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    Well today, for example, he drove in his 100th RBI of the year, the 5th year he’s done so in a White Sox uniform, which places him third all-time in White Sox history in doing so. Only Paulie (6 times) and Big Frank (10 times) have done it more often as a member of the White Sox. But I digress - what was that you were saying about Alex Rios?
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    Abreu's second RBI today shows his value. 1st of all, he got the first RBI of the game (Hell, he batted in all of the Sox's runs today). Back on topic. The bases loaded against a young guy throwing 100 mph, less than two outs. You have got to put that ball in play. Anderson with his .330 or so average strikes out on three pitches. Abreu, and experienced veteran not in anyway in decline, gets his bat on a ball and the slow roller to 3rd scores the insurance run. You guys who complain about his bat slowing down and all that BS, that was a great at bat, great: a clear compare and contrast between Abreu and Anderson. Yes, he got lucky, but his skill was putting the ball in play to get lucky. And he will continue being this lucky for years yet. Pay the man: three years and at least 36 million. And if you think the Sox showing a valued warrior the respect and paying him what he deserves will keep them from signing some other free agent, you're just being ridiculous. If you have to reach to that level of fantasy to argue against Abreu's value and why he should not be resigned. You're already lost the argument.
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    Of course you are a guy who though Yonder Alonso was good. Yet if you looked at his advanced numbers, he's pretty much sucked his entire career, save one season. But go on a rant telling me I am stupid and using some slang to call me a girl. The bottom line is you have no idea what you are writing about.
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    And he has been his whole career, but I still think it’s important to point out his numbers in non-RISP situations are not great and have slowly gotten worse with time. That being said, I love Abreu and think it’s important we bring him back for next couple years if the price is right.
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    To argue that RBI's are not important is ridiculous imho.
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    Comparing Cutler to Sanchez is nonsense. Who would you rather have? Player A: 3.1 INT % 7.1 Y/A 56.9 COM% 1.32:1 TD:INT Player B: 3.3 INT % 7.1 Y/A 62.0 COM% 1.42:1 TD:INT I think anyone would take player B. Player B is Jay Cutler. Player A is John Elway. The issue was Cutler was really bad when he was bad. But in 2010, he was really good, and when he broke his thumb in 2011, the Bears offense was rolling and he was playing great. When Elway was bad, he was average. Those games don't stand out. The really awful ones do, especially when one of them has rings. Even Steve Young, who notoriously HATED Cutler, ranked the Bears #1 in his power rankings in 2011 because of Jay. One of my biggest hot takes ever is that if he's healthy in 2010 and/or 2011, they win at least one Super Bowl.
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    Good post by vile. For some reason if I wrote this I think I'd be accused of trolling. The post has a cool rhythm to it.
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    When will these immature athletes learn to drink water like us professional message boarders?
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    1. If he has the flu, it becomes much more difficult to stay hydrated 2. The someone you are referring to is Lopez. He knows his body better than anyone and is a professional. At the ML level, a coaching staff shouldn’t have to tell a player to drink more water.
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    I've been thinking about what I posted in this thread for a while, and really it does me no good to constantly b**** about getting the short end of the stick. Being angry and bitter does me no good, I should just move forward from here and try to make the best of my situation as it exists today.
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    Well he's not the main culprit ,we all know who is. The guy who mocks RBI's as a useful stat to poster Thad Bosley. So I bring up this clutch stat which for some reason an old guy like me can find but the sabre guys can't and you say Abreu is 11th using it so I'm sure R883 will now disparage that particular sabre stat or just ignore it.
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    His career wRC+ with RISP (in nearly 1,000 plate appearances) is significantly higher than without RISP. Are you saying that is a small sample size bias? My view is in the analytics community there is oftentimes confusion that certain things don’t exist or aren’t true because they can’t be validated due to sample size limitations. I feel strongly that certain players perform at higher or lower level in clutch situations whether it can be measured or not.
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    Not so good. But I would rather have a guy a bit better with runners on than the bases empty. The guy produces runs. The Sox don't have many of those. He's been a really good player for the White Sox. I
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    I'm not sure if you are serious or mocking in this post so I can't really reply.
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    Get the crap out of here. Everyone is exactly the same at driving in runs. It is only a function of opportunity. Didn't you know that people can't focus differently in different situations? Don't you know that everyone handles pressure in the exact same manner? Cmon man. Join the revolution.
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    You cannot compare playing in the 80's and 90's to someone playing in today's game. Jay Cutler would have thrown 30 int a year if he played in the 80's.
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    I struggle with this situation. I always show respect. I'm not a big fan of the Anthem at Blackhawk games but it does energize me and I feel the love for America. Everyone on the planet has the freedom to show respect for their country. Stand for the anthem in North Korea or die. So yeah we have the exact same freedom as the rest of the world. So why are we so proud of our "freedoms". Religious freedom? As long as you are Christian. Freedom of speech? Yeah as long as you don't criticize the government or soldiers. Freedom of movement? We're want to wall off part of the United States. Freedom of unlawful search and seizure? If you are innocent why do you need that? Freedom of the press? That's a liberal conspiracy to make Republicans look bad. Freedom to protest? Just don't do it anywhere you will inconvenience anyone. Perhaps protest at home. Yet we talk about how great our freedoms are but don't want anyone else to be free.
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    Might be a good idea to change this thread title before Parkman causes someone to have a heart attack.
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    You'll never get any proof. If he is though, prepare for a $75M payroll next year. Again, it seems like they're doing everything they can to alienate their fanbase.
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    Just like Hawk was a mouthpiece for Reinsdorf and the front office, Stone has now filled that role.
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    Some of you guys have Stockholm Syndrome. They didn't ship off all their assets to sign Ivan Novas and Michael Wachas when the window is opening. They could spend 100 million in AAV this offseason and still not be in front half of the league in terms of payroll. They are playing with 90 million dollars this year which is bottom 3 in payroll in all of baseball in a non competitive year.
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    Did you just simultaneously go misogynist and insult an entire generation for not wanting mouth cancer?
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    Remember when men were men and were right back in the factory after they gave birth. Jeez.
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    Constant b****ing comes with being a Sox fan. If it wasn't for 2005 we'd be the saddest franchise in the 4 major sports aside from the Cleveland Browns.
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