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    Sorry to break it, your opinion of Chicago QBs do not represent all Bears fans.
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    What country are you guys talking about? That element has always existed in this country and we've never managed to be rid of them. We don't like to think about it because it clashes with how we like to see ourselves as a society but it's all over history.
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    Sale closes out the 9th to clinch the Series for the Sawx...he deserved to showcase his stuff on the biggest stage, and luckily he did, just not for the team it should've been. Things ended poorly here for him, but still I can't help but feel good for him winning the WS. Bring on the off-season!
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    If they can somewhat contain Gurley, they have a chance. Goff’s really good but that offense was silenced in the first half today thanks to GB essentially shutting down Gurley. I think that game being outdoors on the shitty grass in likely shitty weather will help the Bears, too. The Rams only beat Denver by 3 and that was a game with a wind chill of 25. Win, no, but I also doubt they get crushed. One more thing about the Rams- their secondary blows. Trubisky’s athleticism will need to be evident getting away from Donald, Suh and Brockers, but if he can, I think they can score a few TD’s.
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    Because I personally don't believe either Harper or Machado has even the slightest interest in the White Sox unless...unless the Sox offer is significantly and highly over the top compared to other club offers. Teams that can actually win now (not potentially in two-three years), have large scale marketing opportunities for said player (the Sox are so far off the board in Chicago they basically don't even register) and present an environment that is stable in the relative long term (say the next three to five years. With the age of JR, should new ownership come into play, who knows what could happen to the franchise) those are the teams I think they will listen to. Yea JR understands but it's not up to him. It takes two to make a deal and I just don't think those guys basically care a tinker's cuss (ya like that phrase? LOL) right now about the White Sox.
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    Your opening post literally is an argument to move Moncada to CF to start getting ready for Madrigal's arrival.
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    most likely the nationals, not buying the joking bs.
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    I love it. Now we need a Vikes loss to make it a real good day..
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    Montgomery with one of the dumbest decisions you will see on a football field.
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    This is exactly what I expect the White Sox to do, and I do expect the White Sox to race him up to the big leagues by 2020 and then be baffled about why he's hitting a punchless .250 and has to be dropped to the back of their order and then we start talking about how we have to replace him with a free agent in order to compete, because that's what the White Sox have trained me to expect them to do.
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    Or...don’t make judgments without the proper information in the first place? No one was asking you your opinion of Trubisky after 8 games, but you decided to go all Skip Bayless on the board, for months. It’s great to make educated assessments with data. But next time, wait to the data actually comes in. No one is going to mind.
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    I can't ignore the injuries though. Out of the top 10 guys on the Futuresox list coming into this year, 5 of them missed substantial time or the whole season, and some are out next year, then Eloy missed some time and Hansen struggled on top of that. I don't think that we can just assume that has to be a fluke...and the organization absolutley should not be. If an injury rate like that happens next year, we won't have a system left.
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    The only hangup I have with Moncada moving to the OF is how well will his legs hold up?
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    Sox Machine loves pushing the "sky is falling" narrative...they seemingly complain about every little thing that occurs with the Sox. I get being objective and critical because everything isn't always puppies and rainbows (and I appreciate that sentiment when discussing the team with anyone for that matter), but to me it seems that they're skeptical of every move the Sox make/don't make because it's the Sox that made it.
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    As I stated; "If a player's character is not important to you, I respect that." My question regards what defense one might offer, for his behavior. There are issues here, which go beyond his being a "dirty player". There is the lack of hustle, and whatever one might call things such as standing at home plate, celebrating a home run, which turns out to bounce off the wall. Please explain to me why these antics do not reflect poor character. This kind of behavior sets a very bad example for teammates, especially younger players. Do we really want Machado to be a role model for guys like Moncada and Jimenez? I can only imagine what negative effect becoming an extraordinarily wealthy man might have on such a person. If we think he's a jerk now, wait til he becomes the highest paid player, in the history of sports. This seems to me, like an equation for disaster.
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    Smith was a good soldier. He did his job when called upon and did it well. I wish him the best. Will always remember the HR he hit wearing the special jersey's with Daniel Webbs name on it. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/white-sox/kevan-smith-honors-daniel-webb-style-players-weekend-home-run
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    Robert is made of glass and at the rate he's going he's 3 years away if he makes it at all. Expecting Madrigal that soon is also unrealistic. Long way to go for both. When each of them has a successful AA season maybe then you can guess a year or 2 from that point.
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    Yep. It’s the smarter play, even before learning Machado was a douche. Signing Harper allows us to use our outfield depth to acquire other assets.
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    Folks I'll say it. This postseason has shown we do not want Machado. Let somebody else deal with his alleged unsportsmanlike play, spiking people and taking out infielders as well as his loafing. Why do we want the guy when we already have a SS (Tim) and second baseman (Moncada) and 3B (Madrigal) for the future. I'd throw the checkbook at Bryce Harper and inform him the Cell is a hitters park. Just say no to Manny. Harper? Why not? Outbid the Cubs, Phils and Nats.
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    I know I am going to be "that guy" but I do think the media is part of the issue in regards to the amount of mass shootings. There is a lot of hate in the media and they also love to show the suspect and kind of prop them up. A lot of these assholes want to become famous and they see one mass shooter getting all this attention and they want to do the same. I wish the media would stop showing the face of the shooter, it doesn't help anything.
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    After last night, hes a hard pass. Getting overworked in the postseason is a major precursor to regression and injury.
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    Not unless every one of those guys breaks out and a lot of other things go right. Go look at that 2020 roster - if Kopech is a 4th or 5th starter and Cease is a rookie, you need Giolito and Lopez to be the caliber of #1 and #2 top of the rotation starters or your rotation is weak. Your bullpen is weak because it's so young, at best it's inconsistent. Your offense is ok, maybe even good, but certainly not great. You need the bullpen to develop rapidly, the rotation to develop rapidly, and some real breakouts out of Moncada and the catchers before you can even talk about being on the page with the big guys. We are not in the era where an 84 win team is a competitive roster any more. Go look at these Red Sox, Astros, Dodgers. These are incredible teams. You aren't competitive with them until your team is "incredible".
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    There should be three goals this offseason IMO: Pursue the whale free agents (Machado & Harper) and try to land one Add veterans on short-term deals (2 years or less) to fill major holes Continue to add talent to the system by flipping non-essential pieces I feel very strongly that we need to start adding some veterans and begin developing a winning culture to aid the development of our young players. I’m probably in the minority here, but I believe that constant losing can cause guys to press and not make the adjustments needed for long-term success. Additionally, I think it’s important to make young guys earn their spots and not just hand full-time roles to them. As such, I’m all for adding some veterans if the terms make sense. Right now, I think we need to add two starters, one RH reliever, a 3B, and probably an OF. I’m simply not feeling the internal options we have at those spots and would prefer to give those jobs to capable veterans that will take some pressure off the kids and serve as bridges to the next wave of prospects. Again, the key is these have to be short-term deals. If so, I’m all for spending some money now.
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    I’m not even sure Jared Kushner or his sons being attacked would be enough to change his mind at this point. The Koch Brothers are the equivalent of Soros...I bet they’ve never worried a day in their lives about being attacked or targeted. Whenever they spend money, it’s about free political speech and liberty, whereas Soros and his Jewish cabal is funding hordes of locust-like invaders.
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    Ok, you started in 1983 so I did the math starting in 1983. In 1983 there were 4 teams in the playoffs, in 1994 there were 0, in 1995 that ballooned to 8, and it went to 10 in 2012. Since 1983, therefore, there have been 250 playoff spots available. I totaled up the number of teams that played in each season - counting the 2 expansions to figure out, on average, how many years would each franchise go between a playoff appearance if everything was random. On average, right now there are 10 spots and 30 teams, so if everything was random right now each team would make the playoffs 1x every 3 years. Pushing that back in time, I find that over the time period starting in 1983, average performance overall would be just under 1 in 4. The average franchise playing over that full time period would have 8.789 playoff appearances in the stretch from 1983 to 2018.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So an average team would have Nine playoff appearances in the last 35 seasons. The White Sox have 9 playoff appearances.......IN THE HISTORY OF THE FRANCHISE. They have the worst playoff appearance percentage in baseball since the beginning of baseball. This is why attendance is low. This is why there is no national recognition of this franchise. This is why it is the second baseball team in Chicago and likely now the least relevant professional franchise in town. This franchise was failure before Reinsdorf et. al. purchased it and it hasn't changed much since he did.
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