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    That tweet makes no sense. Discussing opt-outs and incentives is a waste of time if the two sides don't even have the money and years agreed upon yet.
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    Well, I'll skip the lecture about the "I'm sure it will be fine, I haven't gotten anyone knocked up yet!" attitude you had and skip straight to the idea of abortion. I think you should absolutely keep firm that you want her to have an abortion, and as much as it is her decision, it's also your life too, and you really don't have an option to just walk away, both legally and emotionally (assuming you're a normal rational person). The longer she waits, the less likely she is going to want to do it and the more guilty she might feel about it since it sounds like she currently has some guilt about it. It's obviously easier for you, and especially me, to say, but obviously don't bully her in to it either. It's not an easy decision, but it sounds like you and her parents and her at least at one point felt like it was the right decision, so I would keep going down that path, especially since you guys seem to barely even know each other.
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    This just makes me want to leave the bet out of a ban bet.
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    Okay, just finished the bottle of NyQuil with salt. Tasted pretty weird. What do I do next to get on the dream quest?
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    That would be abuse of your admin powers
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    Which would would reinforce the idea that 7/175 was trash reporting.
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    Who gets an MLB at bat first in 2019: Eloy or Lindor?
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    I say, why make ban bets, when anyone that does can just get banned and we can enjoy the silence.
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    Sorry I have a highly fueled drug addiction and i tend to lash out at the ones i love the most. Sorry to make you a victim of my crippling depression.
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    I'm going to play the old guy here. When you have young males arguing topics, all the idealism and testosterone of the invincibility of youth arises. When you get old you get practical, realize your vulnerability and lose some of the aggression. You realize that in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter and it takes a big part of the bravado away. Unfortunately, it takes getting old to get to that point. So for all the young bucks, carry on.
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    You found a way to be more pessimistic about White Sox prospects than Keith Law. I don't know how you did it, but you did it.
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    If you spent one day in my fiances classroom watching her teach. And then hangout with us at home after work watching all the work she does to prepare and better the students, I can assure you that your statement is not correct.
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    That article was called bold predictions for February...meaning make up some stuff that will never happen. Context would have been nice...
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    Buscemi's wife just died but Lovitz is alive and well, still doing standup even.
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    They doin' more than sleeping, ya know what I'm sayin'!?
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    Hes saying your wifes been sleeping with your bestfriend the last couple of years
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    so this one time the white sox drafted jared mitchell over mike trout
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    Report back with the results, please. For science!
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    The scary thing is that this could go on for another month, if not longer.
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