button for yourselves. I'm great with criticism of Hawk any other time . A little silence on the subject wont kill you for a few hours. Maybe the actual good game the Sox are playing might interest you.
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    I have actually been thinking about this. The Kopech buzz has some of the baseball world talking. Bringing Eloy up would also help with that.
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    Then we get the period of him hitting .200 out of the way this fall and he comes out next spring and eats 3 pitchers for lunch.
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    Have you seen his projections? Steamer thinks he's a 130 wRC+ hitter. He doesn't need more AAA reps, he's ready.
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    With barely 200+ plate appearances in Charlotte I can understand the reluctance in calling him up.
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    Just a bad look for a franchise that doesn't need one.
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    I feel this way but also I don't see why his agents are to blame, they are acting in his best interests right now. I get where both sides are coming from, but I think it's clearly an exploitative strategy on sox part, which isn't to say it isn't by the rules, so it's hard for me to be pumped about them pursuing it.
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    So fucking stupid to worry about shit 7 fucking years from now. You discount ANYTHING 7 years in the future heavily in ANY plans you make. Christ. You'd think a smart guy like Hahn would know more about long term predictions and how futile it is to plan that far out. That said, this has JR's fingers all over it IMO.
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    Black = African American. Eloy is from the Dominican Republic. He isn't "black."
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    I would change that to both parties are doing what they CAN do not what they should do. I think everyone knows that the Sox should call him up based on player development and what he deserves. They can keep him down by the rules and they will.
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    The Sox do have blame. They are purposely limiting his income for the sole reason of limiting his income. Just because you agree with this practice doesn't mean it's right. It is solely to benefit the monetary position of the team. Thy should file a grievance. They will lose but they should still file it.
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    My expectation for this off season is that they at the very least sign Grandal, going from #92/105 in Castillo & Narvaez to #3 in pitch framing would be a huge impact on our young staff. Outside of that, yes I want them to go hard after Machado but if he doesn't want to come here so be it. Spend as little of money as possible getting someone like Pomeranz or even reupping with Shields to hold the 5th spot in the rotation till Cease or Dunning is ready early-mid season.
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