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    This process is correct and it makes me happy. Regardless of whether they are bad talent evaluators, if they value Abrams >= Vaughn, but can get him cheaper, they should do it. The lack of college pitching means that all other profiles are getting dragged forward. This would allow them to get the players they like with the first and second picks. Like getting Abrams and Seth Johnson would be an infusion of plus tools into the org with high ceilings. If they fail they fail.
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    I'm glad I'm enjoying every minute of Abreu's career. Not the team, but his individual career. He is one class act. Pay him. Enjoy him. Respect him. Thank u.
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    Robert just came up with bases loaded/two outs and singled in a pair.
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    This team is fun. They're showing the dark days are ending. Quit whining about everything and enjoy some success
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    Astros will be STACKED!
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    Robert bunting in tie game with leadoff man on base. Never change Omar
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    I'd prefer to take an Abrams over a 1B/DH. This makes me happy.
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    I've been to 3 of Reynaldo's starts: 19 2/3 IP 9H, 2ER, 7BB, 25K, 0.92 ERA Other starts: 30 1/3 IP, 46H, 29ER, 16BB, 28K, 8.60 ERA I think he should hire me to come to all of his games.
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    Moncada! He's special. Abreu has 10 homers and 36 RBIs. Most underrated Sox player in years. All the guy does is produce. Give him some money, Jerry.
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    Among many of the hot takes, yeesh, this place is becoming a cesspool.
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    Can we split Soxtalk into two different versions? Like you either enter through the “whiner/blamer/nervous guy” door or the “dudes” door. Either way, people get to interact with other similar-thinking minds. Nothing against the WBN guys at all. I get it. Just not for me
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    Rebuild going swell
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    Better hope Horace has his lucky shoes on tonight
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    I get getting him a day off but do we really got to do it after he hit 2 home runs.
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    FanGraphs has the Sox picking Abrams now. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/mock-draft-2-0/
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    Almost getting mentally prepared for us to pick 7th in all honesty.
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    I’m not nearly as optimistic as you, but I think there’s no excuse to not start looking to fill holes with actual good Major League Baseball players. They should be competitive next year.
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    Yep it's a scope debridement of scar tissue. usually they do an ulnar nerve transposition when they do a UCL reconstruction and the nerve is no longer an issue. Either they didnt do one or there was massive scarring. These aren't common issues but they do happen. He is just lucky!
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    Don’t they have options on Jones for the next two seasons? https://legacy.baseballprospectus.com/compensation/cots/american-league/chicago-white-sox/ 20:$3.75M club option, 21:$4.25M club option Are you assuming the Sox would be too smart to pay a player $4 million NOT to play for them? See Jon Jay. 😂
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    We already have 3 guys with TOR stuff. We already have a top catcher and Collins looks like his time is now. Madrigal is your 2 nd baseman but might need to go outside if more time is needed. Right field is covered if Robert makes the club. Most question I have would be Madrigal & Robert but I'm in the group who move them faster. I'm not at all against trades or free agency. Just trying to show where are floor is.
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    This is amazing.
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    Oh, I know it's a long shot. It's just the next Buehrle label is almost like a kiss of death. Edit: Because Buehrle was so absurdly unique. If you never read this Grantland piece on Buehrle, read it. The Curious Case of Mark Buehrle
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    I give you the worst home run footage of all time:
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    I don't like mixing sports but vaughn really is a value question for me. I think players like Pete Alonso are probably underrated in team building - but on the other hand alonso was a below slot second rounder. Rhys Hoskins was in the 5th round. Goldschmidt in the 8th(?). Bellinger in the 4th. You had Seth Beer in the late first/comp rounds. (things that teams with player dev can do). And then lets look at college 1b drafted top 15 in last several years: Pavin Smith - a .342/.427/.570 hitter as JR in college, is now a 23 year old in AA hitting .223/.320/.402 Evan White - a .373/.453/.637 hitter as JR in college, is now a 23 year old in AA with a .769 OPS. And Evan is considered a plus plus defender that could maybe pass in outfield. So, teams have accurately stayed away, especially from rh hitting 1b, but ones that did seem worth it have struggled once they hit AA. Advanced bats, power and contact! But there wasn't much more to tap into, they were pretty much developed, which can destroy college hitting but may not mean a thing for pros. Now, Pavin Smith and White at the time were no where NEAR Vaughns reputation for hitting. But I really worry about the idea that a player like vaughn doesn't have more to tap into to get better as the competition increases, and instead just is what he is so the production atrophies and you just hope you are still getting at least an .800 OPS 1b. And you could fish that out of later rounds unless you are the white sox and you get Gavin Sheets. Edit: I forgot to mix the sports - but it's comparable to running back. Vaughn may be gurley/elliott, but guys that good are plucked later quite a bit.
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    Whoah, I never woulda thought that homer fans would have unrealistic expectations of their team
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