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    I read this post in an eastern European accent.
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    Now, if he were Darryl the Dog
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    You are really gonna call someone stupid while writing this post right here? Really?
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    If you spent one day in my fiances classroom watching her teach. And then hangout with us at home after work watching all the work she does to prepare and better the students, I can assure you that your statement is not correct.
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    Fathom you've posted almost every single random schmuck claiming to be a Cubs insider. Dude who got an "interesting text" got your blood pressure up.
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    You will come back every day and comment like you do every day even though every day you say you won't come back until "X" happens
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    wow. yea, you're "that guy" alright.
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    Which was shot down by The Athletic within hours
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    Law generally is more pessimistic about Sox prospects, but he has good reasons for it as the Sox have demonstrated to be very poor at drafting and developing their own players.
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    The 3rd sentence is what my guy has been saying as well, saying as soon as Harper signs, Manny to the Sox should happen very shortly after, possibly even the same day. But that seemed more speculative than anything else, and it seemed likely enough, so I didn't bother posting it.
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    Not to be that guy but teachers truly are a dime a dozen whereas athletes like AD, Butler, Machado and Harper are the elite of the elite.
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    That account has been inaccurate on a lot of stuff since it started.
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    Glad I wasn't the only one who was having that problem.
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    Pornhub was still buffering.
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    It means he has signed a 12 year 350 million dollar contract with the White Sox
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    Look at the NBA, those superstars are now holding their teams hostage with trade requests...AD, Porzingis, Butler, Irving, etc. The owners are making record profits and every year, less of that money is going to the players. Are you going to ask them to sacrifice...if not, why should the players be the ones to give in? If you were a schoolteacher on strike and you thought you deserved $30 per hour, would you readily accept going back to work for just $17.50? And what about all those teachers coming after you who will be locked into lower salaries as well...because you were willing to settle for 42% less than what you’re worth in terms of historical production and your being only 26.
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    They should do whatever is best for them, their families and their wallets.
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    It’s Manny Machado Monday! ( stay tuned for Manny Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday too!! )
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    Easy 1-0 start for the Packers next year. 😉
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    Souns like you're on the same routine I am. I loved IO and Birdbox. Thought Extinction was terrible. Havent watched Annihilation yet. Ballad of Buster Scruggs was the best movie I watched in 2018. So good.
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    This is one of my favorite posts of all time. You literally rip on me for using the “limited data Forbes has access to” (which I’m not doing) and then you proceed to use Forbes’ operating income estimates to make your entire argument. Second, I must question your business acumen when you only use operating profit and claim financing doesn’t matter. See when you have this thing called debt, you also have this thing called interest. Servicing their debt load eats always at their earnings / cash flow from operations. And how do you think the Cubs have been paying for the Wrigley renovations, their new spring training facility, all the rooftops, their boutique hotel, their triangle building, etc. Yeah, that shit isn’t free bro and how the Cubs finance those expenditures is extremely fucking important and impacts their cash flow position.
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    You want the real answer? You don't want it do you. 160+ innings nearly every year, in fact 200 last year, and would be cheaper on a 1 year contract. You don't want to hear the name. No one does. He pitched for the White Sox last year. Yeah that guy.
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