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    I have not posted much since signing up to post on this site, but I do read as many posts as possible. You have become one of my favorite posters since you joined the site. Your comments are almost exactly what a couple of scouts told me about Robert during the AFL season. I personally watched Robert play in 15 AFL games this past Fall and spoke to some scouts about him after games. In the AFL, he struck out only 13 times in 79 PA’s so there was no evidence of the β€œswing and miss” comment made by another poster. I know this is a small sample size and he did strike out at a much higher rate during the minor league season. However, the fact that he was battling through thumb injuries during the minor league season and his hand was still stiff for a fairly long time after the cast was removed, scouts told me his stiff hand hampered his swing & bat speed, in which he was beaten by fast balls and it also sapped his power. Apparently, the stiffness in his hand was finally gone when playing in the AFL as, like you said, he impressed everyone that I spoke with during the AFL. One scout said that he still needs to improve in recognizing off-speed pitches and some work on his swing so he is not yet a finished product offensively. But, as you said, he is still very young and I think the sky is the limit for this kid. I agree with you that he may have more raw talent than anyone in the our system. What I saw this Fall was a kid that can hit, hit for power (a blast of a HR in Mesa & another to CF at Camelback), tremendous speed on the bases and great range in the outfield and a very strong arm. In one game, he made a strong and perfect throw from fairly deep RF on one hop to the catcher that should have easily nailed the runner at home, but the catcher somehow missed the tag.
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    I've envisioned this in the past. Sox bring out Manny, but then Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton show up, knock out Hahn and take out the whole team. Kopech comes in and tried to make the save, but they beat him down and stomp on his surgically repaired elbow. Manny leaves with the Yankees. This Sunday at the Royal Rumble, it will be Ricky Renteria vs. Aaron Boone in a contract-on-a-pole match for the rights to Machado. When the ref gets knocked out and the Yankees fill the ring, "By Gawd, that's Bryce Harper's music!" Harper takes out the entire Yankees team. Machado enters the ring pissed off. Him and Harper stare each other down for 30 seconds. Then Manny smiles and shakes Bryce's hand. He quickly superkicks Aaron Boone and pulls the lifeless body of Ricky on top of Boone. Ricky, Machado and Harper celebrate, then rip the shirt of an unconscious Stanton and spray paint sWo on his back.
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    Gotta love Hahn spreading fake San Diego rumors to maintain the SoxFest surprise!
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    You wrestling folks are weird.
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    Remains fine as long as the White Sox are still willing to be the highest offer. They’ve been (allegedly) saying and/or acting as if they won’t raise their offer until someone beats it. This is just the inevitable offer that beat it.
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    It would definitely be more contact than a months worth of at bats...
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    The reaction at the opening ceremony to the announcement of the Kenny Lofton signing was bonkers. It was awesome. Never will forget that.
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    They also won more championships in October of 2005 than non-October months of 2005.
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    To evaluate the rumored return, you have to consider the fact that not everyone is a White Sox fan who hates every young player that has had an unsuccessful run in the majors. First-round picks who are in good health but with control problems have been the centerpiece of many a deal. And Bummer at this point shouldn't be considered a player without any value. Sox jerked him around last year just to get a non-return for Xavier Cedeno but Bummer pitched well in MLB and AAA. Lefty relievers that aren't horrible always have value and in this case he still has minor league options, which would be of interest to the Dodgers. Laz Rivera is pretty good for the third piece of a deal like this. I would like this trade for the Sox but it's not hard at all to imagine the Dodgers winning it. Pederson isn't far removed from a bust of a season and there are questions about whether he can play defensively in CF or every day as a hitter (needs platooned). Fulmer putting it together at all makes it very plausible that he alone is more valuable than Pederson over the period of time that the teams control the players. 6 years of solid relieving from Bummer could make it close as well. Rivera isn't likely to be some kind of star but also seems to have a good shot to come up and be a nice roleplayer some day.
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    Robertson backwards is Nostr...
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    Machado flew in overnight to sign a deal. He got off the plane, saw it was -10 outside and said "fuck this".
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    Honestly I'll probably take the strategy I took in 2016, which is to shut my mouth and let everyone else celebrate until it's May and we're sitting in 4th place wondering how our shiny new toys turned out to work so poorly. I will rip this org if they miss out on MM though and compliment them if they get it done. 100% promise.
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    Look at the career OBP's for the 3 new LH bats, versus RHP, which is dominant in our Division: Jon Jay .350 (His are actually better vs. LHP) Alonso. .346 Pederson. .355 You know me and my preference for LH hitters, especially now, with so few good southpaws in our Division. This would make me a very happy camper. LOL.
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    When it's for a player this caliber, it's pretty hard to close the deal unless it's an overpay. You may be the leader, but what is their motivation to sign unless it's a crazy offer? Wait it out. Unless the White Sox were willing to bid against themselves, this was possible. But it still may be all BS.
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    And this is why you don't mess around and get the deal done before other teams jump in. Let's just hope the Sox didn't get too cute with their negotiations.
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    Why are we acting like SoxFest is the Super Bowl? It's a small event at a hotel in January for superfans and autograph hounds. I literally wouldn't go if someone gave me a free ticket. Why would the sox go through any production to do some kind of reveal of a trade or signing there?
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    When this thread was 198 pages, I asked "what happens first, Machado signs or this gets to 230 pages?" What a stupid question.
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