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    This is the oddest bidding war ever. Imagine if both teams were in a room. Nationals: I'll match any bid Phillies: I'll match any bid Nationals: so bid Phillies: you bid Nationals: no you Phillies: you first It's an SNL skit.
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    That tweet makes no sense. Discussing opt-outs and incentives is a waste of time if the two sides don't even have the money and years agreed upon yet.
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    Yeah, they have already had a great offseason. Adding Paxton, LeMaheiu, and Ottavino, and retaining Happ and Britton. Easy to see how they have improved, where Boston has gotten worse in losing Kimbrel (so far) and Kelly. And just like Philly, their fans may view Cashman as a failure if they don't get a whale.
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    Well, I'll skip the lecture about the "I'm sure it will be fine, I haven't gotten anyone knocked up yet!" attitude you had and skip straight to the idea of abortion. I think you should absolutely keep firm that you want her to have an abortion, and as much as it is her decision, it's also your life too, and you really don't have an option to just walk away, both legally and emotionally (assuming you're a normal rational person). The longer she waits, the less likely she is going to want to do it and the more guilty she might feel about it since it sounds like she currently has some guilt about it. It's obviously easier for you, and especially me, to say, but obviously don't bully her in to it either. It's not an easy decision, but it sounds like you and her parents and her at least at one point felt like it was the right decision, so I would keep going down that path, especially since you guys seem to barely even know each other.
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    This just makes me want to leave the bet out of a ban bet.
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    He probably saw one last opening based off of Hal Steinbrenners comments yesterday
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    I took it as meaning that they've already agreed on money and years, and have now moved on to finer details like opt outs and incentives. But still, no reason to believe this guy.
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    I could have sworn I heard someone they wanted another random twitter user claiming that they had vague and never-to-be-confirmed information, so here you go!
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    I worked for an insurance company in IT for over 20 years. Primary insurance companies usually do not keep all the risk of a policy. They almost always spread out a large risk via "reinsurance". There are numerous reinsurance companies all over the world. A large risk like $300 mil would actually be spread out to many different reinsurance companies with each company taking small pieces, sometimes only 1% or less. The primary company pays the reinsurance some of the premium they take in on the initial policy. The original premium depends on the size of the risk. If the Sox would decide to only "insure" half the $300 mil, then the premium would be less than if they decided to insure the whole thing. The premium can be in the millions, depending on the risk. Yes, the chance of the player getting hurt so bad is small, but with so much money on the line, even a small chance needs to be insured so the future of the team is not put in jeopardy.
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    It's called re-insurance when the primary insurance company insures their own policy with another company to spread the risk out.
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    ESPN had him around 23rd, IIRC
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    Yes they do. I grew up in the Western Suburbs and it was split pretty much evenly - Oak Park/River Forest area. The South Suburbs are Sox heavy and the North Suburbs are Cubs heavy. The Cubs have a further reaching fanbase - ie, they have central illinois with the cardinals, iowa, and northern illinois/southern wisco. Their reach goes further, but in the immediate Chicagoland area, the Sox are nearly evenly split. 47/53 is pretty accurate imo, unless you want to produce a study that refutes that point... or you can just stick to pointless first hand experience to draw erroneous conclusions if you prefer that.
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    Aaaaaaaand that's how get agents to never negotiate with you again
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    Watching how Ujiri has evolved the raptors from their original core, and how the clippers are handling their rebuild is a pretty stark contrast to how the bulls are faring in their evolution from a successful core.
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    Hey brother you wanna meet up in person and hash it out? Dont know how I hurt you? These little jabs are annoying . dont know if your balls are still shriveled up from the -25 weather or your lack of a back bone hides you behind your computer. Wasnt your fault your father left, your ma was just too busy free lancing
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    Bad post from a bad poster...
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    ____ | | | Guessed : | | | _|_ | |______ | | |__________| Word: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Anybody up for a little Hangman while we wait for Manny to sign?
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    There is probably nothing to this report, but here are a few points: 1) I don't know if he's saying that the team buys the jerseys from Majestic's website and pays $100 for them. But the team *would* get the jerseys directly from Majestic for the wholesale price, which would then reflect the stock which was available for fans to buy. 2) Majestic is now owned by Fanatics, and it was recently announced that Majestic will keep producing the on-field jerseys next year, which will be Nike branded. So it's not like Majestic is going to stop making White Sox jerseys a year in advance of the Nike deal because they don't want all that dead stock. The replicas are likely to be the same this year as next, with the only difference being the manufacturer logo. The replicas have heat-pressed Majestic logos, so they would probably just leave those off the extra stock and press the swoosh on next year. 3) While there's probably no fan rush of jersey purchases based on the Yonder trade, I don't think the Sox buying up a bunch of jerseys is a smoking gun here. We know from many reports and our insiders that the Sox are confident they will land one of the two whales. They could have just bought the jerseys because they think they'll end up with one of them, and not because they are closing in on a deal with Machado.
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    Back to solving a different crime Scooby doo.
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    I told Manny to please sign with the Sox on his IG Live just now. Hopefully he'll listen.
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