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    Other than no-name randos on social media, has anyone seen anything that says White Sox don’t have the highest offer? Or that another team has even made an official offer...that may or may not exceed that of the Sox? There is a fine line of “not getting bent over” and “showing genuine interest”. The Sox have done a good job of showing that they are legitimately interested and will do what it takes to land Manny. They have also set the line in the sand that they won’t just acquiesce to egregious demands that the perceived Manny market was “supposed to be.” If it comes out later that some other team got Manny at say 8/250 and Sox wouldn’t pony up that 8th year, go after Hahn and the FO. Until then, people are indicting based on unsubstantiated claims and imperfect information.
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    Didn't pay much attention to him until this offseason. Wanted to believe he knew things, but looking like a clown. Possibly a D-bag clown at that. 👀
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    No wonder we have so many new insiders. They all get information they cannot share, and then if the team makes a move, that’s what they knew all along. So far, except for chili’s Herrera note, all the insiders on this board are 0 fer this winter.
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    Always funny when people trash people like Dave/Brian & then when they break something, those same people kiss their ass. Or better yet, when they feel they need some info, they are consistently asking them for it.
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    Lol its amazing how irrational people are. Take a step back pal.
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    Well no, but it ticks me off when people boast about having inside information only to go off the grid when someone asks what they know. To me, there's no point of someone sharing that they know something if they aren't willing to elaborate at all.
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    WSD has proven to be 100% legit with his sources. He has scooped numerous White Sox transactions the last couple years.
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    How would anyone know what he knows if he hasn’t said a peep about it?
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    If you knew the info Dave knows today, and hasn’t made a peep about, you’d likely sing a different tune.
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    Ok I'm back from SoxFest. Where are we in the SoxTalk Manny Machado Thread Cycle? Death Spiral sky is falling? Overly optimistic over random unproven twitter poster? Pretending everything is wrestling?
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    You can't possibly expect insiders to post everything they know, do you? Now giving no info at all, like Dave did, is a bit annoying, but you can't expect him to give a full down of all the details. But some hints/clues/leads would be appreciated.
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    What is the point of anyone saying they're an insider or have sources or post eyeballs if they don't tell anyone what they know? Is it purely to brag? I genuinely don't get it.
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    Passan in 30 minutes - "White Sox OUT on Machado"
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    EXACTLY. If they share something, even if it's something as small as 👀, it's legit. Maybe something holds it up. Maybe it falls apart. Maybe it happens. Regardless, people should just be happy to get some info. Especially given how this offseason has been where solid info is concerned.
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    He definitely knows someone who works for the org in some way, but yeah the last part is still true regardless.
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    He didn’t realize the posts from early in this thread are over a month old.
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    I can't believe it is almost February and we are still dealing with this bullshit.
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    Nothing about any progress made in the last 48 hours nor about it being in addition to Machado.If there was something else about progress share a link. I totally disregard heresay at this point. This is what I was referencing on the 48 hours things; it’s from Fegan’s The Athletic article : “It’s not over yet for me,” Hahn said of offseason moves for the Sox. “The way the free-agent market or even the trade market by extension has played out over the last several winters, we’ve sort of moved away from SoxFest on the calendar being the unofficial start of the season, the kickoff before spring training. They’re still on our mind, conversations we’ve had the last 48 hours. There’s still three to four potential acquisitions that we’re working on.” https://theathletic.com/787220/2019/01/27/with-or-without-machado-rick-hahn-says-white-sox-arent-done-adding/
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    None of these quotes change anything to me. What's he supposed to say? "If we don't get Machado we will have wasted money/players on our current acquisitions and our fan base will revolt!". That's just more fuel for MM's camp to ask for more money. He has to act like it will be all good if we don't sign him.
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    He might not have been ready for that one but the best answer he could have given was "Our fans will be happy if we put a championship team on the field, we do feel Machado can be a part of that but our fans will not be satisfied until we reach that goal".
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    Lmao! Once Manny signs this thread should be donated for psychological evaluation. Much can be learned from this thread.
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    Again, what else is he supposed to say given that question? Publicly acknowledging that they need him as bad as they do would only make Hahn's job more difficult.
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    Hahn could be getting the fans ready for disappointment. OR Hahn could be signaling to Machado's agent that the Sox could go another direction if they had to. There is absolutely zero chance that this gets done today. (reverse psychology)
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    Wow, everyone needs to relax a little. Allowing the Padres to worry you? My goodness.
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