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    This process is correct and it makes me happy. Regardless of whether they are bad talent evaluators, if they value Abrams >= Vaughn, but can get him cheaper, they should do it. The lack of college pitching means that all other profiles are getting dragged forward. This would allow them to get the players they like with the first and second picks. Like getting Abrams and Seth Johnson would be an infusion of plus tools into the org with high ceilings. If they fail they fail.
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    I'm glad I'm enjoying every minute of Abreu's career. Not the team, but his individual career. He is one class act. Pay him. Enjoy him. Respect him. Thank u.
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    Robert just came up with bases loaded/two outs and singled in a pair.
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    This team is fun. They're showing the dark days are ending. Quit whining about everything and enjoy some success
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    This is why batting Alonso cleanup day after day when he’s not batting his weight is idiotic. Not that I need to convince anyone reading this post of that obvious statement. There’s a reason the Indians gave him to us for virtually nothing: it’s because he’s bad.
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    Astros will be STACKED!
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    Robert bunting in tie game with leadoff man on base. Never change Omar
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    I'd prefer to take an Abrams over a 1B/DH. This makes me happy.
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    I've been to 3 of Reynaldo's starts: 19 2/3 IP 9H, 2ER, 7BB, 25K, 0.92 ERA Other starts: 30 1/3 IP, 46H, 29ER, 16BB, 28K, 8.60 ERA I think he should hire me to come to all of his games.
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    Moncada! He's special. Abreu has 10 homers and 36 RBIs. Most underrated Sox player in years. All the guy does is produce. Give him some money, Jerry.
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    Among many of the hot takes, yeesh, this place is becoming a cesspool.
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    Can we split Soxtalk into two different versions? Like you either enter through the “whiner/blamer/nervous guy” door or the “dudes” door. Either way, people get to interact with other similar-thinking minds. Nothing against the WBN guys at all. I get it. Just not for me
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    Rebuild going swell
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    The plus to Abrams is if Vaughn started to struggle in AA his value absolutely craters. Jorge Mateo kept decent value through his struggles because of the speed and position, and now at age 24 has found some really nice power. This year he has 9 triples and 4 homers already in AAA and is slashing .329/.368/.567. Abrams needs to tap into power through both physical projection and swing changes, but even if he doesn't he would still be valuable either in trade or production. And if he does accomplish power he would be one of the best in the game. Still prefer witt, who has power now, but Abrams would be so exciting to have in the system that is so devoid of his type of skillset and most of all, projection. And if he fails others would have failed too.
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    Carrasco absolutely owns him. I’m totally fine with it.
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    Cargo was their big FA signing lol
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    I’m not nearly as optimistic as you, but I think there’s no excuse to not start looking to fill holes with actual good Major League Baseball players. They should be competitive next year.
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    There's no reason to trade Abreu unless they can get a player that will be a MLB starter in the future. They don't need to clear payroll, and he's not blocking anyone. He's more valuable to the Sox than any realistic return for him would be.
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    A win tomorrow would put us 1 game under .500 heading into an off day ahead of another series against the struggling Blue Jays. Let's do it
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    Hopefully the Sox get a discount on 3 surgeries.
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    I actually feel the exact opposite of this. There is no way in hell that this rebuild will succeed without significant help from outside the organization. This team needs to add a TOR arm, catcher, second baseman, Right Fielder, DH, and a couple more bullpen arms if it wants to compete next year.
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    This is amazing.
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    I dont think you read that correctly..
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    1B/DH guys yes, I get that, but you ALWAYS draft middle infield, especially SS. They are usually the best athletes and if he doesn't stick there, can always move him around the field.
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