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    Meanwhile, White Sox RF/DH have combined for -5 fWAR this season and Harper sits at 3.6. Yet, many still insist Machado is/was the better fit. What am I missing here?
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    Look, I'm over Mitch too but this is a huge stretch. Pace is a much better GM than JA.
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    The only way you'll make him happy is if you provide photographic proof of you bowing to and kissing the feet of Rick Hahn. He loves Hahn
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    Considering the black holes in RF and DH the Sox have had in recent years (minus the one fluke Avi season), $25M AAV for a player like Harper really isn’t bad value to improve those areas. Especially with his stick, you could slide him to DH over the last few years of his contract as his defense in RF erodes. Then of course is the marketing aspect, which helps offset the salary burden as well.
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    I'd argue Angelo was better. He built a top defense that would end up lasting a decade. The only guys he inherited were Urlacher and Mike Brown, and both were s drafted the season prior to him taking over. Pace has built a great defense, but it's only going to last for 3-5 years. Jerry had a lot of time to find a QB, didn't get it done. Pace doesn't have that luxury. Jerry was GM of the Bears for 11 seasons and completely wasted a group with possibly 4 HOF on defense for a large chunk of that time. (Tillman is the borderline guy, Urlacher, Peppers and Briggs are locks IMO) Pace built this team from scratch pretty quickly. Eddie Jackson and Roquan Smith are really good players, but they're too young to know if they're HOF. Leonard Floyd is nice, but he's going to be gone because of Mack. Not a special player though. Fuller's really good(and the one player Pace inherited), not a HOF. Jerry Angelo was GM for 11 years for a reason. He got to see out the entire shelf life of his incredible defense he built. I think that was a mistake. This defense is in the same spot, with the Mack acquisition that the Urlacher/Briggs/Tillman group was when Angelo signed Peppers. They're toward the end of their prime. They have to win this year or next year. That's the window. If Pace wastes this year, he should be gone. If Mitch sucks, nothing is going to happen with this group. I'd feel much better if Mack was 24 instead of 28. In that case, I'd be willing to give Pace more time, like Angelo got. But not much longer. Angelo's failure was never finding a QB, and Lovie's failure was not knowing the difference between an offensive mind and his asshole. When Urlacher, Briggs and Tillman were healthy, The Bears had a top 10 D. Angelo GMed a team to a SB appearance, and won 3 playoff games. Pace has had one PO appearance and zero wins. Right now, Angelo has the better Resume. Lovie Smith has the 3rd most wins at HC in Bears history, after Halas and Ditka.
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    Some people would argue with the undertaker.🙂
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    Awesome performance from RF and DH spots again
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    That might be the hottest take of them all.
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    Nagy should be able to adapt and get Mitch in position to roll out and get a bunched up backfield of some kind to run the ball up the gut and off tackle. The i formation isn’t dead even if they have no fullback.
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    Um, I think the first exam was who are you going to get back for your trades. I would say passed with flying colors so far with seeing how Jimenez, Gio, Moncada, and i think eventually Lopez are panning out. You'll see Kopech next year. That was the first exam. The development seems to be working. Idk how this year is a C. Literally every player who has needed to show improvement has, and has done it very well. Gio (exceeding expectations by a long ways), Lopez in the 2nd half, Anderson destroying the baseball all year, Moncadas eye has improved drastically and has been around .300 all year, Jimenez power has shown and he would probably be pushing 40 homers if not for the injuries, what a pleasant suprise McCann has been, Bummer and Marshall, even Leury, Jose's offense is still elite I don't care what the advance stats say, he's a starting 1B or DH on any world series team. Well, year 3 probably would have been better if Kopech, Dunning and Rodon didn't all need TJS, and Robert didnt lose a year because of his thumb. Bet good money this team would be .500 if those 4 players were on this roster. And I bet Robert would be up here if the Sox were around .500. As Parkman said, shit happened and it slowed the rebuild down.
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    Andrew recorded a combined babip of .282 this season. That’s quite low. Hard to predict a normalized babip for him, but by comparison José Abreu lifetime babip is .329. Something similar to that would have put Vaughn’s OPS up near .900 this past season.
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    I think that is a fair assessment, his tendencies are all on tape now.
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    Then I guess it doesn't depend on the turnover situation. The Bears forced 0 against Green Bay and still held them to 10 points. If they can do that vs that QB and that OL (which isn't great but much better than Denver's), it's possible. That's my fear. It's probably too early to make that judgement but the last 6 games have been brutal
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    My friend who knows more about football than me, is absolutely convinced the league is catching up to Nagy’s offense.
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    Uhhhh no. Go Mitch. Maybe the Pack is too smart for Mitch and the Bear offense. Pretty much expect the same from Josh Allen against the Jets. You have to be an accurate passer first and foremost.
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    Depends on the turnover situation. Last night, neither team turned the ball over until Trubisky tried to make something happen late.
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    I don’t have any confidence in Mitch Bears barely have scored 20 points in half his games. He has not improved 1% and may have regressed in year 3.
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    Weren't the big teams pretty much in the penalty that year during the Robert sweepstakes? It was the perfect storm for the Sox. I remember it was us or the Cardinals that were going to get him (and if I'm not mistaken he had a better offer from the Cardinals but chose the Sox cause of the Cubans).
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    I can't tell if this is just an idea or if it's really happening. The website doesn't seem ultra reputable.
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    If Vizquel wasn't Ricky * 100 when it comes to bunting, I would really love it for him to be the next manager. That's a great quote
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    Or not.....will arrive in Charlotte tomorrow. Cool.
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