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    What's the difference? The N-word was created to degrade and entire race of people. They decided they want to take the word back, end it with an "a" instead of "er" and use it casually. You know who doesnt have a right to tell a black man not to say it? A bunch of white people who have no understanding of it.
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    Hilarious that MLB would throw themselves into the "if we can't use it then neither can they" stratosphere when they could have just ignored it.
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    Only baseball would suspend a black man calling a white man the n word.
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    The future lineup for the White Sox is coming together right before our eyes. 1. Madrigal - age 22.1 (120 wRC+ in A+) 2. Moncada - age 23.9 (155 wRC+ in MLB) 3. Martinez - age 31.7 (170 wRC+ in MLB, everyone here knows I love me some JDM) 4. Jimenez - age 22.4 (104 wRC+ in MLB) 5. Robert - age 21.7 (303 wRC+ in A+) 6. Vaughn - age 21.0 (1.24 OPS in college) 7. Collins - age 24.2 (148 wRC+ in AAA) 8. Anderson - age 25.8 (204 wRC+ in MLB) 9. Cordell - age 27.1 (367 wRC+ in MLB, 133 wRC+ in AAA) #GetExcited
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    Tim needs to learn Spanish and then scream it at Joe West.
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    2 tips that will make your like immensely better. 1. Celebrate anything that makes you happy 2. Don't use other's happiness as a reason to be unhappy Just finished that monthly report you hate? Toss it on the boss's desk and do a little shimmy. Finally found the bug in your program? Secret handshake line down the row of cubicals. Nothing to celebrate? Celebrate the fact that you have celebrated 5 days in a row. And when you see your coworker doing their little shimmy while you still have hours left on your report? Don't pout, or sulk, or judge them for not meeting whatever arbitrary standards you have set for yourself. It's just misplaced anger. Give them a smile and a high five instead. Celebrate the mundane y'all. There's some absolute truth 🍾
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    I think it's fine to for MLB to disallow it, but they need to be clear on it and set boundaries. But to set a precedent like this against a black player, on Jackie Robinson week, and over an incident where said player was wrongfully ejected for basically doing nothing wrong just looks so bad it's mind-numbing.
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    It's actually shocking how bad MLB got this
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    Well Terry Collins called an ump a cock sucker. I wonder what he meant by that.
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    I must be the only one that thinks it’s a total joke that Anderson gets in trouble for saying something on the field to a bunch of guys that aren’t even supposed to be out of the dugout.
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    Country Joe West sells more tickets I guess...I know that is why I go to every game when he is in town. When is that Joe West Bobble Ass night again?
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    This is fucking absurd. Fuck the league.
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    No. But if Omar Narvaez is your best catcher, you should be looking for a new catcher.
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    Can we just make a banner of Roberts face next to a big 303 wrc+ text box
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    Was he wrong to say it?...maybe. Is MLB stupid for suspending him at all about it?...probably. Is all of this ultimately making Tim Anderson much more popular...definitely.
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    It doesn’t matter. If he used a word of a racial nature that they wouldn’t want anyone to use at any time, he deserves the suspension. You can’t have a double standard.
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    Joe West is a much bigger problem. There was no reason to throw any one out. Warn both benches and move on MLB needs to adopt similar rules as the NBA regarding bench-clearing. If I was Tim, I'd appeal it. The Royals announcers take on this incident was laughable.
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    Can we post the MILB scoreboard? Much prefered
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    Hansen 2 IP 0 H 2 K. He did make an error. On the season 6 IP 0 H, 2 BB, 9 K. Please be fixed.
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