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    Right, which is why we can all post different opinions and viewpoints, father.
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    His defense hasn't had any effect on my thinking. You aren't paying for his defense. You are paying for the bat. You are paying for the power and the on base skills. You are paying for a change in philosophy. You are paying for a splash. You are paying for dingers. You are paying for the marketing. And to me, that is fine.
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    Wanted to send thanks to Tim Anderson for being so active in our community and even owns a place not too far from our ballyard. Tim is our Sox best citizen.
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    Funny. But “Anderson to Catcher” should replace “Soxtalk.com” on the banner.
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    Move Anderson to C? No let's move Harper back to Catcher. Fool proof plan folks
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    Cruz had a wRC+ of 134 last year, good for 19th amongst qualified hitters. You are ignoring park factors and the fact that his peripherals suggest he didn’t really fall off that much last year. But I know Balta, everything with you is linear and whatever happened the year before is predictive of the next. Let’s just ignore his massive BABIP drop and assume he’ll continue to decline so much that he’ll somehow be worse than Palka next year. While anything is possible, the odds are high that Cruz is a significantly better hitter than Palka next year. Steamer has his wRC+ projected to be 34 points higher. I can totally understand the argument against adding Cruz, but trying to rationalize it based on production is bat shit crazy. And for the millionth god damn time, $10M to any free agent will have zero impact on our ability to land Machado.
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    Legality aside, Herb Lawrence is a dick
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    Defensive splits aren't exactly convincing numbers or something we should trust, even if they were something we want to think is positive. Palka is a solid DH right now and there's a good chance he could hit comparably to Cruz next year. Cruz put up only a .850 OPS last year, no matter how many home runs he hit that's down 75 points from where he was the previous year, a similar dropoff next year would put him below Palka's 2018. Take the money given to him, put an extra $10 million in the Machado offer, and put players where they belong.
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    Signing Nelson Cruz would be the exception. I can't quite remember, but didn't someone provide stats later in the season showing that Palka had actually improved over the course of the season defensively? If the Sox could find a cheap, right-handed, at least average defender (not Engel please) to platoon with him in RF, I'd be fine rolling with that in RF.
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    It puts us more in a win now mode and adds a player that is good friends with Machado and a feeat clubhouse presence
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    I wouldn't be opposed to it if that was the case, though I can't imagine that signing 38 year old Nelson Cruz would sway their decision to sign here or not.
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    The White Sox could have done worse. They could have held onto Kahnle.
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    Does Heads know he’s suspended if his school loses to Illinois? Is he around at all?
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    Easily the best moment from the Ian Clarkin era: https://mobile.twitter.com/jon_greenberg/status/1064992238521016331?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
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    Two different women (at least) were fabricating their stories about Kavanaugh. Judy Munro-Leigthton was referred to the FBI for her fabrications of getting raped in a car by Kavanaugh. She has since retracted. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/kavanaugh-accuser-admits-she-fabricated-allegations/ Julie Swetnick said that Kavanugh partook in gang raping and that was normal at Yale. She hasn't admitted she lied but none of her classmates corroborate her story and plenty deny it. Dershowitz recommended criminal charges https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/26/us/politics/julie-swetnick-avenatti-kavenaugh.html?module=inline https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/alan-dershowitz-if-julie-swetnick-lied-she-should-be-tried-for-perjury-and-sent-to-prison
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    Good trade for both teams I think. Overall, it's a fair deal -- I would have liked a little more if I was SEA, but can't argue with netting Sheffield from a very injury prone SP (perhaps the most injury prone SP in baseball right now). I'm happy the Sox didn't get Paxton as he doesn't fit our time table.
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    Being true would require a greater burden of proof than just having merit. Your numbers are very specific. If you can state such specific numbers, you'd surely have a source. Otherwise you're just BSing. Saying that "a million stories came out when the Kavanaugh stuff was going on" is not helping your claim. Especially since even in the specific case against Kavanaugh, several of the accusers were unequivocally proven to be flat out lying.
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    He referenced me to google when I asked him where he was getting those numbers from.
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    Pretty sure you just pulled this out of your ass. Not sure what stats are publicly available on this, but in terms of the federal government, only about 30% of EEO allegations are found to have merit. I would assume that it is likely pretty close to the same in the private sector.
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    KW is lurking with the Adam Jones/Nelson Cruz moves...it's 2007-2011 all over again, haha.
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    Fangraphs always post links to job postings from every club and scouting/analytics service on their site because their readers are usually the type of people who are qualified/interested in these kind of jobs. Delete your account
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    "Question 1: how do you feel about Jose Abreu?" Ron: "......I'll show myself out."
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