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    And it failed miserably but keep trying. Maybe the next one will have some logic included.
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    I half want this to happen because the system sucks and a guy getting his money is always rad. Half think it sounds absolutely dumb as shit.
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    Feels like a quick "shit ALL our fans hate us cause we're cheap & shitty at our jobs so lets try and drum up some excitement for this season"
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    I didn’t realize Kenny’s son posts here. Good to know.
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    Yes, totally the same situations. Eloy is worth every bit of $100 million guaranteed because he has proven himself in the majors. He is guaranteed to be the player Machado already is. It’s worth the financial risk for that extra one year of control. Your argument is absolutely terrible.
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    Lozano used the Sox to leverage a deal to get Machado and his wife to the town they both wanted to live in. Hahn got played,, but given all the pressure from fans, I can't blame him for trying. It is what it is.
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    I wish fans would stop blaming JR/KW/RH for not signing Machado. The dude wanted to play in SD. plain and simple. There are no reports that I am aware of that suggest that Lozano came back to the Sox, asked them to match SD's Offer, and JR refused. Eloy can hit. If he plays 1st base or even is a DH, I want to see him signed long term. Get 'er did.
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    Honestly this would just make me more mad they didn’t shell out for Machado. But I’m rooting for the player to get his moola. Also so if this offer is on the table it would be already taken yeah?
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    I don’t even know what you’re arguing at this point, but Hahn mid-reading the market doesn’t reflect a “we suck” tax it reflects a “our GM sucks” issue. There is zero evidence to suggest free agents are demanding more from us than other clubs, which is the point I’m making. I’m not sure how this is even an argument.
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    So now we have to diss Eloy to prove how mad we are? Jesus.
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    How could any team that drafted Gordon Beckham and Carson Fulmer as first rounders and traded for Yoan Moncada just assume an unproven player will be worth $100 million when you don’t even have to risk that kind of money? Worst front office in the game.
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    Ever since I started working, every single day of my life is worse than the day before. So when you see me, that’s on the worst day of my life.
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    Your proof includes Manny saying something positive about San Diego after signing a massive contract and KW and Hahn acting surprised? Really? What more plausible reaction did you expect? Manny dissing San Diego after signing or KW and Hahn coming out and saying their boss is cheap and will never pay market value for a premier player in their prime?
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    This is how I understand the final negotiations went: " The White Sox made their last, best offer on Monday night: a 10-year deal worth $250 million guaranteed, plus incentives. If Machado hit all the escalators, he could max out at $350 million. A few hours earlier, the Padres had submitted theirs: $300 million, 10 years, opt-out after five. Fowler tried to sleep but couldn’t. He called Preller around 11:30 p.m. “Where are we?” he asked. Preller said there hadn’t been an update in a while. Maybe he was leaning the other way. Fowler told him to re-engage Lozano. :" Lozano accepted that offer which only guaranteed 5 years at $150. Was that deal offered to the White Sox? I don't think it was. and then this from Machado's mouth: " "I'm truly blessed to be here. I'm truly blessed to be a part of this organization," Machado said. "Since day one, since we met you, we knew it was the right fit for me and my wife to be here. We're very excited to be here and start this new journey of our baseball career, our lives -- to take on that San Diego weather and take on this team."
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    No, it really isn’t plain and simple at all. It really isn’t worth going down this road, except to say you are wrong, the Sox offered less guaranteed money than the Padres, and Manny wanted the most cash...plain and simple. Even if that wasn’t true (which it is), the Sox made it abudentrly clear to fans, both before AND after they failed to sign Manny that he was their No. 1 target. And he isn’t playing for the Sox right now. So that in and of itself is a failure. They failed to convert on their target. They have no one to blame but themselves. Offer the most money, Manny plays on the South Side. There isn’t another opinion, this is a fact.
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    What other above average tools does Jimenez have? 2/5. Hit for average. Hit for power. Average to below average fielder (see Avi), below average arm (maybe "par" for LF) and slow foot speed...which will likely slow down over time as he puts on more weight.
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    Given that Eloy's first three years are going to be near the league minimum this is basically a 5 year deal for ~$98 MM. I don't really see why you would give that kind of money to a player that doesn't have a major league at bat to their name. It also makes not calling him up last year really dumb. So basically what I'm saying here is that this is right in the White Sox wheelhouse.
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    Crazy. These numbers seem very high for a player who has yet to play a major league game. There has to be more years to it than just this (to ultimately get to the 100M).
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    I find it strange they are willing to commit 100m to a guy who has never played a game in the MLB, but they cheaped out on Machado and Bryce. Just really odd and not Sox like.
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    Also, funny enough, this would be the largest contract ever given out by the Sox.....and it's to a guy who has never played a major league game.
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    Comes out to only $12.5M per year. But. Eloy has not played a single game. They weren't willing to give 4-time All-Star Manny Machado $50M more over 10 years?
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    I feel like you might be undershooting on the arb figures a bit. Especially with inflation. Most estimates I've seen for a possible Eloy extension (thru 2025) are 7/70 or so. To make it 8/100 is just buying one year of FA at $30 million per those estimates, which is a lot, but honestly a risk I don't mind them taking given Eloy's ceiling and that it's just one year
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    I didn't buy it last year, so this is my year to do it.
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    At least one thing went right for KR/KW/Hahn .... Eloy didn't make the decision controversial.
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