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    I don't see the point of them actually discussing such things, but I do see his point because it is insane. The only thing I can see is that it really did hurt the Joc trade or something like that, so there's a tangible negative outcome for the Sox other than their feelings being hurt. If you don't like the Sox direction, fine, but it's what we have and there's literally no point shouting your opinions on Twitter because no one except Rick Hahn cares. In his mind, he is doing the best he can to complete the task of building a winner so I guess I really can see why he takes it personally. Like him or not, he is doing the best he can, in my opinion. Just roll with it and hope for the best. For the rest of it, it's useless. I'd like to see a bunch of Red Sox fan tweets during their little losing streak. Probably worse than any suicide watch we've ever seen around here.
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    This is the type of thing I hear every day. Great to hear I'm not way off base. People are afraid to b**** about it. They're told to shut up because they're lucky to even have a job. I can't believe that there was ever a time where people were so lazy at work that they needed to go this far in the other direction.
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    This is amazing. We aren't sacrificing anything as our team will play in one of the coolest scenarios this century. This game will be talked about big time and we are already getting big time attention today. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the first team to do this.
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    https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/prospects/stats/affiliates?date=08/09/2019 https://www.milb.com/scores/whitesox/2019-08-09
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    The guy has been the GM for 7 years, they have never been .500. never finished closer than 16 1/2 games out of first place, are collectively almost 150 games under .500, and he's talking about twitter. He's a bright guy. There is a way to shut twitter up.
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    I don't understand why they're playing the Yankees and not the Red Sox. Fenway Park was featured prominently in that film.
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    I get why people would be annoyed that he is talking about this in the first place, but he is 100% right that there is a substantial and growing subset of Sox "fans" on Twitter who have seemingly made it their life mission to incessantly whine about every little thing for no apparent reason while completely ignoring anything that is good. I'm not saying that there is no reason to complain, but they take it to another level and his description of them is pretty accurate.
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    The Hahn clip of him ranting about Twitter and then trying to act like he isn't butt hurt about Sox fans not liking their direction was embarrassing.
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    Double for Adolfo now. 3-3, HR, RBI, 2B, R
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    And why would the Sox want to bring attention to Eight Men Out?
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    I don't really follow most of this post. You're saying play a movie at every stadium? How is that similar to the Sox and Yankees playing at the location a movie was filmed?
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    1) It’s good to try to activate the largely dormant fanbase in that part of Iowa that has more allegiance to the Cubs, Brewers and Twins in that order. 2) Also helps bring more attention to Shoeless Joe Jackson and the Sox in general, which is only a positive. More attention for Eight Men Out, as well. 3) Is something totally unique. I’m frankly surprised they haven’t tried to do something similar with the Indians (Major League), the Twins (Little Big League, like having a competition for a teenager to manage a game in spring training)...another movie like The Rookie 2 about that kid that just got signed after throwing 96 at a stadium fast pitch last week. Anything but that preposterous movie Rookie of the Year. Then you’ve got The Sandlot, 42, ‘61, Bang the Drum Slowly, The Natural, Pride of the Yankees, Bad News Bears, Moneyball, Trouble With the Curve, Bull Durham...a movie every other weekend at every park in the country when the team’s away...or maybe just six times per year. https://www.scout.com/Article/Kevin-Costner-Sports-Movies-Ranked-105187854/ Costner’s father is wearing a Yankees’ 1929-31 jersey in the movie
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    Stupidest post in the history of stupid posts. This is how you can tell someone is biased or is so locked into his history of hatred against another person that he has to keep hating. He is implying Abreu is at his best because there is no pressure because the Sox don't have a shot at the playoffs but if they did then these wouldn't be his best months. So it's Jose fault the Sox don't make the playoffs because he sucks early. He is only good later because he is afraid to win. To agree or partially agree with that post means you must agree that Jose sucks either early or late and he dislikes winning and can't perform under pressure. Also that he purposefully is bad before the trade deadline because he doesn't want to be traded. Abreu is basically being bad on purpose or throwing games,
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    You'll be out of work until next October?
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    Trubisky went from well below average playing in a dogshit offensive scheme with CFL players at WR to going 29 TD/12 INT + a 67% CP last year with capable players and good coaches. I don't see a scenario where he isn't even better in 2019. Got to love the preseason, where every scrub is great and every good player sucks.
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    No, ron, I'm not going to let you pound this into your agenda. Jose isn't magically better post trade deadline. He's just a much worse hitter in cold weather. The August sample size isn't big enough to mean anything in terms of deviating from June or July or September. His June-September numbers are way, way better than his March-May numbers, though.
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    Not one bit in my opinion. I think that would be perfect actually.
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    Also, is it too early to petition for Eloy to DH this game? You know he’s going to end up running full speed into a cornstalk and lacerate his spleen.
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    So hopefully we are in at least the WC hunt next season. That way Jose can lead us down the home stretch.
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    If I had to vote to put up with his Abreu bashing vs, Greg's Abreu worship the latter wins hands down. LOL potential playoff run. That was Ventura first year and Jose wasn't there. It would have been nice to have someone whose best months were August and September. Pretty much the whole team was a bunch of mental midgets. They won 85 games. I'm sure there is a lot of pressure on players during the deadline for those who want to stay and those who want out.
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    Nobody: ........ Ron: Jose Abreu sucks! In all seriousness though, I feel like you probably root against him and hope he does bad every game.
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    You're pointing the entitlement in the wrong direction. I don't think millennials have an entitlement problem, I think HR departments, and the remainder of Corporate America does. It's all projection. They're complaining because they don't want to deal with the consequences of their actions. Maybe create a family environment and stop squeezing employees for every bit of time and money possible. Happy employees are more productive. This is fact. If you're under stress constantly, it doesn't motivate you, it makes it harder to do your job, contrary to popular belief. All of you people who think that can cry me a fucking river until their company brings back dignity at work. Its really hard to take pride and have a good attitude when you feel like meat. Maybe people need to look into the mirror instead of saying "That's just how life works" It doesn't have to be that way. Corporations have nobody to blame but themselves. This is all the result of excessive greed at the top. Take a look in the mirror. Ask yourself who has the entitlement problem. It might be YOU. If you're not acknowledging the challenges younger people have in gaining and maintaining employment, you might have the entitlement problem. If you're not giving your employees all of the tools necessary to do their job at a high level, you might be entitled. If you're not investing in college grads because they're too green, you might be entitled. If your HR dept. has a skills requirement list 20 items long on a job description they might be entitled. I have a wee bit of resentment against previous generations because we had a great economic system in this country and Boomers and Gen Xers let the modern day Robber Barons destroy it. Every generation they're taking more and more rights away and now employees might as well have the relationship of slave to their employer's master. Every time they took benefits away nobody ever put up a fight. These are the consequences of those choices. Just look in the mirror. You took all of the advantages people had and flushed them down the crapper, by being complacent. Now us younger people have to fight just to get back to where we were in the 60s and 70s. It might take two or three generations to undo the damage that has been done. I believe anyone who points the finger at Millennials, has an entitlement problem themselves. They're not entitled, YOU ARE!
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    Colome gave up 3 runs today and took the loss, pushing his record to 3-2. Since wins and losses are all that matter and the closer gets full credit for 9 inning of results it’s fair to say that Colome lost 25% of his value today.
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    Also, I love you’re allocating entire wins to the closer because of saves.
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