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    Oh man if they sign Corbin then they are DEFINITELY signing manny.
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    Why exactly does this mean Machado to Yankees again? Did you all expect that the Yankees would...not try to improve?
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    Not trying to crap on your thread/exercise idea, but: Without Harper/Machado, there is no $150m payroll 2019 plan that makes sense. Even with one of the big two, we’re still rebuilding. No combination of free agents and trades can make a $150m team that’s any better than the one that failed us hard enough that it caused a rebuild a couple years ago. Yes, you can envision a dream scenario where every player takes a step or two forward and no one gets injured and the club decided to get four premium free agents, but the likelihood of that happening is akin to playing the lottery, except the cost of the losing lottery ticket is five years of shitty baseball instead of two bucks.
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    He referenced me to google when I asked him where he was getting those numbers from.
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    My cousin is a retired cop with inside info, The cop shot here has died.
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    Valentine out for year. People can try to isolate every injury if they want, but looking at the last decade I have a hard time believing the bulls have an effective training staff.
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    Guys really still trying to suggest all-in 2019 moves for the 63 win White Sox
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    Why would anyone want to trade for 1 year of Paul Goldschmidt?
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    Whenever I get the idea of Grienke, I unfortunately come to the conclusion that the Sox are likely on his "no trade" list.
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    Houston's version of Yolmer, Marwin Gonzalez, is a free agent to be. They have an actual need for a bench infielder for 2019. The Sox don't with Yolmer and Rondon on the roster, and both have more upside remaining. Houston and the Sox are playing different games in the offseason because they are working from different hands.
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    Who is available via "Big trade" right now? Also, I read "Big trade" as having to part with one or two of: Madrigal/Cease/Robert, which I am not necessarily comfortable with at this point. I'd be ok dealing from the Adolfo/Dunning/Rutherford/Gonzalez tier
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    They won’t take a 4 to 5 year deal. And they could become a burden at some point, but at 10 years you’d be getting their age 26 to 35 seasons. I think both guys can realistically be expected to remain productive through their early 30’s, so hopefully you’re only looking at couple bad years and that’s only if they don’t exercise their opt-out. We can’t be afraid to take some calculated risks if we ever want to win a championship again.
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    7-3. 1.5 game lead. 2-1 Division record. Take care of business against the Lions and let the Vikes/Pack beat the snot outta each other sunday night for 2nd place. LFG!
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    Marwin and DIaz f War were exactly the same with Marwin having 100 extra PA. They traded for a super utility replacement without having to deal with Boras ridiculous prices. I get why they made the move though Thorton to me is an overpay Problem for us is we have gaping holes on roster. We don't need a utility guy we need starters.
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    When we find Hahn, we will ask him
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    Yea, Diaz’s 2018 1.6 WAR > Sanchez’s 2018 2.6 WAR.
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    Oh no what will we do, Houston got *squints at notes*......Diaz. Rebuild is over now
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    Where the Sox are in the rebuild, it seems to me that signing Machado or Harper as a building block makes sense, but older guys like Happ or even Corbin seem like mistakes. There's a lot of downside on older pitchers and unless the Sox are somehow going for it this year, the upside would come in non-competitive years.
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    The default position on anything Mariners related should be: they fucked it up.
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    I think the alternate plan is don’t do anything, or at least nothing significant. Maybe there’s some miracle trade out there we could pull off, but the last thing I want to see this team do is sign a bunch of middle of the road aging vets to try and chase a wild card spot. We’re this far into the rebuild already, might as well keep doing it the right way.
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