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    Hawk being a fan of the team is what I miss the most. For Stoney and Benetti, it's a paycheck. Hawk was relatable because he suffered through the same shit we did as fans and you could hear it in his voice. That's not to say Hawk was perfect, but I'd rather have a fan of the team I'm watching announce games. I think that's the one thing from Benetti that I can't quite get used to is how his emotion seems so forced. I like some of the analytics he brings to the game, but I'm not sold on him.
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    Home announcers should be homers. Hawk was right.
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    The Sox sucked for most of Hawk's broadcasting tenure. The difference is that Hawk got really cranky about 10 years ago, especially with regard to the umps. Other times, he'd just sulk and not say anything. He also began going overboard with the Hawk-isms around the time they won the WS, to the point where he became something of a caricature of himself. So, yeah, it's hard to be a good announcer when you're so emotionally invested, but Hawk changed a lot as he got older.
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    After 4 games Yoan Moncada is a perennial MVP/ Gold Glove candidate and Eloy is terrible apparently
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    You know you suck when you're getting pinch hit for Ryan Cordell. How the mighty have fallen already for Palka.
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    Dave’s podcast is gonna be awkward with Palka on a bus in Charlotte.
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    Nate Jones' corpse is a better option than Covey
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    This is all Yolmer's fault. The inning would have been completely different had he made that catch.
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    Ricky giveth (Cordell) and then Ricky takes it away (Covey).
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    Most unexpected “in play (runs)” I’ve had this year
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    Nova's walk off the mound after a punch out is SO sweaty Freddy and I love it.
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    Hopefully it's not pharmaceutically enhanced this year.
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    Dusty Baker, Mike Matheny, Mike Scoscia, and Joe Maddon were all managing when he was hired, and although none are Latin, they all speak Spanish fluently.
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    But seriously why the fuck is Covey in the game
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    I have the same attitude towards Yolmer and I know it isn't fair. It isn't like he is horrible. He is average, sometimes slightly above and many times, slightly below. It's just what he represents that sours me. He is considered a White Sox developmental success story, and he is at best average. I get he dumps water on himself, but any other team, he's just some guy with a good sense of humor. The other thing he now represents is Machado failure. So every time he steps up, I am reminded how the Sox couldn't afford to build a winner when JR is 92 or 93 so they had to come in second for Machado.
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