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    I get that it’s annoying to see, but we can’t think that picture means a lot while also dismissing the impact of the Alonso and Machado connection. I believe it’s irrelevant; whoever pays both players the most will get them.
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    The difference between a 100 loss season and anything worth talking about is not Dallas Keuchel. It's development out of Giolito, Lopez, Rodon, and others.
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    Just ask yourself what you'd want for Eloy in any potential trade. That is what the Reds and Reds fans would want for Senzel.
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    Not really, but I bet you’d be excited.
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    It was Yonder in the study with the tablet.
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    Sounds like he wants to be a barstool type personality tbh
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    Big time false information here man. I love the team and want the Sox to get one of them. I ain't refreshing my browser every minute at work just to troll. I'm actually getting worried that I load this site up too often at work.
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    One thing Clark and others might be forgetting is that NY State income tax is 8.82% for an individual in Machado’s income bracket, plus there is a NY City income tax of 3.867%. Illinois State income tax is 4.95% and there is no Chicago City income tax. Thus, Machado would pay about $2.7M more per year in income tax playing in NY vs Chicago.
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    Free agent frenzy doesn't seem to hurt the other sports. Would it really kill baseball if no one was thinking too much about them in January during the NFL playoffs? Everyone loves trade deadline action, create some motivation to have most of your roster in place before Christmas,. Make the Winter Meetings a spectacle again, and pretty much shut it down until after the Super Bowl. No matter what, most fans and networks think a lot will happen during the Winter Meetings, and more times than not lately, they have been disappointed. It can be fixed. If the owners insist on this path, the strike they will cause could really set them back. And you know there is going to be a strike because it lines up almost perfectly with when the Sox should be good again.
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    If you're trying for a 3B from the Reds, go for India. You'd actually be able to do a prospect swap instead of what Senzel would cost
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    I really have zero interest in trading Rodon unless someone wants to act like he’s an ace. I’d probably do it for Senzel, but Reds don’t do that deal. Rodon still has the chance to be an absolute stud.
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    Yet here you are posting about the team and giving them free space in your head.
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    That's what I remember. Most Asian players do because of the flights. If they are making enough money to go home on occasion, I don't blame them.
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    How much higher would've the Sox needed to go to get him away from the west coast?
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    They are no different than any other business, they are not doing this for free,and you are correct that I chose to give them my support but I and we should expect the best product possible, which we have not received.
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    http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25658933/seattle-mariners-japanese-lefty-yusei-kikuchi-agree-four-year-deal I think Heyman was mistaken. Passan mentions no four year extension. He probably just misunderstood someone saying that when the player option is executed it’s a guaranteed 4 year contract, not an additional 4 years.
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    Today would be a good day for Manny Machado to shock the country and all the rumors and announce he is signing with the Chicago White Sox.
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    I was going to express disappointment in the Sox letting yet another player sign elsewhere. But if he seriously got 7 guaranteed years - then enjoy him Seattle!
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    Jeez man have a drink lol. If we sign a whale it's just a bonus. If not we continue with the rebuild. I'll be a Sox fan until I die. Regardless of bad coaches, players, fo, or owners.
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    We’re roughly 45 days away from spring training and there are still a ton of free agents available. Baseball’s system is definitely broken.
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    ? The Sox haven’t played a single playoff game in the last 10 years and have shown little to no accountability for that poor performance. That’s why our fanbase is “perpetually miserable”, not because of a World Series or bust mentality.
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    Attack? You call that an "attack"? Do you ever read any of your own posts?
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    Does he still throw it 40 feet above the first baseman’s head on throws to first?
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