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    It feels like I'm in an airport waiting to board a plane for vacation and the flight keeps getting delayed.
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    Danny boy getting the royal treatment here.
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    Just a reminder that pitchforks have to be in a clear plastic bag to get in, everyone.
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    We're at the point now where if we don't land either one, we deserve to be livid as fans. At least one should be falling into our lap. Signing neither is not an option for this organization.
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    This thread sucks this morning. More Machado less Tatis plz.
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    Rather than trade Madrigal prematurely, you could do what the actual good clubs do, and utilize this player with great baseball IQ around the diamond and just have 4 great players when they would have only had 3. Madrigal is great because he can accommodate you.
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    Lol...no one is picking a team based on how interesting the other teams in their league are.
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    I'm flying in from California to go to my first SoxFest. A Manny appearance/signing would make it so worth it.
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    Super glad I was wrong about Dan Clark so far. Fuck that dude.
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    Please, everyone pretend like Tatis was never in the Sox org, because he really wasn't. It is easier that way. They fucked up, shit happens. They traded a 17 YO and he blew up.
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    long time follower of the board as a guest, first time posting. excited to contribute to the board. hoping this free agency hurries the hell up and turns out well. refreshing this board every so minutes has become a real chore.
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    It is a tempting time to use Admin powers to filter "Tatis" into "He who shall not be named"
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    I agree, let’s keep non Machado stuff out of this thread. If you want to talk music or Tatis or anything else, I think another thread or PM is more appropriate. I’m rather new but that’s my two cents
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    I'm still angry that trade wasn't reversed by MLB because of the medical scandal.
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    This is just plainly false. Among qualified hitters he wouldn't have even lead (or finished last?) the major leagues in GB%. Ian Desmond, Eric Hosmer, Jon Jay(!), and Jonathan Villar all had higher ground ball rates than Madrigal did last year in the minors. If you drop the PAs to 170, which Madrigal would have qualified for he drops to 13th just ahead of Dee Gordon. Looking at the list of the highest ground ball rates is not exactly a who's who of the best hitters in baseball, but Lorenzo Cain, Juan Soto, and Christian Yelich all had 50% ground ball rates. Madrigal's 55.4% coming off a broken wrist in his first taste of pro ball isn't alarming to me.
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    Tim Anderson has the tools to be a top tier defensive SS. No one else in the Sox system can say that. He has great range and a cannon of an arm. He keeps getting better at it. I absolutely hate the idea of moving Timmy off of SS for an inferior defensive player.
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    Manny will play wherever the hell we tell him to play. It's that simple
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    Playing three guys out of position just seems crazy to me. I really don’t believe the SS issue is really even a thing.
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    When I get up in the morning to get ready for work, I stare at my phone before picking it up and plead with the baseball gods that this is it. This was gonna be the night that the Sox did it. Manny agreed to terms with the Sox and all I had to do was hit refresh from where I left off before bed and party with you guys. Every single day I am sadder than the previous day. I have faith in Hahn and company, but right now, I'm a pretty sad and pathetic excuse for a functioning member of society.
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    oh boy dan clark twitter is going to be so much heat
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    Get it done. 10 years, $300m, and Ozzie Guillen's first born son. On second thought, he can have all of them.
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