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    Read that Yankees might want to unload Stantons contract $26.5/yr avg value for next 10 yrs. with a couple of opt outs (don't quote me on specifics) in order to add Harper and/or Muchado. If not just a wild rumor, I'd sooner take Stanton over either Harper or Muchado, and...for considerably less money (assuming Stanton doesn't veto). Not sure what our side of trade would look like but, given Starlin Castro was the main piece the Yankees sent the Marlins, I'm guessing a package of Moncada plus a couple of minor league assets might at least start the conversation.
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    the 49ers using those picks stupidly doesn't necessarily make the deal better from Pace's end
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    I heard Theo Epstein was very interested in him as well before finding out he doesn't play baseball
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    Just to be clear, you’re proposing we trade Yoan Moncada plus other minor leaguers for a 29 year old Giancarlo Stanton who will be paid $26M the next two seasons, followed by an opt-out, and then a guaranteed $218M over seven years ($31M AAV) instead of strictly using our significant financial flexibility to buy a 26 year old star?
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    True, but if Trubisky and the Bears keep playing like they are, I won't care at all about what we gave up to acquire him
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    Agreed. 2 year deal is fair similar to the Eovaldi and Smyly deals. Each was out the first full year of the deal.
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    Thank you all for your tireless work @Future Sox !🦃
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