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    Asking how someone, who went up and down the board claiming sources and trashing others for having their own, how their predictions are going really isn't an attack on their intelligence. But if you'd like it to be considered as such, I can also take these into consideration.
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    How are your predictions going?
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    Short term memory? Lucky for you the internet does not forget. A, What terrible moves have i asked the Sox to make. Advocating trading for a utility player when we already have a better utility player, but still wants to make the move because Astros have acquired him, but failed to see Astros actually needed a utility infield and Sox do not. Definition of a terrible, irrational move. B. Concerning there terrible moves and shit product Have you watched baseball during a rebuild? C. And I would not spend a dime on this team and root for another team Publicly advertises not to spend money on this team numerous times yet complains the team not spending money on players. How rational of you. And then there is this classic: D. Why am I still here Fan of the Sox? See above in bold. Every other post of yours leads of "this garbage organization", seems pretty ironic that you're fan of the said garbage organization and couldn't wait for them to move out of this city. E. Now I was able to explain all this in a civil way , unlike you. I am impressive this time around Brad, didn't know you were capable of posting in civil manner judging by the other posts.
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    Okay, this stuff is about to blow up. Please everyone remember that this is all hearsay at the moment. Someone told Chuck Naso this info who then had it tweeted out from RLR and its taking off from there. Even Chuck was asking for pics, so its definitely not confirmed. I've already seen people on twitter say they heard it from multiple places when in reality all those places probably got it from the original Chuck tweet.
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    Come on, guys... Is this what Yonder Alonso would want to see? He is supposed to be getting Manny to sign here. He will not like this bickering one bit. Poor Yonder. And poor us.
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    0 Looks like Steverson has been working with her.
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    Sure hope this isn’t the move that was promised
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    Dude's balls literally dropped. He was fantastic that half. Did what Brady and alot of QBs are praised in doing. Lead us down the field. Unfortunately we don't have a Vinatieri or gasp... Gould to seal the deal.
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    Few bad decisions cost the Bears. But im not sure how they justified keeping Parkey. Did anyone have confidence in him as a kicker?
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    Parkey just lost us Machado.
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    Offense was far too conservative in the first half.
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    Can't believe its him. Still remember meeting him and Slavko years ago and played baseball with them. Good times. And Q when was the last time you owned a poster like this? GreenSox or Lillian? Good times too.
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    Does not caring anymore count?
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    Get to Camelback mid-morning when it opens; roaming around and checking out the back fields is more interesting than the games.
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    Yeah, Gregory Pratt, sorry bud. This was not quite a wise move.
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    If you see gum on the street, don't pick it up, it's not free candy.
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    Please stay 500 feet away from Abreu, thanks Ron
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    What to expect from a second TJS. https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=187606#
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    Here was his scouting report, back in 2015, when he was with the Yankees: Scouting grades: Fastball: 60 | Slider: 65 | Changeup: 45 | Control: 45 | Overall: 50 The Yankees didn't have a first-round pick in 2014, but they may have gotten a first-round talent with their top choice (second round, 55th overall). Lindgren helped pitch Mississippi State to the College World Series as a starter in 2013, then became one of college baseball's most dominant relievers last spring. He reached Yankee Stadium 11 months after signing, though his first full pro season got put on hold when he had surgery to remove a bone spur from his elbow in June. Lindgren's stuff jumped when he started working in shorter stints. His fastball improved from 87-91 mph to 91-95, and his slider became a legitimate knockout pitch at 82-84 mph with late bite. When hitters manage to make contact against him they have difficulty keeping the ball off the ground, which is why he surrendered just two extra-base hits between college and pro ball last year. Lindgren's sinking changeup gives him a decent third pitch that he doesn't need much now that he's not a starter. His control wavers at times, but once he shows he can throw strikes consistently, he could become the Yankees' closer of the future. He was a strike out machine, in his Jr. year at Mississippi State, striking out 100 batters in 55 innings. His Minor League totals were just as good, with 48 strike outs, in just 24 innings. Two TJ surgeries and a bone spur in his left elbow, for which he had surgery, are a lot, from which to come back. However if he's healthy, he could be a useful LH bullpen arm. I'll be rooting for him.
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    Unfortunately, this is the most excitement around the franchise in at least 5 years, probably longer.
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    Nagy also screwed up by using his time out instead of a spike on 1st down.
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    Media better not say shit about Trubisky. He lead our team in that final drive.
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    My whole family lives there and I know some stuff lol Always rent a car. Everything is within a drive down there but during that time it is crowded as hell. As far as nightlife, definitely hit up Westgate in Glendale. It's literally 5 min from the Sox ST. It is fun as hell. Also, if you wanted to get away for some fun, Scottsdale has good nightlife. Tempe is amazing for...the ladies haha
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