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    It's a total bullshit excuse. Give the most money, get the star 95% of the time.
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    Just for fun, if you extend their performances for Aug/Sep to an entire season, here's what it would look like for Tim, Eloy, and Yoan: Tim- 138 Rs, 64 2Bs, 25 HRs, 64 RBIs, .368 BA, .384 OBP, .943 OPS Eloy- 102 Rs, 34 2Bs, 7 3Bs, 44 HRs, 129 RBIs, .317 BA, .349 OBP, .932 OPS Yoan- 118 Rs, 68 2Bs (!!!), 12 3Bs, 23 HRs, 101 RBIs, .364 BA, .406 OBP, 1.008 OPS
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    Just because a lot of guys bust doesn't mean you don't want the opportunity. Odds are you'll find betters players higher than lower. That's why.
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    This old moron said that Sox fans have beer muscles and hinted that they won’t boo him in person at a game because they are afraid of him. I’m not sure how his comments can be defended. They were stupid. Like Jack Parkman, I would also be surprised if some other team’s pitching coach made comments this stupid about his team’s fans.
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    Not sure if posted, but by fangraphs WAR (fWAR), Moncada is the best baseball positional player in Chicago.
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    He was limping pretty bad. Would appear (visually) like a very questionable decision and one that I hope doesn't backfire (either in terms of a key miss and/or making the injury worse). Just WIN baby!
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    Is that.. a thing? Please say no 😩
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    Personally I think Lopez is a reliever but we'll see. Hopefully I'm wrong and he's more than that.
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    I was delighted to see Ricky show some life in this regard. Even parents who love you let you know when they are disappointed in your effort.
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    Alright boys...let’s win and win big on the road!!! Just do it!!!
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    Putting any blame on catchers is a pretty big cop out IMO. Thor did it with the Mets, then backtracked a bit, but if he doesn't know what he wants to do and thinks it's all up to the catcher how he performs, he should give some money back. The ultimate responsibility for what pitch is thrown and location is either on the pitcher or the bench if the bench is calling the game which several do.
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    In 1988, a top aide to George Bush took Bush to a mountain retreat to get away from the media during the Democratic National Convention. The aide thought Bush didn't need to hear all the political attacks during those four days. The Bush campaign, as would any campaign, no doubt monitored the convention as they did all their political opposition. But the candidate didn't need to do that. It is tough enough running for president and staying on message without getting too distracted by foes and critics. I am sure that someone in the White Sox organization monitors the internet and social media for various reasons. But top front office people shouldn't do that nor should the manager, coaches and players. It is tough enough to compete at the major league level without getting distracted by fans lashing out. Praise and criticism will eventually find its way to the team; you don't need to go looking for it. Secondly, it is bad PR for Cooper to argue and fight with fans especially when the team is losing. In addition to rebuilding the team on the field, the franchise needs to rebuild its fan base. They won't do it this way. Any rebuild is hard. It takes a long time, and there is so much losing. There is bound to be hurt feelings on all sides. If I was Cooper, I wouldn't obsess about social media. There are plenty of challenges ahead without worrying about this stuff.
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    I think instead of making these comments,a guy like Cooper should just ignore the tweets he doesn’t like or twitter in general. What do they expect? If twitter was around in his heyday, you would be able to find thousands of tweets saying Michael Jordan is worthless. Take a franchise that has struggled for over a decade, and that is only going to be multiplied.Maybe even try winning to shut them up. it appears Don Cooper scours twitter either to find stuff praising him to satisfy his ego, or to look for stuff to b**** about. Does he even have a twitter account?
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    I don't pay attention to Sox stuff on twitter or facebook. So I'm not really sure what he speaks of. Here on soxtalk and another message board I post on...I think Sox fans have been remarkably forgiving considering much of the incompetence over the last 10 years. The last 10 years have been so bad, that they should be grateful that there's still people out there who care.
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    People who live in the past.........
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    Ozuna and Castellanos are also not RF. Ozuna has had a bad year, so hard pass, and Castellanos is Eloy in RF. I'm interested in Castellanos, but only as a DH.
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    Madrigal will help the K%. Full year of Collins (and Vaughn when he gets here) will help the BB%. I expect Eloy to walk more next season and probably Moncada too. I'm probably one of the few that doesn't want Abreu back (mostly because of how Ricky will continue to bat him 3rd, play him way more than he should at 1B. I won't even count his baserunning, baseball I.Q., etc in this) but I know he will be and hopefully he becomes more disciplined as a hitter knowing he has protection around him.
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    That is really disturbing.
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    Wrong. The guy responsible for naming Hawk GM back in the 80s, and who exercised terrible judgment in doing so, is still the guy responsible for making those same types of critical judgment calls today - Jerry Reinsdorf. Citing the 40 year record of the man while he’s still the guy in charge couldn’t be more relevant when forming opinions about what’s possibly coming our way in these next few years.
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    Read some of the other posts. Not everybody agrees with the tanking philosophy and not everybody likes advanced stats and the reliance on HRs nowadays. Learn some patience, dissenters. Not everybody has to agree with you. Some of us have different viewpoints, such as El Rockin.
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    Sports leagues can fix it if they want to. Just throw all non playoff teams names in to a hat and randomly pick the draft order. Stop rewarding teams that lose on purpose. But they won't do that for some reason.
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    Yep. It probably has something to do with the amount of playoff appearances in the last 50 years.
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    I'm kinda with @Look at Ray Ray Run I think Fangraphs is evaluating defensive floors wrong and over valuing their contribution. There's no way Yolmer's 650 OPS carries him into average starter territory. That said I have no real evidence of that but it doesn't seem that clubs value all glove guys like Yolmer as average regulars. Super subs sure. But 2 WAR is basically an average regular and he's not that imo. Eh, he's only been +6.7 runs (accounting for defensive spectrum adjustments) and 1 fWAR with his shitty wRC+ of 75 this year. So maybe my concerns are overblown. Yolmer's problem is that he was a 95 wRC+ hitter on the rise with a great glove 2 years ago. His overall play has declined greatly from his age 24 season, which is puzzling in many ways. I do think PEDs might have played a role and he stopped using them once he was an established regular.
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    The eye test shows the same result.
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