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    This is an awful point. It wasn't more enjoyable than Hawk and Stone, it was a one time novelty. If that happened for 162 game season people would want to murder Walton by game 3
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    A big league CF is camped under that ball.
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    I didn't watch this game, but the Walton stuff sounds like it was fun. I doubt that it will work over the long run, but sometimes it is really good not to take things so seriously. Bill Veeck had his failures but sometimes he did things that were just fun. The White Sox did something right here.
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    Walton is by nature someone that is going to be loved or hated. I found myself laughing more than I can remember watching a televised game. Would I want that all year? of course not.
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    Hate or Love Walton, he definitely got the job done. The Sox broadcast was all over social media last night and still this morning. Personally I thought it was fun, 1 weekend of this is definitely the limit though as I can see Walton becoming exhausting very quickly.
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    It’s really one of the worst takes I’ve seen in Soxtalk history and dude should change his handle to “Cheese&Whine” because that’s all he does.
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    i wouldn't be surprised if it happened again next year. bet it went over well nationally
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    Much of what he does is schtick , It's his act .
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    NBC Sports playing the sign off music mid-Walton monologue with while McCann nervously laughs, answers a question, and Walton swings a bat is comedy gold.
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    Yes, indeed. Like a student answering a teacher’s questions.
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    It's pretty clear that Walton is far from an idiot or moron. You may not like his point of view, but he is intelligent and informed.
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    Amazing that someone liked this post. Pretty embarrassing honestly. Hes a 20 year old kid making a living playing baseball and you want him to get badly hurt because your favorite team traded him. Pretty terrible thing to wish on an athlete.
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    That should have been one inning of Walton and then Bennetti by himself for the rest of the game, total fucking garbage. Don't @ me
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    All I can picture right now is a depressed look on Steve Stone’s face with R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” song playing in the background.
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    Hilarious how McCann is answering all of Walton’s ridiculous questions immediately and with a straight face.
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    McCann's interaction with Walton right now is gold.
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    Next we're gonna have Will Farrell as Ron Burgundy doing a broadcast with Benetti.
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    this is getting better by the minute "you're like a time capsule" "no, I'm like a slot machine"
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    When’s the last time a 9 p.m. start had 17 pages?
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