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    My wife left me on gumdrop day in 98’
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    This honestly is one of the dumbest arguments in life. It's just so ridiculously short sighted and not based in any sort of reality.
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    You do know that The Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks are overwhelming majority owners of that channel, right?? NBC only owns a small minority for licensing rights. Reinsdorf will own roughly 60% of that channel between the Sox and Bulls, so he's the majority owner as of 2020. He can do whatever he wants. As of 2020, Wirtz will get his cut of the profits and JR can do whatever he wants with the rest. I don't doubt he's stealing from the Bulls to fund the Sox there.
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    It has to do with # of subscribers to the channel in the viewing area. It is an indirect relationship. The Hawks, Bulls and Sox own 80-90% of NBCSN-CHI. NBC only owns 10-20% of the channel. JR can give the Sox as much of the money made from the network as he wants. He's stealing revenue from the Bulls to give the Sox more.
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    They don't but it doesn't change the fact that regardless of whether or not people watch Sox games, NBCSN-CHI is in every household in the area with cable/satellite. That is where the money comes from. If they didn't have the other teams(especially the Bulls) along with the Sox, they wouldn't get as big of a contract. Also, the article you cited only talked about the Sox' share of Cook County, which is only 60% of the metro area. Even if they have 47% of Cook, they probably only have 10-15% of DuPage, Kane, Will Etc.
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    They only have a "bigger market" because their games are on NBCSN-CHI and they share it with the Blackhawks and Bulls. Those two teams draw from the whole city. If the Sox were the only team on a sports channel it wouldn't surprise me if they had the smallest TV contract in baseball. The Sox have been bottom 5 in TV ratings in baseball for the better part of this decade. The TV contracts are about how many people have access and decide to pay for a channel. Most people aren't subscribing to NBCSN-CHI for the Sox, they're subscribing for the Bulls and Blackhawks. This will be interesting if/when the Sox start winning again. The Sox are, at best, a lower end mid-market team. In 2017 and 2018 they were 29th in baseball in consumption of the team. (TV/Radio)
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    36 year old manny does not bother me in the slightest
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    I regret clicking on this thread today
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    there are a few people on this board who are extremely irrational. relax. it's free agency. in today's game, this is how long it takes. every little thing that comes out is probably total BS and to take anything said as "they don't want to be here" is INSANE. who would have thought a few years ago (or even at the beginning of the offseason) that the sox would be in the final 3 or 4 teams for each of the big guys. they're doing something right this offseason guys. chill out.
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    I’m a patient man. I can wait for this but at a certain point the distraction needs to end and the team has to move on in my opinion. I would have the start of the season as the deadline. After that I wouldn’t enagage in any more discussions. You take it or leave it. Not because you want to be a hard ass or because of pride but because if a player hasn’t decided at that point then his motivation is in question and it’s clear he didn’t really want to be with organization. If he was motivated to play the game and be committed to your team he would have made sure the two sides were engaged as much as possible to get something done.
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    I have a feeling something is going to happen within the next 2 months.
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    This may be the single dumbest post I have ever seen in my life. Like you are fucking clueless bro. Go back to your “the Sox only have 30% of the market based on twitter follows” because that at least gave me a good chuckle. This just makes me angry. You do know the Bulls & Sox are separate ownership groups right? Jerry Reinsdorf can NOT give the Bull’s claim to the earnings of the business to the White Sox under any circumstance. Also, Comcast owned 20% of the network before, not sure where it’s been mentioned their stake is decreasing with the loss of the Cubs. Regardless, the Sox make money off the network first & foremost from the $50M+ they receive for their broadcast rights. I will guarantee any dividends they take from owning a stake in the actual network is much smaller.
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    Your business acumen is poor to quite poor. The White Sox receive money for the broadcast rights to their games. That is something that has to be negotiated with the owners of the network, which includes three groups that aren’t the Bulls. The White Sox may get a slight benefit from being packaged with the Bulls, but Comcast, the Cubs, & the Blackhawk ms are NOT going to agree to something that is completely unfair and costs them a ton of money. Also, we’ve been over your market share nonsense numerous times. There is no rule you can only watch one team or the other. My father is a former Sox season ticket holder who occasionally puts on a Cubs game. My father-in-law is a Cubs fan who casually watches the Sox. There are many people in Chicago who follow both teams, which can help bolster rating when things are going well. And the ability / potential to touch many consumers at once is incredibly valuable for marketing folks and why we having a bigger TV contract than many other franchises. No one with any amount of intelligence says “the Sox only have 30% of the market, so they should get paid what the Indians do” because when Cleveland is doing well they’re still a tiny little b**** of a market. The same does NOT apply when playing in Chicago.
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    That was the deal when the Cubs were involved. It is probably somewhere around 27% for the teams themselves and 20% for NBC after the exodus for the Cubs. It still doesn't change that JR has the option of robbing the Bulls to give the Sox a better TV deal.
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    Well they didnt sign a joint contract last deal so I have no idea why any of that matters. Jack this is all nonsense. Facts and stats prove it. Merchandise sales prove it. Team worth proves it. TV contract proves it. Enough dude.
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    All bigger markets than the Sox. We don't know the numbers for sure, but I believe their market to be 25-30% of greater Chicago, which would put them in the bottom 5 in baseball, smaller than the Twins and slightly larger than the Royals. Math: 30% of Chicago metro is 2.85M. KC metro is 2.1, Twin Cities is 3.2, Cleveland is 2.1. Cincinnati is 2.1 by itself, if you include Louisville add around 900k.
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    They might not be the worst, but definitely bottom 5.
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    That's an obvious plant by Lozano. Tomorrow there will be stores like "Machado might sit out the season" ? It's just BS nobody should pay attention to.
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    I'm hungover and reading DA talk about how 400 million is the same as 200 million before I have to shower shit shave and go to work. This is the worst timeline.
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    What were the averages after they won the World Series? Notice how in 2007, a shitty year, they averaged 33k? Sustained winning outlook will draw fans. The 90s would have but the strike hurt them.
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    So much wrong with all your posts on this, but this is just wow worthy that anyone could actually believe this.
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    In addition to the link I just shared, The Athetic also posted an MLB player poll last summer. For "which team has the best fans", the White Sox were one of 10 teams to receive votes, and for "which team has the worst fans", the White Sox received zero votes. All this, straight from the players and MLB writers, seems a lot more convincing to me than a poster on a message board claiming that the Sox are a bottom 5 team to play for just because.
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    That MIGHT be the one team you have an argument for.
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