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    Disappointed Stone has become apologist for JR, he has changed a lot last 3 years.
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    How wouldn't it? Did you watch this team at all? They won 72 games with 1.5 pitchers.
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    Multiple World Series victories? No way. But I expect that by 2025, this whole “the White Sox have never gone to the playoffs twice in a row” thing will be history.
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    I pick yearly post-season appearances.
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    I would prefer JD Martinez at DH, but Schwarber would be the next best option in my opinion (so I agree they should be looking to do better than this but should be willing to pivot to Schwarber if Martinez doesn't opt out or they don't sign him).
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    JR can be a wonderful human being and family man who treats his employees and people in general really well, be an extremely smart businessman AND also be a really bad baseball owner. Those things aren't mutually exclusive. I think that's what Stone is missing here.
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    Nope, I'd be happy. But I'd rather have Cole, JDM/Grandal, Calhoun, Hammels and a bullpen arm.
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    Wow! Now I hope the Rays beat the Astros tomorrow then all bets are off.
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    Honestly, I’m betting Herrera has the better season in 2020. He was actually pretty good down the stretch.
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    well without their help we wouldn't have Eloy or Cease.... Keep being dumb plz.
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    The fans he is responding to are mostly idiotic
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    Talk about an overreaction...as you said, hes on the payroll. Hes not going to tweet badly about his boss. Who cares?
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