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    I know no one wants to really believe it and won’t believe it until Harper actually signs elsewhere but seriously guys, the Sox are not in this. They aren’t laying in the weeds. They don’t have this grand master plan that they are perfectly timing. They aren’t in it. It sucks. They suck. Everyone is trying to tell us and we refuse to believe them. It’s all crazy talk at this point.
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    At this point a 2 week opt-out would be fine with me. This organization needs some good news.
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    Man the Sox are good at being stealth. No mention of them in this report either!
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    The Sox are so far away from this Boras couldn’t even use the Sox as a negotiating tactic. Think about that.
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    Sox are in such pissed off stealth mode that Boras doesn’t even know they are in.
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    Bryce Harper isn't taking a short-term deal. You don't hire Scott Boras to do that. he'll get his $$.
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    Well there is they "mystery team" offer that is over $300M, along with the Phillies. We know its not the Dodgers or he would have signed. All indications are the Giants are not willing to go that long. So....could very well be the Sox.
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    So you potentially have Harper for this season and not really competing and possibly only 2 more years in 2020 and 2021 when everyone expects the Sox to compete. Oh well. So be it. I wish we could all take a time machine trip to the future to see what junk Hahn and the Sox ultimately waste that $33 million a year on over the next two offseasons.
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    During this upcoming decade, it would be very nice to hear Jason Benetti routinely announcing the White Sox’ outfield as “Jimenez in left, Robert in center, Harper in right”.
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    Still can't believe they wouldn't go 10/300 with Machado. What a bunch of cheap asses.
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    Will be funny if Boras doesnt even give a final bid and Sox are just sitting there waiting for the call while the news announces his signing.
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    Giants will go 10 for 350. Ownership doesnt just talk - when they want someone they get him. Giants gonna be saddled with big bad contracts all over the place.
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    I'm thinking the Sox are just about out of this, even if they were trying to be under the radar. One of the Giants or Dodgers will end up offering long-term.
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    Pretty obvious he prefers the west coast. If he's signing a short term deal, it isn't going to be with the White Sox. Only reason he would sign with the Sox is 1) they offer the most money and 2) they offer the most money and he hates the idea of spending 10 years in Philly. End of story.
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    Is he really going to take a short term deal from the Dodgers or San Fran? Man TF up Jerry.
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    Sox don't have to meet. Just text "10 year 350 opt outs 3 and 7"
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    Pack it up folks, it's over. Thanks to Pradhan Muthanna's article in the International Business Times citing a local sports radio guy. Add caulfield's fantasy numbers and it's a wrap.
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    .....don't ask Rick Hahn for any tips on getting the timing right
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    I’m alarmed at how little I give a shit at this point.
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