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    Maybe because he's never pitched more than 124 innings in a season? As the future GM, you should probably know this stuff...
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    Lol...why the fuck did you feel the need to insert a giant blurb on Courtney Hawkins in the middle of that because of four spring training at-bats. You really are your own worst enemy Caulfield.
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    It kind of seems obvious now. Trade for him last year, with the hopes he would fall in love with the experience of playing on the Chicago White Sox baseball club, and then he'd be willing to sign on the bottom line for the low ball offer that they coughed up this offseason. Delusional then, delusional now, as we all came to see.
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    Have you listened recently? I used to be a Dan hater but he is actually one of the better hosts. He and McKnight bring actual analytical content as opposed to the garbage we hear in the afternoons. The old Bernstein who used to beat up callers is gone. I like the in depth coverage they do on stories, even if I loathe the Midday Midway. That station is neutering him and some of their other hosts and are empowering crappy programming in the afternoons. I love Mac, but there’s not enough sports compared to movies, weed and gambling. And for those who were upset by the political slant the station had or has when politics are intertwined with sports, they can go up the dial and shove it up their ass.
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    You don't hear much about the Windy City Bulls in the media, but the Chicago Bulls' NBA G League affiliate have clinched a playoff spot with a winning record. If Bulls management does not screw things up, it looks like some good talent may be coming to the Bulls the next season or two. https://windycity.gleague.nba.com/ What do you guys think?
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    Moving Moncada to 3B was a tell that the Sox think Madrigal will be up soon. Maybe not this season, but they clearly don't think it will be much longer than that.
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    Not sure why people are losing their mind about Giolito based on yesterday. I mean, sure his line looks rough, but I also saw a tweet yesterday that said it looked like he was going out of his way to throw more breaking stuff than normal. Seems to me that he was just doing what guys do during spring training. Working on things. They face live batters and see what works and what doesn't. His velo also seems to be much improved and closer to when he was at top prospect status. Can we at least make it TO April before we write guys off entirely?
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    36 17 pitchers 3 catchers 9 infield 7 outfield Does not include Eloy or Kopech if they’re still saying 37.
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    I believe 35 if my numbers are correct.
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    On what planet? The only advantage this team would have are 1 and 2 starters.
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    Weekly BA draft chat today. Can ask questions via the link below. https://www.baseballamerica.com/chat/?1553129887
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    There were some more interesting draft tidbits in yesterday's Kiley chat for those that are interested. Pulled them out below. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/kiley-mcdaniel-chat-3-20-19/
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    In fact, I'll go so far as to say Alex Call will likely never play a single game in a White Sox uniform. Doubt he even ever suits up for Birmingham or Charlotte.
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    Burger was more like a hungryman pick.
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    I guess we all may as well be Marlins fans.
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    Ok I'm talking about hitting only, and Sanchez had better numbers than I thought since he has many doubles and triples. Mendick however is a better pure hitter than both Yolmer and Garcia. His k to walk is better, can hit for some pop, and is shining this spring. He can have the way for Madrigal.
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    In my opinion, Mendick is a better hitter than Leury and Sanchez combined.
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    They were foolish enough to replace their front office that couldn’t produce a winner. Jokes on them
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    During the ESPN broadcast from Japan tonight the announcers were really focusing on Omar spending so much time working specifically on pitch framing. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2019/feb/17/ms-new-backstop-narvaez-playing-catch-up-with-new-/ “Narvaez also is concentrating on developing his pitch-framing skills. He ranked near the bottom of the AL in getting borderline pitches called for strikes in each of the last two seasons, according to the metrics used by StatCorner. “A lot of drills,” said Narvaez, who counts Yadier Molina as a role model. “A lot of stretching. That is a big part of framing, being able to feel comfortable when I am catching. I think all the work I’ve been putting in is going to show up. My main goal this year is to make more pitches strikes and help my pitchers even more.” Like many teams, the Mariners have made pitch framing a top priority. “The value of stealing a 3-2 pitch is huge in our game,” Servais said. “On the 50-50 pitch that may be a ball or a strike, if the catchers are adept in turning that ball into a strike, it changes the course of a game. Pitchers certainly see the value of it. We do, too. It is something we will spend a lot of time on this spring.”
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    The $250 mill guaranteed the Sox were going to offer was a better deal to be honest.
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