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    Huge win! Mitch had one awful pick and I don’t even know what happened that other pick. It looked like illegal contact since Robinson was getting held back by dB...that said ball was nowhere to be seen. Not a great week for Robinson. I saw shaheen was evaluated for concussion? Is he made of glass? Hopefully he’s okay cause I want him on the field making plays for Mitch and the boys!!! Lets keep it rolling Thursday against the Lions. Going to be a dogfight...Lions have their top dB back and coming off a big win. You know Lions are going to come out flying. Bears are going to have to play a great game next week!
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    Man 8-3 would look so nice but I'm not getting my hopes up
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    This was a huge, huge huge win.
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    Punch adversity in the fucking face! I love it.
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    The last time a Redskins QB broke his leg on November 18, the Bears won the Super Bowl. Just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    No one would ban bet Ron. Ron would just back out first.
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    https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/2019-white-sox-top-mlb-prospects-podcast/ This is the podcast related to the White Sox top 10. Really good stuff here.
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    Oh no what will we do, Houston got *squints at notes*......Diaz. Rebuild is over now
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    This seems a bit overly dramatic to me. There is cause for concern with Collins, but there is also cause to believe he can be an impactful player. Guys with that discipline and power don't grow on trees. He may benefit from better umpires (don't tell Moncada...) and he may also benefit from time. He will almost certainly also benefit from playing half his games in Charlotte instead of Birmingham. Collins showed what he can be at the high end for a stretch last season, if he can tap into that with more regularity, he could really be a special player.
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    Collins is ranked the 67th best prospect in baseball as a 1B by Fangraphs. They certainly believe his offensive game will provide enough value to be a major league 1B despite a lackluster hit tool. I really think you’re underestimating just how elite his batter’s eye is and how real his power is. And don’t ignore the fact that minor league catchers spend so much time on the defensive side of things that their bats can often lag behind a bit.
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    I really really hope that the front office uses enough restraint to not go balls out this offseason to try and speed up contention. As agonizing as losing is, 2019 should be another rebuilding season as we try to usher more of our prospects to the mlb level by end of the season. The goal should be to build sustained success, and I realize that some additions must happen this offseason to help supplement our home grown talent. Sensible additions this offseason, combined with further player development at both the major and minor league level should provide us with a solid idea of shopping needs next offseason.
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