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    well manny was 13 in balt and 8 in LA 13+8? 21 Bear with me 138 = 1 + 3 + 8. That's 11. 21-11? 10. What was he in LA again? Oh that's right...EIGHT 10+8 that's 18. And then let's all remember, he was 13 in baltimore. What does 13 start with? uhhhh ONE 18-1? I'll let you do that math. Manny to white sox.
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    Really feel sorry for these guys. Must really suck only getting $250M and not getting to play for the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, or Cubs. Sometimes life just isn’t fair I guess.
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    lol first of all, betonline is australia not vegas. lines are based on where people are going to bet money and everyone will bet on the yankees for anything. pretty simple.
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    Everyone is melting down and yet Fathom is optimistic. What in the world is going on today
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    I don't know about this. I actually wrote a blog post last week about this very idea. I think the White Sox have the upper hand because they, unlike the Phillies, are not expected to compete this year, so they are able to just wait and wait and wait because their 2019 roster isn't the priority
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    Jesus Christ some of you people are so bipolar. He's coming, he's not coming. Just RELAX
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    Why in the world would they do that? "We don't want this game changer for the next 8-10 years because we're not sure what to do with Yolmer Sanchez in spring training."
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    Hahn is the same person that said Sox fans won't care if Manny signed in December or March if he hits a walk-off homer. I really don't get the negativity today from so many.
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    This is a HORRIBLE take. the White sox are the team that can wait the longest because they arent expected to contend this year. It literally makes no difference to the sox.
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    I really have no idea what all these people are talking about. For some reason today, everyone just collectively decided that he's not coming I guess
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    I mean let's be honest, NO ONE reads the full text of the laws, including the people who vote on it in Congress.
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    Then there lies the problem. This would suggest that the players are as much to blame for this FA mess as the owners. If they all want a big market team then why don’t we just can most of the teams in this league and go with an 8-team super league. It’s comments like Texiera’s that prove there’s more to this than owners manipulating profits. Guys turning down hundreds of millions of dollars cause...sniff sniff...”it’s not the Yankees...” Just makes me love our 05 team even more. They just showed up and played baseball better than you.
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    I can't stop laughing, it's too perfect For those not on twitter: Top image: the heavily being retweeted image from Kyler Murray saying he's sticking with football Bottom image: Bob tweeting out his report that the As are optimistic they will see Kyler in Spring Training
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    betonline_ag is not Vegas. They also have the Giants at even money to get Harper which is absurd.
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    I don't believe that, at all.
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    I'm neutral. Joy to us all if the Sox sign Machado. The rebuild is still intact if they don't. MM signs with someone sooner or later . I come here almost every day to check threads anyway so one will eventually be about Manny or Harper signing.
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    here are the things that would cause a meltdown if they happened, outside of both signing elsewhere on same day (in which case, melt away): - Yankees trading Andujar - Cubs trading Heyward - Harper signing with a team that's not the Phillies - Sox signing Moustakas
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    Literally nothing has changed from a month ago
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    This will be Sox and Manny, I feel it. I mean the title of the thread is all knowing, right?
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    So I take a little pride in the size of this thread because my post was used to start it... (ive never actually started a thread) Also if we sign Manny, I will take it to mean I am lucky for the team, and you all should probably thank me
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