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    Having a competent 1B would solve so many issues of this team
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    Maybe if I didnt put afternoon in the title like a dumbass
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    Apparently the White Sox were thrilled just for a seat at the table. I agree, Hahn saying nothing last year would have saved him a lot of the twitter grief he hates. But he is great at talking out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand it’s great the Sox came in second, put a feather in their cap because, I don’t know why, but on the other hand he says it’s binary, you either sign him or you don’t. Trying to get cute then losing out and spinning we made the better offer, but we cannot afford the one he picked is just telling the fan base how dumb they think they are. i will believe it when I see it. That goes from them actually closing the deal on franchise altering players, and actually putting together winning teams. Hahn and his multiple championships line is silly. How is he qualified to know what “multi championship players” look like? He would be done as a GM by now if he was with any other team. I listened to a lot of the podcast and his answer about the Nate Jones trade was telling. Blah, blah, blah Paddy doesn’t like any more prospects...this is going to be big for us. Saving $3 million in today’s game is big for a mom and pop operation, not some team with unprecedented payroll flexibility who will soon be competing for multiple championships.
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    Okay, I'm bored as hell at work today and I've wanted to make this thread ever since the Oakland series, so here we go. Oakland is a noisy ballpark. It seems to annoy a lot of folks from what I read on the game threads, but it also appears to be a fun way for fans to engage with the game while at the game. I must admit, I envy the baseball traditions that Latin American countries have. They are loud and boisterous at baseball games, where most North Americans are quiet, boring and only make noise if something good happens or if the JumboTron tells them to. When I'm getting my buzz on at the ballpark, or any sporting event, I want to make noise. Personally, I'd find a great deal of fun with taking my saxophone to the game and using it to get the team and the crowd going. I wish we had more of a communal mindset in North America when we go to sporting events. They are meant to be a fun thing to do, and your favorite team is not going to win 100% of the time, so having that fallback of "Well my team lost, but I still had a blast because of all the fun we had in the crowd" would be amazing. Last year, I went to the Bears/Jets game and had an absolute blast. Not only because they won, but because it is expected that the fans are noisy when the opposing team is on defense. This creates a fun atmosphere, for me at least. As fun as that was, I made my way to the Blackhawks game that same evening and tried to bring that same kind of energy (I was also plastered), and basically got told to shut up by other fans. What a disappointment! I'm sorry, I'm not going to wait until playoff games to make noise for my favorite hockey team. My question for you is, if the Sox came out and said "We are okay with fans bringing musical instruments or noisy things to the ballpark", how would you feel about it? Would you just be annoyed with it? Am I more of an anomaly than anything else? Oaklands crowds, albeit small, seem to enjoy having that around which suggests that there would indeed be a decently sized subset of fans that would enjoy it here. If this were to occur, and you aren't a fan of it, would you be more likely to complain to the Sox about it, or simply tolerate it?
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    I missed this post before posting a similar thought. I want Grandal, Wheeler, Betances, Gordon, and any other SP/swing man. With those five additions, along with Robert and Madrigal, I think we make the playoffs next year.
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    The US President just retweeted something suggesting the involvement of the Clintons.
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    He was called up to replace Varnell who was promoted to W-S. Frare was sent to W-S too and McClure went on the IL
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    Hey guys, I've got two tickets for the game tomorrow I'd like to give away. One point before I ask who would like them. 1. They are paper tickets (not e-tickets) so I cannot mail them. They can either be picked up before near my house (Oak Park area) or I can leave them with roll call under your name. The parking pass is being used as well (sorry) so I cannot include that. The cost is $0. Please if you won't go, do not ask. Section 137.
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    Memo to investors put $10T on the Sox to tank this one.
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    I agree with Dick Allen. Hahn would have been let go by most teams with his record. And the rebuild came out of desperation. The Sox, although they had some talent, were plodding along winning in the mid '70s range and contending for nothing. Fans were frustrated not only by the losing, but by a franchise drifting with no apparent direction. So many were glad to see the club at least have some focus. But now with this focus, there has to be results. There is no credibility with continued pleas for patience. Whatever the Sox do this offseason, there has to be at least some improvement that will cause real hope. Talk, at this point, means nothing.
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    Am I the only one who doesn't want Robert hitting leadoff? He very well might end up being the best hitter on the team...maybe even better than Moncada and Eloy. If that's the case, I want him hitting 3rd so he can drive in the guys batting in front of him (Madrigal and Moncada) who will hopefully get on base a ton.
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    Yermin Munster killing it per usual
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    Finally an article @vilehoopster and @greg775 can get behind 😂😂😂
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    Well sure if you look at them as finished products with no room to improve. Guess its the old prospects are suspects until they change your mind. There's all of next year to see who climbs the ladder.
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    Yermin and Zack BTB.
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    Caulfield, I like you bro, but what in the fuck are you talking about. I really hope you were never in marketing if you think any of this makes sense.
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    The White Sox and the owner of the field presented this idea to the league. The White Sox want the spot light on them for this game to promote their product
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    Feels like raffle is probably best way to do it.
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    2014... psssh. Pretender. Try since 2009. But thanks for filling in (I'll give you the past couple of years), but the king is back. EDIT: by the way Joe, I love how I actually said that in your '16 thread.
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    Anderson is pretty good.
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    Of course we aren't but you add Madrigal also and some quality FA arms a RF etc. who is to say they don't have a shot at the playoffs? Id gladly take Rendon and move Moncada back to 2nd base or even let Rendon play 2nd base. Scooter Gennett , MadBum, Strasburg if he opts out, Wheeler , Betances plenty of decent options out there. Have to use that payroll flexibility sooner than later. Sustained success is a lie. Make a run at winning a title in the next 5 years starting next year.
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