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    He was 15. She was 6. SIX YEARS OLD. Unless this guy had a severe mental disability, he ABSOLUTELY knew how wrong it was at 15. At 15 he's taking driver's ed. This isn't an 8-year-old we're talking about here. Fuck him. He can toil in the Mexican League and then go into some other career. If the Sox sign him, no joke, this is one thing that WILL keep me away from ALL things Sox.
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    Do you think the Sox would even have a shot at signing Heimlich as a free agent. You know your front office is bad when you can't even sign a pedophile. He wouldn't sign here anyways cause theres no kids allowed in the clubhouse. Thanks alot LaRoche
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    There was a very thorough article about the situation a couple of years ago in, I believe, SI that is worth a read. One interesting excerpt, among many, was a third party expert in the field detailing that recidivism among underage people who commit the crime but undergo proper treatment is incredibly low. I don't know how much that changes anyone's analysis. Personally, I don't think we have to entirely forgive and forget but you also cannot damn a 20 or so year old guy to walking the earth alone unworthy of employment once he has paid his debt. I also don't romanticize a job in baseball as some special privilege bestowed on only the purest. If he were hired for the lowest job you can think of, would you hate the company that hired him? If so, then you are essentially saying he should never have employment. In my opinion that position leads to additional legal problems against society in the future. I may find it repugnant but my line of thinking has to lead to an answer that I wouldn't be against the Sox hiring him. Obviously there would have to be restrictions on his employment.
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    The things you are discussing are not anywhere near the same. The question of an 18 year old having sex with a 15 year old is not even in the same area code as ANY age and a 6 year old. Not comparable at all. The law does not say that a 15-year-old has no judgment or expectations of reasonable behavior. If that was true, we wouldn't be able to try and convict them of crimes, which we do with regularity. You are somehow extending the idea that a 15yo (in some states) can't consent to sex to mean that they are incapable of ANY decisions, and that is not the way the law works at all.
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    Winning a game isn't worth justifying whatever happened here.
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    Without getting too political, I think convicted pedophiles should receive the death penalty. So that’s where I stand. BUT... Something that mitigates in this case is that Luke was 15. This isn’t a 30 year old who was predating on children. He himself was a child, albeit a slightly more developed one. Still, if an adult had sex with him around the time he did this, we would all pretty much agree that he lacked the ability to properly consent, no matter what words were coming out of his mouth. So how can we look at this situation and say that he had the full mental capacity to understand what he was doing and how insanely wrong it was?
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    Certainly would be one way to get fans to forget about Machado/Harper! Seriously though, fuck no. It's bad PR, and they don't need additional negativity. There are plenty of other arms out there that can make an impact in the future. The whole question on whether he deserves an opportunity is a moral mind fuck of an argument to try to apply reason to. He pleaded guilty - bad legal advice or not, he then tried to cover it up. Who knows what really happened there, but just stay far, far away from that baggage that is going to follow him for the rest of his life. Especially when MLB is so involved in youth programs. Seems like a disaster waiting to happen if he indeed is a molester.
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    Now this would be an acceptable reason to quit rooting for a team.
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    Heimlich signed with the Mexican league today. Scouts who saw him pitch at driveline claim he could impact a MLB rotation today in a good way. Heimlichs story is disturbing and zero tolerance for it is where I stand. His denials are odd - given his pleading guilty. He claims it was based on bad legal advice but I would never plead guilty to something that fucked up if I didnt do it - no matter what. I say, signing heimlich is an unforgivable sin, what say you? I do think someone signs him eventually.
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    This is my thought with Heimlich. He doesn't deserve the opportunity. He took the innocence away from that child and doesn't deserve to live a prosperous and fairy tale life.
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    100%. While he was learning to be really good at baseball he should of been really good at not fucking with 6 year old relatives. Talent does not absolve one from being a decent human being. Fuck him.
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    This is always what I think about re: Heimlich. I don't think Heimlich should be in jail, he did do it as a minor and he mostly lived up to his punishment as was prescribed. I don't think that means he should be able to play in major league baseball.
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    Well, I guess I can cross Dos Laredos Tecolotes off my list for replacing the White Sox as my favorite team.
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    None of us knows what he did do and what he didn't do when he was 15, and none of us knows how the dialogue went between law enforcement and him and his parents.
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    I think you're a little out of date here again. Getz has slowed things down quite noticeably. Since he's taken over I haven't felt like any prospect has been rushed, which is different than before when rushing was what they did. The only player in the Getz era where I felt he was moved up too quickly is this talk of Collins in AAA - I think he's not ready. But literally that's it, and even in that case there are plenty of people who think AAA makes sense.
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    "Zion may not fit our current roster construction" is a very poor reason to draft someone else. If the Bulls wound up with that pick and were insistent that they were going to take a point guard, then some other team would probably give up 3 first round picks for that #1. I probably would.
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    I honestly don't know if he is going to want to risk it. He didn't exactly have a big market the first go around, and now he is a little older. Couple that with the fact he is a legit DH, already 15 teams are eliminated from his market. Yankees won't be in on him, and I think it would be pretty easy to eliminate most of the remaining AL teams (Orioles, Rays, Tigers, Twins, A's for instance). I'll be interesting. If he can put up 40 bombs again, maybe... But if he has anything that looks like regression, I could see him playing it safe. Plus he is on Boston. Not like there are many better teams available.
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    Yeah but you dont not sign jD Martinez for that reason. Theres 180+ other games that matter more than 3 games in the WS in which hed have to play left field.
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    The goal is to always win the World Series. Some very lean years makes us long for success but without achieving the ultimate goal it's just more failure but with better players.
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    Concerns where to play someone if the Sox reach the WS are not in my top 100 concerns for the Sox future. However, Castellanos came up as a 3B and is athletic enough to play a decent 1B IMO. I don‘t think he‘d kill our chances in LF in that small a sample of games. Same for Martinez, minus the infield part. I think if Castellanos dedicated himself to work on playing 1B he‘d be better than Abreu, easily.
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    My top personal choice would be Rendon, but with the Sox moving Moncada, I just don't see them jerking him around more. I think that ship has sailed. I'd love to see the Sox opt for a guy like Castellanos over Abreu for DH, but I doubt that'll happen. Here are my guesses for 2020 FA, and the lineup by June 1: Gerrit Cole: 5 years, $110M Grandal: 2 years $45M Abreu: 3 years, $42M Justin Smoak: 1 year, $12M Rotation: Cole, Rodon, Kopech, Cease and Lopez Lineup: Madrigal 2B, Moncada 3B, Eloy LF, Smoak 1B, Abreu DH, Grandal C, Micker Adolfo RF, Anderson SS, Luis Gonzalez CF. BN: Yolmer, Engel, Collins
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    I mean it started out with them ignoring her. If you're going to allow user submitted content without verifying the source, then you should probably respond to someone who wants credit for their video or their video taken down. Not that I believe that's what happened here, based on her last tweet it seems like they just straight up stole it and used the user submitted content thing as an excuse. The "totally legitimate" reason for their desperation because a lot less legitimate when they ignore her until she filed the DMCA takedown. Just do business properly and it wouldn't have made it anywhere near that point. The $50 giftcard to their bootleg store offer is pretty comical as well.
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    Not a huge fan as most of the publically available data doesnt really show an advantage but the Rays are sharp and I imagine they have some data supporting it. I just want to point out that the Rays didnt use it with Snell on the mound so based on their data the match up edge is negated if the starter is good. Which makes me think that the bullpen stater in general is worthless if your staff is talented but if you throw out guys who have only 1 or 2 average or + big league pitches, then not letting them see the heart of the order three times helps - heck maybe even 2. The advantage has more to do with the heart and top of the lineup not seeing a starter three times - more than it has to do with righty vs lefty match ups. Limit their exposure to the best hitters while making the hitter see at least 3 arms in 4 at bats. As I said, if your starter is even league average though, might as well scratch the closer starting.
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