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    This is funny. Why would anyone believe Levine over Gomez is beyond me. Levine brutally wrong about denying Sox manny offer.
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/whitesox/status/1105993145668517890 Is Jose really going to be the starter at 1st this year? Yonder is the better fielder of the two, and I have to imagine playing him at 1st will bolster his trade value. Abreu is such a butcher out there that he is injuring himself from deflections.... It is time to shift him to DH. It is long past that time, actually.
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    Got it now. I think the increased offense of Jay and Jimenez will be worth this downgrade. The defense will go down but overall WAR will go up.
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    Only the White Sox can downgrade defensively when they rid themselves of Avi. impressive.
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    we're going to look back with nostalgia at the time we thought missing manny was "rock bottom"...
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    Gay pride night isn't about promoting homosexuality, it's about promoting the ACCEPTANCE of people who live different lifestyles, and if you don't understand that, it's a shame that you're in a position to influence children, because developing sympathy and respect for others in a community is a critical point of development for kids. You probably think you're being the reasonable one by saying that you respect others' points of view, but it's tragically ironic that standing up against Gay Pride night is LITERALLY standing up against respecting others' points of view.
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    That element definitely exists in American society, though, whether we want to admit it or not (look no further than the "gay pride" discussion, and the fact that "four-in-ten Americans (42%) said that being gay or lesbian is “just the way some choose to live,” while a similar share (41%) said that “people are born gay or lesbian,” according to the most recent Pew Research Center poll on the issue, conducted in 2013. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/03/06/americans-are-still-divided-on-why-people-are-gay/ As far as anti-Semitism, look no further than the ongoing campaign/character assassination against George Soros, for one. Go back to Charlottesville and the chants. Heck, even Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook actively participated in it by attempting to frame his as the villain leading a global cabal to take over the world. Of course, sophisticated posters (and most Sox fans, for that matter) can make a distinction between a "cheap front office" and someone's ethnicity, but the lines have definitely blurred in recent years. It's the reason we don't have Filibuster anymore at SoxTalk, because everything is about "sides/partisanship," the other side is evil incarnate/the enemy/racists/intolerant or "doesn't love their country/isn't patriotic/socialist/anti-American" or whatever particular label fits that day. If we go through another tease of an off-season in 2019-20 after finishing with a win column number below 60 this year, it's going to get REALLY ugly. Unfortunately, it feels like the worst MAY yet still be to come.
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    Glad to see you posting here 378 but your views on gay tolerance are from another era. At least consider the possibility that many people feel they were in fact born gay. I am sure we can move on from this.
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    Having zero tolerance for lack of tolerance? Yup, that’s irony.
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    That's not true, God doesn't make people gay, although he can allow some to fight the cross of same sex attraction. That is not something God causes but is the result of original sin. We all fight disordered attractions of some sort, we are human, but giving into these attractions is a sin. So ultimately it's a choice whether or not someone gives into same sex attractions and is gay. It's not like race where one is born into the color of their skin where they have no choice. It can be much more complex since now as we can see homosexuality is normalized by society, and in some instances people fight same sex attractions because they were physically sexually abused, or mentally abused. But homosexuality (giving into homosexuality) and homosexual acts is a sin condemned by the Scriptures.
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    True. And all people are welcome to the game, and anyone can do bad things at the game, but what I don't agree with is the promotion of "pride night," for all the reasons I described.
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    Now this I don't understand. He is taking a lot of abuse for his beliefs and there are a lot of people left in the world who believe those things. Not me I have 2 gay brothers. You ask him to be tolerant yet we cannot be tolerant. He is not hateful nor advocating any violence but the posts attacking him are mocking him and abusive. Just because majority rules here and on this subject doesn't mean the majority has the right to abuse his beliefs no matter how antiquated his thinking appears to be.
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    Im gonna weigh in here. I think you are really going about this the wrong way, and you need to be careful with what you say and how you say it. There are people out there who have committed suicide because of these kinds of things. I am assuming you are a Christian based on what you said earlier about holding Gospel values. That's fine. I'm a Christian too, and quite frankly, I disagree with the act of homosexuality, just like you do. I, however, do not think people engaging in homosexual acts are evil people. I also think the White Sox are not celebrating the act pf homosexuality, as you are implying, but rather celebrating the people that are affected by it. People who identify with homosexuality have been abused, manipulated and treated like dogs for so long, and that is so wrong. The thing is, this is SUCH a sensitive topic, that you really have to be careful with how you approach these kinds of issues, no matter what you believe. To be honest with you, as a Christian, the gay pride night might be a perfect venue for you, as a christian, to talk to these people, get to know them, and hear their story. In fact, that is exactly the kind of thing that Jesus did.
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    Once again just because I dont support "gay pride" doesnt mean I hate anyone or want to hurt anyone. Would you be satisfied with an "adultery pride" night or a "fornication pride" night?
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    The irony is that if you truly believed (or understood) "gospel values", then you'd be 100% in favor of what the Sox are trying to accomplish through a gay pride night.
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    Maybe you should be banned for profanity?
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    I respect you and your opinions but it hurts to see our organization, and the one I love so much scandalize not only the adults but especially the young. I will stick around. I still believe in Gospel values, not progressive false ideas. I will leave it there for now.
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    You are twisting what I am saying to say that I believe in hurting someone that has same sex attraction. No, all people are welcome at the park, but the organization shouldnt push homosexuality by promoting a "pride day." They can have an anti-bullying day to cover all types of bullying.
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    I am very upset the White Sox will host a "gay pride" day again at their park on July 23rd. This is a kids game and this sort of political ideology should not be at our ballpark where many kids attend. The Sox should not be promoting homosexuality, as many innocent kids that day may become interested in homosexuality because of the White Sox showing scandal and promoting such a thing. They should just stick to an anti-bullying day. I was very close to abandoning this team because of this, but I hope to work for some change from within while still rooting for the Sox.
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    WCJ has been better than Sexton when you look at basically any advanced metric. "Flashes of offensive brilliance." Lol. I can point to some game stats and post some YouTube videos to show you some WCJ "flashes of defensive brilliance" and "flashes of above average offense". I really find it hard to believe you made all this money you claim to have made on basketball. Maybe it was a lucky parlay bet you made while drunk.
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    I do not disagree that Lauri and Lavine aren't #1 option on PO team, I think everyone could see that. But Sexton has been garbage thus far and your reasoning that he'd been a better pick than WCJ because he isn't a modern day big is asinine. Sure a scorer in the mold of Sexton has potential to be an all star, but he'd been a terrible fit next to Lavine regardless, and Sexton has shown jackshit thus far to prove anyone wrong.
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    I bet he will finish in AAA.
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    No one falls in love with their shitty players quite like Bulls fans.
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