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    Boy its going to be awkward when they demote him for two weeks after ST.
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    Jimenez stats in his 155 games in the Sox organization: Winston-Salem, 29 games Birmingham, 71 games Charlotte, 55 games PA-651 AB-594 R-95 H-202 2B-44 3B-4 HR-33 RBI-108 BB-49 K-106 AVG-.340 OBP-.390 SLG-.594 Fun fact--he's only been hit by a pitch 3 times in those 155 games.
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    If he meets with the writers before the game, I'm sure the NBCSC pregame will have video. The regular beat writers haven't mentioned when Hahn will talk. My understanding was it was going to be before today's game, but maybe it got pushed back until after in the conference room.
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    Two hours until first pitch. I wanna hear Hahn tap dance around Jimenez questions.
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    Hey I admitted I wasn't sure. And its still a bad idea grasshopper, because for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 1) While you showcase Eloy he may not do well in a short sample size. 2) You give more ammo to his agents . 3) If Eloy isn't upset now and understands everything surely the move you proposed further risks upsetting him. I'd rather he be focused on baseball when he is called up. 4) So you want to showcase Eloy but you are also showcasing how unfairly the front office treats our players to the superstars free agents looking for a team . Great plan. It's you who don't get it man .
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    OMG, Hawk said the Sox are going to kick the Cubs ass to a bunch of White Sox fans. What an asshole. The correct thing would be maybe the people complaining he said this could have said nothing.
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    I sincerely hope that Rick Hahn will announce that Eloy will be brought up tomorrow . If Eloy proves to be an All Star and likes the Sox, they will have every opportunity to sign him long term. If not then they can trade him like the Sox traded away Sale and Quintana at the pinnacle of their careers. The idea that the Sox should take advantage of the rules to hold Eloy and make force him wait another year for FA is a joke. Take the high road instead. Treat the guy like a champ and he will be here as long as the Sox want him and can afford his Contract. If the Sox want another championship in the foreseeable future they are going to have to sign a few All-Star level players to big money deals. That is just the reality of baseball. Look at the FA that teams like the Cubs, Yankees and Boston have signed over the last few years. If the idea is to try to win with a team that doesn't carry several big player contracts, forget about it. That's probably not going to happen anymore.
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    He could have not said anything about the Cubs.
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    You slander yourself when you propose ideas like this dude. Put the bath salts down and get some help.
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    Eloy and his agents aren't happy about possibly not being called up until mid-April next year and somehow you think they will be OK with the Sox jockeying him back and forth between Chicago and Charlotte? Seriously, you really think this is a good idea?
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    Pitching staff has a shot at being really solid from the start next year. Should have a shot at .500 next year, if healthy (always the caveat).
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    I'm so fucking ready for Hawk to be gone. And this is from a 35 year old guy who loved him for over 20 years. The world has passed Hawk by and he is a shell of himself as a broadcaster.
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    I have actually been thinking about this. The Kopech buzz has some of the baseball world talking. Bringing Eloy up would also help with that.
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    Then we get the period of him hitting .200 out of the way this fall and he comes out next spring and eats 3 pitchers for lunch.
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    I don't think it's in their long term interests to piss him off, on and off the field. I've said numerous times that an event (any event) happening 7 years from the present should be heavily discounted in any current decision making process. There's too much that can happen -- injury, trades, CBA changes, etc, to plan for. The Sox, imo, are using rigid, outdated thinking.
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    Have you seen his projections? Steamer thinks he's a 130 wRC+ hitter. He doesn't need more AAA reps, he's ready.
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    With barely 200+ plate appearances in Charlotte I can understand the reluctance in calling him up.
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    I mentioned this the other day, but it's true...years ago, if you saw a 21-yr-old prospect killing it at AAA, you'd be happy, but you'd say, "That guy is going to be awesome next year when he gets called up". You wouldn't necessarily be demanding his call up for your entertainment for a month. So part of the problem is just social media and being exposed to his daily performance. And yes, the White Sox themselves add to that hype, but they're not doing anything that bad here.
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    Just a bad look for a franchise that doesn't need one.
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    I feel this way but also I don't see why his agents are to blame, they are acting in his best interests right now. I get where both sides are coming from, but I think it's clearly an exploitative strategy on sox part, which isn't to say it isn't by the rules, so it's hard for me to be pumped about them pursuing it.
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    this is bullshit. Leave it to the Sox to piss off the cornerstone of their rebuild. Unreal. Penny smart and pound foolish.
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    I would change that to both parties are doing what they CAN do not what they should do. I think everyone knows that the Sox should call him up based on player development and what he deserves. They can keep him down by the rules and they will.
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