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    I love voter shaming. If you don't like our garbage candidates then you are entitled. Not, maybe we should give people something to vote for. I mean it's worked so well over the past 8 years.
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    He isn't good at teaching. He's good at b****ing. He did it with Wade, calling out his teammates. He's a great player, but the Bulls weren't going to win anything with him. Minnesota isn't going to win anything with him, and most likely his next team won't win anything with him. At this point in his career, there is nothing to suggest he makes his teammates better.
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    You don't know that for sure about what anyone was willing to trade. It's all conjecture on your part unless you have knowledge the rest of don't which you are willing to share. I explained what Hahn could have been thinking in my post. If you want to keep repeating yourself on that front we will just have to disagree and leave it at that. What I'm really getting from you is you want Eloy to be surrounded by a bunch of stiffs thus lessening his chances to fulfill his potential and hoping for a top 5 pick again not for this coming draft but maybe the one after that also. You don't want any veterans signed . You don't believe the Sox will sign a big name FA. You want to wait for our pitching prospects already here to prove themselves. You want to wait for the hitters and pitchers in the minors to come up. You want the Sox to prove they haven't made as many mistakes in the draft as it looks like they have at the moment. You want an extremely cheap payroll and hope Palka and Delmonico can play OF when they are really just a AAAA player and a DH at the expense of the highest upside hitter we have in Avi. If I got any of this wrong I'm sure you will tell me. And if the Sox do happen to sign Machado or Harper after that we scramble to change everything you now think.
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    Wouldn't this mean a little more if Giolito actually had an ERA below 6.00? What's next, Adam Engel speaking about the impact Todd Steverson has had on his offensive game?
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    I can see it now. Manny Machado signs with White Sox , gets head examined after saying I really miss all those losing years I had in Baltimore and I'd like to relive them.
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    Never forget Matt LaPorta.
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    Between Delmonico, Engel, Palka, Cordell, Tilson (who I bet doesn't survive the winter), and even Rondon, there are plenty of guys to cover the outfield before and after Eloy's arrival. May as well give those guys more opporunities than running Avi out there for no reason other than refusing to move on from a sunk cost.
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    Again, Avi is a free agent after 2019. Unless you are advocating for a contract extension, he will be gone this time next year. I full contend he has near zero trade value, so he isn't going to help us that way either. Finally when you are coming off of 2018 of 100 losses, and looking at another 85 to 90 loss season as we buy time for our prospects, it isn't about who sucks less. It is about who will be here on the next playoff team. That is literally the only thing that matters when it comes to who plays.
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    If they had something better to occupy RF for the MLB team, I'd non-tender him too. Part of me wants to see him gone, part of me wants to see him stay because there is nothing better anywhere close to MLB. Avi was the definition of a replacement level player so if they want to move on and replace him with someone like McCutchen on a 2 year deal or something, I wouldn't complain. If the question is Avi at 8M or McCutchen at 12M, give me McCutchen. I really think the Sox are going to try to stopgap some areas with vets whether they get Machado or not. It wouldn't shock me at all if Pollock was signed to a 3 year deal, McCutchen to a 2 year deal and Grandal to a 4 year deal. If they get Machado, so be it. If they don't get Machado, and they're going the stopgap route, it wouldn't shock me if they gave Donaldson a 2-3 year deal either. They're going to spend this offseason, probably on both pitching and hitting. It wouldn't shock me if they targeted some young underperforming prospects or young pitchers like Jeff Hoffman to grab as well. They're going to be busy this offseason. It's going to look a lot like 2015.
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    .....we could do a stimulus at the federal level where the federal government spends money....
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    They were 49 - 27 against the ALC and 42 - 44 against the rest of the league.
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    I'd rather the front office save money instead of paying Avi. Go for the gold and try to get Machado. That is 8 mil more you can pay him next year. Trade or nontender Abreu and you get an additional 16mil to pay him.
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    It's never that simple. He hit .330. 3 freaking 30 . We all slough it off like it was nothing. Oh he'll go right back to where he was . He got lucky. Does anyone think Delmonico will ever hit .330 ? Cordell, Tilson ? When you talk about upside we have to see some evidence of it. Who do the Sox have that destroyed minor league pitching or has the upside of a JD Martinez. Avi and pretty much Avi alone. Maybe Hahn wouldn't settle for what was offered. Maybe Hahn thought if he can just put together back to back years like that they will really have something or we can really trade him for something. I don't care how lucky you are, it takes tremendous talent to hit .330. Did Avi suck in 2018 ? Yup he sure did but he was injured, often. But when you look at his AB's he definitely showed more power than he ever has in fewer AB's. Is it possible he puts together a few years with both high average and good power ? If the answer to that is yes then it's obvious you keep him. Will he ever be as good as we all hope ? Probably not. But there's not a lot holding the Sox back from finding out. , Cordell , Tilson Delmonico? Please ,they all are almost as old as Avi and wish they had his talent. With some bad drafts the Sox cannot afford to non tender the highest upside talent they have for a measly $8M especially when they aren't paying anybody. I am making this strong statement not because I believe in him 100% but because it's just baseball logic to me. Anyone who thinks or purely just desires him to be non tendered just hasn't thought it through . I am not afraid of being called out later if he is non tendered, There's a chance he is but maybe a higher chance Hahn settles for whatever is offered this time or they give him yet another chance. I know what I would do. I'd talk to JD Martinez and see what his winter plans are and hope he has a few weeks to spare and send Avi over to talk about hitting with him.
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    Right, and 24 teams passed on Trout, etc.
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    If a Boras player was the clear best option at #3 I would totally draft one again. If Rodon had actually turned into an Ace, we wouldn't care at all that his agent was Boras right now, having to sign him for extra money didn't hurt the White Sox's ability to target other guys, and Hell, in little Ricky's brilliant maneuvering they gave up their #2 and #3 draft picks that year for the amazing rewards of Robertson and Cabrera. Even though we're terrible, if Rodon was actually a strong pitcher he'd be readily tradeable right now.
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    There were only two .900+ OPS SS in baseball this year, and one plays in Denver. The other is Machado. There are a lot of guys who can play SS defensively that can be taken off the scrap heap. Hechavarria, Rondon, were both guys you could have gotten this year for nothing. Teams aren't drowning in .900 OPS guys. There is value to all of them, regardless of position. Eleven. That's it. There were 11 .900 OPS guys in all of MLB this season. If you can get one, or a guy you think can be one, take him. His position doesn't matter. You take that bat and fit it in. How much less valuable was JD Martinez to Boston this season due to his defense? None. Was Mookie more valuable, yeah probably, but you take either one without hesitation.
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    This is a false assumption on both counts.
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    The Sox have a majorly bandwagon fan base. The fans will be back when the team wins.
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    Machado, and it's not really that difficult of a decision. 1) He plays 3B, the one position the White Sox appear to have no answer for in this rebuild thus far. 2) He's produced like a franchise caliber middle of the order bat this year and most of the years of his career. 3) Harper is going to make more, and IMO carries more risk. He's had an awful 2018, he's produced more than 5 WAR in a season exactly once, and I feel like he's getting the attention he is on name recognition. I'd rather sign the 5-6 WAR bat to a 10 year, $350 million deal than the 4-5 WAR bat to a 10 year, $400+ million deal just because the latter is a lefty power hitter with name recognition.
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