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    https://www.milb.com/scores/whitesox/2019-08-19 https://www.milb.com/scores/whitesox/2019-08-19 Kubat for AAA. Flores back at AA for third post rehab start. I hate to ask this, I know it is a free board etc, etc. I don't post often in the MLB game threads as many are extremely negative. I get the frustration but I come to the minors for hope. On any given day, someone by virtue of chance will have a decent/good day. Lately, I am seeing the negative spill over to the minors. Could we limit the plain "he sux" comments or put them in a thread about that player? I have no problem with someone wanting to discuss a players poor performance but many of these players most of us have never seen. Many are playing for their careers as roster decisions loom. They are doing all they can in often shitty circumstances. Sorry and I know I will get slammed but everybody have a great day.
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    Keep this crap out of minor league threads
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    An ERA below 5 plays now right? I feel like all of a sudden we’re back to needing guys like Sirotka & Parque in this new offensive era. They just can’t be your best pitchers.
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    Then why would a player be assured Hall of Fame if he knocked in 100 RBI or more in say 7-10 seasons? You advanced stat people can never convince me RBIs mean nothing. Look at the players who knock in 100. They are pretty fricking good players. Just cause you guys say it doesn't matter doesn't mean La Russa will agree with you. ... I'm assuming to the stat people only WAR matters at all. It should pretty much be the only thing looked at regarding Hall of Fame admission. I wonder if the baseball arbitration judges only look at WAR. ... Tell me ron, do you know more than Steve Stone? Are you a better baseball mind than Stone? Try telling him RBIs mean NOTHING. Get back to me on how that goes.
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    RBIs don't matter anymore. It is a relic stat from the past.
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    They have the big names in Trout, Ohtani and Pujols, but their overall roster sucks after the first 5-6 players.
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    Luis Gonzalez has been pretty good the past month or so. While the BB & K rates have been solid all year, he’s finally starting to make some loud contact. He should start 2020 in AAA and it will be interesting to see how he responds to the juiced ball and the bandbox the Knights play in.
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    Robert is nearing a 30/30 season. Just an incredible year by him.
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    Free Yermin! We have a spot open on the 40 man. Why not?!??
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    Mercedes HR. Call this dude up.
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    Taylor St. Sox, meet Caufield.
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    The problem, of course, is every other stat that you didn’t mention.
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    Not once did I see you mention winning a championship. Who gives a flying fig if we can be above .500 for a sustained period ? The Sox haven't done a damn thing to raise expectations that they can sustain success by relying on minor league talent. They can't draft it , they can't develop it. they can't recognize it and they give away int'l pool money when they should be spending it. Do you really believe that load of crap you just wrote ?
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    This is the type of shit posting that adds absolute zero value to the board and simply makes you come off as a whiny little b****.
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    If that's the case, this rebuild is doomed. The goal is to have as many of these guys performing at as high of a level as possible simultaneously. That should be the goal now. Playing silly service time games with Robert and Madrigal is counterproductive. The only clock that matters at this point is the one on Giolito, Moncada and Lopez. The goal should be maximizing that clock.
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    Agreed. It’s disappointing. And even more disappointing that the ron883s, Yoan4Moans, and Jack Parkmans are the ones who seem to weasel their way into every discussion and ruin it. If only “ban bets” were strictly enforced...
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    Hindsight is 20/20, but Harper should've been the primary target, not Machado. The Sox are likely better for it moving forward without Machado. Same can't be said sans Harper. We need a RF, and while I get the hesitance b/c we've been burned before on NL hitters, Harper is easily the most prolific talent with the largest set of tools compared to Dunn or LaRoche. Despite the huge addition of Machado, the Sox and Padres are both making the same modest improvements from last season.
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    The comments on their demise were well exaggerated. Harper would have been amazing from a marketing perspective. He is well worth his contract and we still need a right fielder.
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    Lol...my perceived high ground? I’ve made plenty of dumb claims on this site, but I do try avoid speaking with absolute certainty and I definitely try learning from my mistakes. Don’t catch feelings because I’m saying history may be repeating itself here. And yes, I did in fact move to Nashville, but never planned on leaving this board (maybe my initial post on the subject misstated my intentions). Being away from Chicago makes this board an even bigger necessity in my life.
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    Since you like to search and repost others to support your perceived high ground, why don't you pull up the posts about you leaving this board? Something about moving to Nashville because you were so distraught. Obviously that didn't happen.
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    Agreed 100%. I always hate the hockey fan meatheads that say hockey is the best because players will play with a broken leg...how are you helping your team by playing injured? lol give me someone who can skate.
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    On the one hand, I appreciate ya'll owning your takes OTOH, this take ain't it chiefs. Moncada was diagnosed with a strain by an MRI, and it is serious enough to be out 2 weeks. This is a legit injury. And no, I don't care about the time you played through 3 broken ankles for your beer league softball team or whatever other dumb story makes you think a guy not being able to play through a hammy strain is soft.
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    You guys are morons if you think playing through a hamstring strain of any grade is heroic. It's fucking moronic and how you end up like Chris Paul in your early 30s. I'm glad he asked out and if it's 2 weeks it's obviously is more than just "tightness". These next 40+ games are meaningless in the grand scheme. Moncada has already proven he can handle 3rd and put up a potential 6 WAR season. Let him rest up, get back out there in a couple weeks and finish strong.
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    Where are all the "He's just a wimp that can't play through pain" takes from last night? C'mon, take a bow ya'll.
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