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    Media in 2018: Red Sox master negotiators in timid market, made a great deal for JD Martinez and acquired him cheap. Smart business! Media in 2019: Absolutely disgusting franchise called the Chicago White Sox, second team in the second city, make ludicrously low offer to Manny. There needs to be a strike. Yankees please make an offer so he doesn't go to such gross unmarketable team.
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    I say it's consistent with just about everything they've put out over the last two months. Both Olney & Nightengale have been drumming down the idea of the Sox spending some exorbitant (or even FMV) amount of money for Harper/Machado. Has nothing changed since then? Is is the same source providing this detail? The amount of suitors in it for Manny is alarmingly low if you're Lozano. I am just spitballing but this leak is either from Lozano with the intention of inviting teams back in as the price may not be as high as one would think. The other side is this is a Sox leak trying to paint the market for MM/Lozano to be bleak as the team supposedly leading the way has a pretty underwhelming offer. To me, it calls to question what Phili did this last week. Why weren't the Sox pressured to increase their offer as a result of Phili? Did Phili not beat our offer? Did they not extend an offer? In any case, you cannot live and die by individual media reports. They have been a roller coaster. The Sox are all about patience with this process. There has been a "guarded optimism" for a few weeks now and that hasn't changed with the media being all over the place. That doesn't concern me. What concerns me is the fact that we're not Machado's preferred high bidder. The bottom line is, the Sox know they need to convert here (whether we are speaking to Harper or MM).They are willing to spend a lot. I think they'll surprise many. At the same time, and given JR's involvement specifically, they are very much focused on not spending a dollar more than they have to. As it absolutely should be. We will see what Phili drums up and they're the linchpin in the sweepstakes, but it doesn't seem the Sox have been pushed to increase their offer into the mid-higher range of what they're willing to spend. Sox will not bid against themselves.
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    Allright, here is my no sauces take that I think many of you might like. **NO SAUCES** 7/$175 may have be an original offer, but it is definitely not what is out there now. Lozano is a businessman and Machado is one of his star clients. If he wants to keep getting big name clients, he needs to show results. Machado is close to signing a MUCH bigger deal, but much less than the 10 year $350 etc. So what can Lozano do to make sure he looks good? Let people know just how much he got people to increase offers. Lozano looks like a bad agent if he took a client worth $350 and only got him $275. But Lozano looks like a great agent if he can say "I took offers from $175 and got them up to $275." So that is my no sauces take for the day. The offers are significantly higher, but Lozano is now trying to control expectations.
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    Anyone crying about the owners or "market price" need to read this. The system is BROKEN and we shouldn't be giving owners a pass. https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2019/1/10/18176833/manny-machado-bryce-harper-free-agency-value
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    In unrelated news to break the spiraling into madness, Ian Clarkin got claimed by the Cubs. Again.
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    And then what does that call sound like? Padres: Hey Lozano, I heard the highest offer is for only $25 million per year. We'd like to enter the bidding. Lozano: Actually, another team is willing to go 8 for $250 right now. Can you beat that? Padres: No Lozano: Ok, bye.
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    Listen, the player could have a life changing meeting experience with the perfect club offering the perfect scenario including multi-generational wealth for countless lifetimes. A deal of this magnitude and complexity still takes weeks to consummate even for the most astute negotiators.
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    New to this chat but strongly feel this: Rick Hahn, Kenny Williams, and JR are not idiots, Rick and Kenny have been planning on making this move for the last 2 years or else they wouldn’t have gone through this rebuild. If a team outbids the Sox’s $175 mil offer, cool then add more to your offer which I know they will do. The Sox are sitting very pretty and a lot of that has to do with not only the offer but Alonso and Jay being on the team. The Sox are going to get a deal done because they want him badly but are not going to outbid themselves. The Yankees talk is BS and the Manny doesn’t want to go to Philly neither does Bryce but slim pickings.
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    No one gives a rat's ass about the fans. Fans have no influence in the process whatsoever.
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    Passan definitely has an important "in" with Sox front office too.
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    The White Sox offer to Manny Machado is to be an unpaid intern for 10 years and then after that he will get the league minimum.
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    You've seen what Manny looks like now. Now lets go live to Bryce Harper
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    Let me get this straight... Passan reports 8 years, Gomez reports $250M. Both are reputable and Passan is a top reporter. Everyone dismisses it. Olney, who laughed at the Sox signing either one, says 7/$175M and everyone takes it as gospel and writes think pieces about why the Sox are bad.
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    Another idiot tweeter who doesn't understand negotiations.What about the other teams that we don't even see an offer from ? If it's ludicrously low show me a better one. Whatever happened to the days when as fans we couldn't relate to these monstrously high salaries that now we call $175M "ludicously low" ?
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    The Yankees saw the proposed contracts from Lozano and didn't even extend a formal offer.
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    This is Lozano's last stand. Hold firm guys...
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    I'm sorry, but if this is the best offer out there, this is CRIMINAL, and the owners deserve a LONG work stoppage.
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    If that's true, they wouldn't still be in it.
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    To be clear: the product Frank is a spokesman for is not a "testosterone supplement" in the sense that it is not testosterone. The way these products are *supposed* to work is they stimulate one's body to produce more testosterone within its natural means. Such products typically have zero effect on testosterone, though they occasionally will have some libido-enhancing effects that make the user feel like the stuff must be working. This stuff is only harmful to your wallet and probably not helpful for anything. Of course, the manufacturer wants people to buy it on the premise that it's probably something like legal steroids. There may be a couple products in the industry that successfully increase natural testosterone production, but we're talking about a very small scale that wouldn't be remotely comparable to steroids. Selling people steroids with minimal instruction and no supporting drugs would indeed be a medical nightmare that could risk people's fertility and a lot of other problems. In summary: Big Frank isn't promoting anything that's going to physically harm anybody. There's a tiny chance it will do something helpful, but probably not. Big Frank is promoting something that is total BS and it is unseemly for someone in the Hall of Fame to be part of a company that rips people off like that. Given that the scam relies on people assuming the product is steroids or something like them, it is especially dumb of Big Frank to be promoting it given his previous anti-steroids stance and the fact that his size always made him a target of suspicion. Note: I worked in the supplement industry for several years and got well-acquainted with the ways things work and how products get developed. Most herbals are BS in general and one should be most suspicious of ones that advertise on TV.
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    The definition of insanity is how often I check this thread for something new but all I find is the exact same info from the previous day.
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