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    Yep. Been saying this for nearly a year now and he has yet to prove me wrong. I wouldn’t take this guy and his salary on even if the Padres gave him to the Sox for no player in return. His contract carries negative value imo. It will be an interesting comparison in future years seeing how the Padres approach to their rebuild compares to the Sox. They’ve had a stronger/deeper farm system over the past few years. Yet, will the mega signings of Hosmer and Machado act as anchors that ultimately limit their potential and result in less success than the Sox over the next 5 years, a team that has preserved their financial flexibility to this point in the rebuild?
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    You said 88 wins- and to bank it.
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    It's not hard Ricky. You saw what Anderson and Moncada did as a 1-2 under McEwing. You had the same 2 guys right but Moncada leading off which he has publicly said he doesn't like doing... is bad.
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    It's important because of the context. You said "always." Do you know what "always" means?
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    Any trip that you are looking for the small, out of the tourist type ideas go to www.atlasobscura.com.
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    Brady was not good from day one. I recognize the league standards were different, but his first full season was pedestrian and he had some up and down years (and this is coming from Tom Brady's #1 fan). ANd even in that 2002 year, he had quite a few atrocious games. 3 games where he threw for < 135 yards. My point in all of this is, TOm Brady, when he was young, had his fair share of turd games (which is what happened to Mitch this past week). None of those games in isolation meant that he stunk. Big Ben was pretty good from day 1, but he also had a season (his 3rd year), where he finished with a 75.4 QB Rating and had 18 TD to 23 INT (by no standard would that have been considered good). And that was 3 years into the league. Of the great QB's, about Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, and Patrick Mahomes are about the only guys I can think of who basically just crushed it (or had a small adjustment before kicking ass for good).
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    Yeah but it was still a ball. So call it a ball. I get the point - strike zone consistency. But NO batter wanted the pitch called a strike to mccann being called a strike all game to everyone. Neither were strikes and neither should have been called strikes. The one being called a strike should have no impact on calling the next ball a strike. Ps. Umpires and pitchers suck and are just a necessary evil so that people can watch who really entertains them; the real players.
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    Soooo they chose the top international player then the top 3 draft picks. Great work as always, Jim.
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    Jack, that isn't true. You might have a hard time getting approved for a credit card if you report your income as zero (how are you gonna pay that balance off?) but that doesn't affect your credit. Seriously, just try it. This is heartfelt advice that might open a new door for you, and it won't hurt to try AT ALL. Rather than being pessimistic and dismissing it out of hand, give it a shot. The absolute worst case scenario is that you are still stationary at the same place you are now.
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    OK. If you can, try to find local courses (doesn't have to be college-based, pretty sure I've seen autoshops offer mechanic courses and Home Depot offer home improvement courses) so you can learn 100% of the right way of how to do these things. See if any of them offer any sort of official certifications for different things you could be good at. Anything to make yourself marketable. In another vein, how's your credit? I don't want to put too much of myself out there, but I am investing/financing a business venture. It has nothing to do with what I've done before but I feel confident in my ability to make it successful just because I'm a smart guy and a skilled organizer. It's somewhat like a franchise, so there is support from corporate, but you can really make yourself independent if you choose (no royalties or top-down control). Relatively low entry costs. Again, I don't want to dox myself, but if you're interested, I'd be happy to tell you more about it in PMs.
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    I mean... Parkman has been wrong alot on this board. You could've went alot of ways baseball related on what he's said lol.
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    Why are you bringing up somebody's personal stuff/views into a baseball thread in regards to what you said about Moncada?
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    Other than Dunning, I like the Sox chances of developing a Adolfo/Walker/Basabe/etc. for RF in a year or so than finding another quality SP in that regard.
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    I don't think anyone here is shocked either considering the poster.
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    I will never live to work and I don't judge people who judge themselves based on their jobs and dedicate their lives to them, but I'll never understand it. I don't hate my job, and I'm humbly good at it, but if I never had to work another day in my life I wouldnt. We live one life and have a finite amount of hours on this earth... no ones whispering into their families ears in their death bed saying "I wish I worked more." So many things I want to experience, see and do and so little time in life to do them. I work to support those dreams and bucket list items, as well as to give my wife, and hopefully soon family, a comfortable life. I spent my first 8 years of my career working 60 hour weeks. You could never get me to do that every week today. I guess I paid my dues and Jack, as shitty as it is that's how you move up. If it never ends and you never progress the f your job and employer.
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    If the Sox made the decision that they'd acquire zero position players this offseason, focus solely on pitching, and then spend their entire position player budget on Mookie Betts after next year would anyone be mad? I don't think that happens, but if you want to know a guy I'd give 350+ million to its Mookie Betts.
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    Yes for sure. I’ll take 1 elite player over “depth” this offseason 10x over
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    You're the one who said "always," not "usually." Always doesn't make sense here, not in the least bit. Also, how was the NFCCG an "epic meltdown?" The Bears lost by 7 despite the 2nd and 3rd string QB's playing half the game. Your wording is just off.
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    Like when they beat them to clinch the division last year?
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    Dude. Pay your $300 to the Secretary of State and incorporate. File your S-Corp paperwork right away and pay somebody a couple hundred to make a logo. Go get a bank account and sell one of those services. You don’t need employees or equipment or an office. Go sell a job, however long it takes and then go get the insurance. Subcontract with companies that provide materials. You can do all this from a home office with basically zero overhead. Just gotta hustle.
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    Especially when a study showed it is quite literally the best investment you can make in player acquisition.
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    It's a dumb title on a fucking message board, get over yourself.
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    Yes, college baseball starts in late February. They finish their year, then start playing more baseball than they ever have for 2.5 months longer. It’s pretty common they wear out.
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    I knew he qualified as soon as he hit the home run, but my first instinct was to calculate Lemahieu's exact average to see if Tim passed him. You aren't alone! It gives us something interesting to follow for the next few weeks
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