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    Can we start a thread to discuss the lack of success rather than filling the Harper thread with it? I am really not interested in your discussion but want to know Harper news...
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    No he didn’t. He was asked what he thought would happen with Harper and Machado. Sherman said he thinks Philly gets Machado and both guys get their money. He said it’s going to take a little longer and more grinding by agents is needed. He then said he sees whoever gives the most money gets Harper since he has been waiting for this moment since he was in HS. He specifically mentioned the Sox as a possibility. THEN was asked about Harper to the Dodgers and he said he doesn’t see it happening. He said it would take over $300 million to sign him and he doesn’t see the Dodgers interested UNLESS on a short term deal. Does think Bryce is interested in playing in LA for the star reasons and it’s close to Vegas. You should really think about stopping your nonsense posts or at least try and actually report what they said. It’s seriously becoming unbearable your sources and inside info changes as much as the wind blows enough please.
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    I keep getting emails from the white sox asking me to buy shit. I sent the white sox an email telling them I'll wait to see how Free Agency turns out. I did my part lol.
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    Oh God, somebody cover Kenny's ears
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    Love that Peavy has a burner account now too...
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    That sounds like a really great way to ensure that we end up with neither
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    The onzie MLB merch usually comes out much later than the adult merch. You cool with waiting?
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    peavy44 told us Boras has nothing to do with this. It's all Harper and all he wants is Chicago. So have faith. His facebook source is pretty, pretty, pretty good.
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    This post confirms Harper will be coming to the Sox.
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    With all of this back and forth talk I've become so crabby around the house that my wife is ready to kick me out. Get one signed, for the sake of my marriage!
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    Do we think he announces us signing Harper now or waits until SoxFest?
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    60 wins teams don’t become 90 win teams in one offseason. A step in the right direction is, well, a step in the right direction.
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    Well the longer the wait to sign them, the more obvious it becomes they are waiting on the teams they prefer to make big time offers. Harpwr may be waiting on the Dodgers to move Puig and a few others.
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    Of course that can be the case. I just dont see any benefits to leaking that then.
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    I'm a super patient guy with this team. I cannot and honestly, not to WSD the team and make ultimatums and threats of mutiny, I probably won't watch them much this year if that guy is in the outfield more than once or twice a week. I know options are minimal, work the damn trade market, find a possible low cost guy we can take a flier on (Toles in LA comes to mind).
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    Peavy44 has no sources lol he’s just saying random things
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    I have heard harper wants to go to cubs he told them make there best offer. He would take 4 year deal to go to cubs. The white sox gotta convince him to come to white sox
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    Haha these threads have done that 100 times over. Later this morning there will be a tweet indicating we might get it done and the excitement will blow up and we will be ready to throw a parade, then we will get something mentioning the big boys again and we will be ready to move the franchise to Portland.
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    Most prospects fail when they first get to the big leagues. This also isn't some new development.
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    Soxtalk: Ron, you criminally underrate Jose Abreu. Soxtalk: Engel for JBJ?
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    This is my nightmare. That's the ultimate "rich get richer" situation and it would be horrific for the league.
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    Am I missing something? Why are so many people here disrespecting JBJ? 29 year old CFer with an ops north of 700. That's a solid player.
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