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    An athletic rim protector who could switch to cover smaller players and with range out to the 3 point line does not fit in today's NBA? Wow this guy is drunk. In fact, look at Ray Ray drunk.
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    In a perfect world: Cole Within the Sox budget: Nobody Bottom line: B-/C+ FA are overpaid for the production they bring. If they're not going to pony up for the elite talent, then don't spend at all. Save the money and invest in the areas I keep harping about. There is no reason to continue wasting millions of dollars on the Melky Cabreras and Jeff Samardzijas of each FA class. That money is better spent on player development, analytics, etc.
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    I just look at it differently. Hahn has had a really bad record of using free agency to get productive mlb players at any price point, compared to other GMs. This was another offseason where he could show their scouting or decisionmaking has improved, even in looking for short term pieces or even using it to find undervalued assets. It also lets the same team (front office) off the hook of the bigger picture. We had 2 years of major league playing time available to find a power hitting first baseman. 2 years to find an innings eater that isn't great but can give you 180 ip and a 4.5 era. 2 years to find versatile, decent outfielders. These are roles you should be able to find through good scouting and playing time. 2 years with roster space where you can hunt for players through waivers, free agency, rule 5 drafts, trades and of course internal player development. In that time they provided it to: Dylan covey, Miguel Gonzalez, Hector Santiago, Manny Banuelos, Carson Fulmer, Wily Garcia, Daniel Palka, Nicky Delmonico, Avisail Garcia, Alec Hansen, Matt Skole, Casey Gillaspie, Ryan Cordell, Charlie Tilson, and Leury Garcia. Of that group, the sox did not find any they were confident enough to give average production to, and needing to rely on free agency and trades to provide short-term, average production on the team because they could not do it through their own scouting and development. In similar places, other teams have found at least decent albeit replaceable players. And while the sox have had a decent record of dumpster diving for relievers, they instead felt the need to pay market rate for 2 middle relievers after spending considerable capital to acquire lots of minor league and college relievers saying this was the new moneyball. So basically, I think this offseason was indicative of a longstanding Hahn-era problem of not being able to squeeze greater value from marginal parts, and always feeling like he has to pay market rates for average production from multiple positions, to the point you end up with a higher team salary than you'd expect from the players on it.
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    If Tim Anderson develops into the second coming of Alexei Ramirez, we got a hell of a plaxer. 🤷‍♂️
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    I bet he will finish in AAA.
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    Hanger hit into RCF for Eloy. That is some vintage Frank Thomas right there.
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    Pick one. Here’s the list: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/08/2019-20-mlb-free-agents.html Mine is JD Martinez. Yes, he’s a full time DH and, yes, he will be 32 years old. But he’s also one of the best hitters in the game right now and I’d love seeing what a lineup with Madrigal, Moncada, Martinez (killer Ms), and Eloy could do next year. That’d be fun.
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    Rodon came up in 2015 and has only put up a little more than 5 WAR so far in his career. He is a lot closer to a back end guy than top of rotation option. The tanking isn't going to end this year. The Sox as currently constructed look like a team that will flirt with 100 losses again. 2020 should be a little better but that is assuming all the youngsters like Kopech, Cease, Collins, Basabe have a good rookie season. The tank is far from over unfortunately.
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    This I 100% agree with, which is why my concern is we end getting Bumgarner.
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    I can think of a cheaper option who we could still sign today (angry 2016 related sigh) and there were a ton of comparable relievers who signed for less than we spent on Colome or Herrera.
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    One problem though - a guy like Verlander also might want to go to a team that is an obvious world series contender if the money is equal.
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    Alan 1:44 Too early to be asking draft intel on teams? Hearing anything with the White Sox at #3? Kiley McDaniel 1:44 Hearing Vaughn and Misner, so seems like they're still leaning college bats, as they have in past years (Zack Collins, Jake Burger, Nick Madrigal)
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    It's not fun seeing Tim Anderson's low OBP. The reality of the situation is, that's really bad. His defensive metrics are on the rise, but he needs to improve this area of his game or he will simply not pan out.
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    We literally saw how they blew $45 million this offseason on mostly unnecessary garbage. Extend Abreu, bring in a few other vets, overpay a reliever or two, and there's a $100 million payroll.
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    Moncada is a .236 hitter with no improvement in 2 seasons. Anderson does not even have .300 obp. If those are locks this is not going to work.
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    I've already come to terms with that thought, and I believe it to be true. I think it has more to do with bad luck though than anything. They shot for the moon with their trades, and targeted highly volatile, but also extremely talented players with some of their high picks, and all of their trades, and so far it looks like they're going to hit on only 0-1 of them. The one guy they might hit on is Kopech. Giolito, Kopech, Moncada, Robert, and Cease were all high variance players in terms of outcome. Kopech and Robert have health issues, Moncada is settling into the middle of his range. While still a solid MLB player, he's probably going to be nothing more than a 2-4 win 3B. Fulmer completely busted, Giolito looks headed there. Rodon is probably the left handed version of Javy Vazquez. Collins is a weird player that I don't know what to make of. Madrigal reeks of making the "safe" pick. Cease is somewhere between Lopez and Kopech, and based on how they're handling him, the best case scenario might be a prime Rich Harden.(a great starter while pitching, but can only go 4-5 innings per game) While there is still time for some of this to work, that window is closing. I also don't know what to make of Lopez. Eloy is probably the safest player but he hasn't been in the majors yet and with the way the rest of this rebuild isn't working, I can't count my chickens. This begs the question: Is this a talent evaluation problem, the baseball gods smiting the Sox rebuild, or is it a combination of both? I really can't answer it. And at what point do Hahn and KW get whacked?
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    Just as a general point...out of 8 key guys the White Sox traded for, 5 of them were starting pitchers. Throw in the 2014 and 2015 top 10 picks, all the other draft picks the white sox made since then, trades for minor leaguers like Medeiros who are somewhere on a top 20 list...and then compare to Cleveland, who has 4 top of the league, 200K starters developed from their own system, and I think there's a simple statement we can make. If the White Sox can't develop enough pitching that they have to go and spend $25 million a year on a starter, it's unlikely this rebuilding round is going to work.
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    Burdi pitched in the AFL this fall and was hitting 97. Not near his 101-102 from college, but he was eventually shut down from the AFL as a precaution due to arm fatigue. He's good to go now. I expect he would start in AAA Charlotte and make the major league club sometime in the late spring or early summer if he responds well. He was pretty close to being called up in 2017 before he got hit with TJS.
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    Yes, but Cooper has already shot down the idea. Because while other organization are trying to gain any advantage possible through advanced statistics, this organization still wants to focus on the fundamentals, like bunting, for example
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    I don't know how you can say Rodon looks like a back end guy. No way they are tanking in 2-3 years. If so, the rebuild is a complete failure. Tank has to end this year.
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    Plus.... the pitch face. How can anybody give up on that pitch face?
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    I like Lopez profile more than most. If he can locate his slider, his FB starts becoming an out pitch. His slider isn't great, but he still needs to throw it a lot more. If he can change eye levels with the slider, the high FB becomes really hard to hit. He's been dominant in spots. I think his ceiling is still a solid #2. His change can also be devastating at times. I think he can be a poor man's peak Bartolo Colon. Giolito is just too high maintenance to stick. The stuff is there sometimes, but he has so much shit going on with his delivery and his mental approach that I don't see him ever being consistent enough. He's a lot like Gavin Floyd. The talent is there. Everything else is lacking.
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    As writers for FutureSox, we sometimes get deep in the weeds. But that's only getting to meaningful analysis of the reader is familiar with how the system works in general. So, following up on a reader request, we wrote a sort of Farm System 101 article. It's a primer for how the minors work in general, with some White Sox-specific information. This starter kit (I hope) gives you the systemic context you need to understand the minor leagues, so that you can put what you read into context. If you know of any related topics we should have covered, comment here and we can always add more!
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