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    Andrew Vaughn = Paul Konerko CJ Abrams = Micah Johnson ....or Ozzie Guillen Like, that's really the extent of the talent evaluation you just did.
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    Exactly. Never understood the hate for that guy. He made just 30 starts with the Sox and put up 4.8 fWAR, what the hell more do people want from the guy?
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    Edwin Jackson was actually pretty good for the Sox. 11-9 wit a 3.66 ERA and 3.22 FIP. 174 Ks to 57 walks.
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    Generally speaking, when you remove a team's top 5 prospects, the farm system is going to look pretty bad.
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    Even though he hasn't been putting up great numbers he still looks much better to me than he did throughout last year.
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    Couldn't be a pulled muscle since he doesn't have any
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    Covey vs. Bucholz in Canada. I think there will be some runs scored in this affair. Let's strive mightily to win 2/3 or sweep this weekend.
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    Lol, yah I struggled with that one.
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    Ricky out here with his one dimensional connect 4.
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    Well one good move is taking Sanchez out of the damn lineup but we still have Alonso hitting clean up
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    Not “great” but by all accounts a 125 wRC+ is certainly “good.” Keep in mind he turns 24 this month. I’d be thrilled with a 125 wRC+ 3b that just turned 24 if he maintains it for the entire season.
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    I’ll be there. Second row behind the Jays dugout. Hopefully a good game.
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    If that is what his slumps look like, it's not a bad thing
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    All along I've thought Adley is clearly the best player in the draft but I'm starting to think it's Jr. The ball just explodes off his bat. This Kid has a chance to be really special.
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    Just seeing the phrase "concurrent surgeries" at the end of that article made me squirm. Who would ever think that's ok? Especially when it's something that could result in spinal cord damage.
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    Epidural headache? Get a blood patch. Easy. Routine.
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    Stiever finished with a 7 IP 4 H 1 R 1 ER 0 BB 8 SO line. Sosa and Bush with solid games as well.
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    Nice. He needs to be in W-S. Same with Pinkleton.
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    Our boy Stiever pitching well so far. @DirtySox @ChiliIrishHammock24 5 IP 1 H 0 E 0 ER 0 BB 6 SO so far. Only hit was a bunt single.
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    I've dealt with teaching hospitals before... NEVER AGAIN. Good for Bobby. 👍
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    But you said they are a dime a dozen. In a bad year, he was the best. Now that he is healthy and swinging well, finding someone like him isn't easy. I sure hope he stole your girlfriend or something. Your constant ragging him is beyond bizarre.
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    To all you Engel haters, they just said in the postgame that he is hitting .600 in Charlotte 😎
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    Ok...I'll be Devil's Advocate here. 1st...everybody thought at the time acquiring Giolito, Lopez and Dunning was a ridiculously one-sided score at the time. It's not really Hahn's fault that for some reason Giolito and Lopez really hasn't developed as fast or even at all like most thought. So then you come down to...is it Cooper's fault? Is it Hahn's fault Dunning had to have TJ? Same with Kopech...not Hahn's fault he needed TJ as well. On the flip side....you have Cease who is going to be a star IMO...and when Kopech gets back he eventually will be as well. Hopefully that pushes Giolito and Lopez as well. Most figured when Eloy showed up it would push Moncada...and he hasn't disappointed. Yoan is quasi super star status right now IMO. We haven't even touched what Eloy can do yet...and he will rake. It's a matter of time. And let's not forget the young super star in waiting down in Birmingham either...Mr Luis Robert. So yeah...it sucks right now that the Sox haven't lived up to everyone's hopes and expectations...but a lot of this is hardly Hahn's fault. Not landing Manny...partially. Giving idiotic contracts to the likes of Jon Jay and Jones...yeah. But there really is a light at the end of the tunnel IMO. And last but not least...he really scored with the signing of McCann...who's been nothing short of spectacular so far. His only mistake was only making it a one year deal.
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    The hit tool is fine and is probably one of his strong points. The way FG does the current ratings is to kind of have a base case for the level and then put 5 (or rarely 10) above or below that level. For HS hitters, a 25 current hit means its a plus tool because the base for high level prospects is a 20. If its someone who they have questions on the hit, they will have a current 20 and then a below 50 future. For college players the base is a 30 with most being at most 5 above or below that. When you take all of that into consideration you can better understand their ratings. For example, Vaughn only has a 40 current hit which you would think is low, but its actually the best because its two levels (10 total) above the base of 30. It is also reflected in his higher future rating. On the other hand, Bishop and Abrams both have a 25 current hit, but Abrams hit is considered a strength while Bishop's is considered a weakness. That is because Abrams is above the usual for HS guys while Bishop is below the usual for college guys.
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