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    .....don't ask Rick Hahn for any tips on getting the timing right
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    I’m alarmed at how little I give a shit at this point.
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    People on this board seem to like to discuss reasons for injuries. Here is a good new article. This confirms many ideas we've had about mechanics. Interesting new article on pitchers who have UCL surgery. 140 MLB pitchers who had UCL surgery between 2010-2017. Pitchers who undergo UCL surgery have a release point further away from the body. Not only that but the release point had moved away in the last 2 years prior to surgery. UCL injuries and release point..pdf
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    webcast link https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/video/reds--white-sox/c-2523052883
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    Huh? In what system of morality is this a distinction?
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    I'm kind of shocked by all of the ownership shills around here. Most of the rest of my baseball corners of the internet have taken on a decidedly pro-player bent over the last few years.
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    Bananas going home this early is really bad for tv. The seasons are much better when he's around until the end.
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    I wonder if a deal might be struck at three $ wise to get some harder signs later if no one clearly is exciting at three?
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    It's a moot point, not mute. Not important, but that one always bugs me lol.
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    It is a radical idea but one that I think the Sox should consider. Eloy means absolutely nothing to the major league team in 2019. Bring him up in May 2020 alongside Kopech, Robert, Madrigal, and Cease. Let the kids develop in 2020 and get after winning the division in 2021.
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    In the suburbs but still voted. That's Chicago politics at it's heart!!! 😉
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    The Sox FO are just going to run with this tough breaks/ bad luck injury narrative as to why their rebuild is behind a year or two. Ignore the fact that the healthy players that are involved aren’t progressing the rebuild and that they were an epic failure in FA, it’s all bad just because of injuries. Okay.
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    You brought that subject up not chisox59 and all he said was well if that was the case he wouldn't be wasting service time. He never actually said he shouldn't have been brought up unless you had a previous disagreement with him where he did say that . You also were the one to bring up a grievance. So you re arguing about something that didn't happen and a grievance that probably never would have been filed had it happened. I'll bow out now. Just seems rather silly, moot. irrelevant immaterial and inconsequential for both of you.
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    Sending an injured player to the minors when the player is on the 25 man roster would be a clear violation of the CBA.
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    Unless Adley falls to #3, I really hope we go with upside all else being equal. I wouldn’t necessarily hate the Vaughn pick in isolation, but the system will quickly lack potential impact talent after the next round of graduations and it’s time to put a greater emphasis on ceiling over floor IMO.
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    The health of a prospect shouldn't dictate this pick
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    When you start a post implying you're qualified to argue with doctors, it's going to make the rest sound pretty outlandish.
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    *everything can’t fall apart for the Sox if they never had it together*
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    This was avoidable. Sox really fucked up the Sale and Eaton trades.
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    Turns out being able to successfully identify talent and develop players is extremely important.
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    I am gonna out on a limb and say this rebuild isn’t quite going as one would’ve hoped.
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    Don't worry guys, Hahn said the money would be spent! We just have to trust him. They seem to have a very good read on the market and what players are worth. That was all sarcasm fyi. Sox have no idea what's going on and are so out of tune that it's crazy. Brewers are out there paying Braun. Rockies Blackmon and Arenado. Padres Hosmer and Machado. Diamondbacks with Greinke. Royals with Duffy and Gordon. Tigers with Miggy. Baltimore with Chris Davis. Cinci with Votto. Hell, Miami paid Stanton even if Jeter traded him. Twins with Mauer. Seattle with Cano... and now Mets with Cano.. We're really just the Rays, A's and Pirates of the world. Don't forget though that the Rays even went to $100mm with Longoria. We are a BOTTOM OF THE BARREL TEAM. Mired in BOTTOM OF THE BARREL.
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    That would literally be the dumbest thing this organization could possibly do.
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    If he voluntarily started sending money, that would set a precedent in terms of support and be difficult to escape. Seems that is one of the overriding concerns here. I know what the "old school" response would be from my dad, were he still around, but that era of personal responsibility and duty died off somewhere in the 80s or 90s.
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