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    I give you the worst home run footage of all time:
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    I assume this is sarcasm, but I'll respond anyway. People were complaining about him striking out too much (and to some extent that he wasn't walking much) when he was destroying the ball for Winston-Salem. His approach seems to have changed based on early numbers in Birmingham. He has more walks with Birmingham (5) than he had in about twice as many PA with W-S (4). His K rate is much lower (16.3% vs. 23.8%) in AA. We're obviously dealing with a small sample size, but it's a good sign that he is improving in some ways while the other numbers aren't coming as easily as they did in A ball. I understand looking at box scores everyday and getting caught up in a small slump and noticing batting average because it's visible in every box. Madrigal I get worried about, but Robert will be a good player. Maybe he has a shot to be a great one, too.
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    All bunting does there is slightly increase your chance of tying the game, but it does not meaningfully increase your chance of winning the game bc You just put a bullet in the belly of your chance to score multiple runs. And that’s with a successful bunt. 99% of major-league players have no business trying to lay down a bunt at all. Quite frankly we should see players bunting as often as we see a straight steal of home. That’s how rare it is for the stars to align making it the best strategy available.
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    If he has TJ I'm cutting my loses now tbh. I'm not paying him in 2020 to keep him around so we can see if maybe he could pitch when it should absolutely be go time for the team.
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    First AA Homer for La Pantera
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    Right, my critiques are more specifically how they setup that narrative not the story arc itself. It just needed more time to show. It would be fine as a wikipedia page, it just didn't work within thrones where there has been such dedicated character and world building.
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    I do like this very much. I love the 80's. Good early 80's song.
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    I‘ll just say this: The mental gymnastics some people are willing to do to knock Madrigal are pretty amazing.
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    I dont think you read that correctly..
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    Kubat 26 yo lhp. Third start at AA. All seven innings. gives up first run so 21ip 14h 1r 0w 17k. Could we get some info on his stuff? Could we pretty please have a late bloomer on our hands who becomes something?
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    Exactly my thoughts, I would much rather McCann catch our younger guys
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    Also, someone may have pointed this out already, but LOL at Jaime telling Tyrion he never cared about the people... Didn't he kill the Mad King precisely to save the people? wtf?
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    Damn, you beat me to it
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    I sure wish I had a dragon to ride to a bathroom whenever violent diarrhea hits me.
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    FFS, the Sox traded Robertson (who had neutral value due to his salary) in a deal that netted them a top 50 prospect at the time. If the So did that with Colome, I would be doing backflips.
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    Colome might be one of our best tradeable resources but I just hope the team has somebody who can close out games if he 's traded. I don't want to go another year and a half without a closer. I also don't want him traded for nothing like Hahn traded Dave Robertson for nothing.
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    Arya's been on a suicide mission since season 1. She realized she has a purpose in the same episode Dany realized she no longer had a purpose. Is symbolism lost on all of you? I blame M Night Shyamalan. Everyone wants textbook story's with a twist now.
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    Developed story arcs and how we think everything should be was never the point of GoT. Ned, Robb, and Catelyn Stark would have lasted much longer if that was the case. You may have thought her character arc was finished, but it's not. We've seen signs of her ruthlessness before. Now we got to see how she really acts after several very emotional losses (Missandei, Jons lack of affection, Varys' treachery). Ruined my ass. All Time bad my ass. You can take that garbage and keep that opinion if you want, but after all is said and done I don't think many will be buying the "all time bad' and "worse than walking dead" stuff people like you are pandering.
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    So you expected the ruler who has the mad king in her genes and who’ve you’ve seen execute people like Tarly’s family just be the happy and great ruler in the end? They have been hinting at this turn all throughout the series. Where have you been? It’s an overall message about how power corrupts and she basically became Cersei all over again. Meanwhile, the best ruler would be the guy who doesn’t want the throne and won’t get corrupted by it as a result.
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    Yeah, well.. that's just like, your opinion, man.
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    No it does not. All he calculates is expected runs scored. He is not calculating the likelihood of scoring just one run. Bunting decreases the possibility for a big inning skewing the expected runs down, but if your goal is to score just ONE run, bunting increases that.
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    So you bunt the runners over, and now you’ve taken the bat out of the hands of your hottest hitter who will surely be walked to set up another double play situation
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