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    Kinda needs to be the White Sox the first time they do it I would think. Plus I heard the Cubs wanted to play and they told them to "stuff it"...haha
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    All of you who've never seen it can catch a screening after the sox game on Friday. Should start around 5:30 on the jumbotron!
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    Also, is it too early to petition for Eloy to DH this game? You know he’s going to end up running full speed into a cornstalk and lacerate his spleen.
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    Ron would have made this a ban bet, you cowards.
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    I think we all know the 2015 comparison was a not a good one. I don't want the Sox spending money just to spend money. And we definitely don't want them to blow their wad, to where they won't be able to afford keeping Moncada and/or Giolito in a few years. The right player and right value needs to be there. Unfortunately that right player was there last winter and they blew it. But moving forward, if they could land an Ozuna and Wheeler, plus throw in a reliever or two to fill out the pen, I'd be pretty happy.How much the Sox compete next year largely depends on how quickly some of these high end prospects develop? Will Eloy right the ship and by how much? Does Robert struggle in his first season or is he an instant sensation? There's a lot of unknowns. Here's one last question - do you bring back Ivan Nova, who is a free agent? He's been the Sox best pitcher (by far) since the all-star break. And yes, the Sox certainly should be better in 2021 than next year, but that doesn't mean they can't be damn good next year. The time to go for it is upon us.
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    The Yerminator! 2-4 with 1BB and 3R. Patiently biding his time. OPS all the way down to 0.963 though.
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    Night game on FOX In a field behind movie. A walkway in corn will take you from movie site to stadium. 8,000 seats The dimensions will be that of old Comiskey. Bullpens in CF like old Comiskey. Right field will have a see thru glass for corn. It is a White Sox home game. And yes the family that are majority owners of field are huge Sox fans.
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    If he is still on the team, it might be a way to finally get rid of Jon Jay... He goes back on a ball into the cornfield and never returns.
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    I've never seen the whole thing either. Just put a few rows of corn in the OF concourse and play the Yankees at home. Does anyone really care about playing on a fake field from a movie 30 years ago? If the Sox are actually good next year, they are sacrificing a huge gate for nonsense.
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    So hopefully we are in at least the WC hunt next season. That way Jose can lead us down the home stretch.
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    You're not the bad guy man and no one is saying you are. No one here "hates" Abreu (except Ron of course). It's just a baseball decision to replace him with someone better or at least go cheaper than what he can provide. Having said that, I'd take him back on a one year deal if hes willing to mostly DH. If not, then overpay Encarnacion for one year.
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    You’re really confusing your job experiences to those of the rest of America.
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    Leury has been a pleasant surprise. My only beef is that he can be a dumb player at times.
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    Not traditional college. But fine, 1 in 7 years. Top-shelf work.
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    It is. But I'd prefer he didn't have to hit .325 to have it that high lol
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    I think what ultimately matters is what Jason Kinander and his sources think. He is on fire. He almost got one right recently.
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    If they don’t spend big this offseason, then the fanbase should riot. Now is the time to be aggressive.
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    Lol at 2021 at the earliest. If this team is not contending by 2021 then the rebuild has been a total flop. The goal should be to compete next year. Whether the young guys take the necessary steps forward is a TBD, but wasting another year of Moncada, Giolito, etc. would be absolute insanity. The clock starts ticking this offseason.
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    Anderson is pretty good.
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    Lol, you're all over the place within a single thread. You just make shit up as you go.
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    For the record, me, @ChiliIrishHammock24and @DirtySox were on the Stiever bandwagon before it was cool.
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