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    He was about on Adam Eatons level. Giolito and Lopez >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lew Brinson
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    What has trubisky done well to remotely believe this? Josh Allen has had more moments the last two years with a worse supporting cast to say "he has potential".
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    I will take Moncada and Kopech over Gio, Lopez and Robles, especially when we used those negotiations to acquire 2 of 3 pieces discussed in a different trade not a significantly less valuable piece anyway. Hahn takes a lot of crap around here, but he hit an absolute home runs on Sale, Eaton and Quintana trades. A++. Not directed at you DA, but people say its easy to trade elite players - well, go look at what the Marlins got for Yelich, and get back to me.
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    We'll know one week from today whether JDM has opted out, and I expect him to. I also think that within 24 hours after that decision, Boras will be talking about how hard JDM has been working on his defense and that he's willing to play either corner outfield or first base. There's just no way that Boras is going to concede JDM's market is AL-only. Before it's all said and done, we'll certainly get rumors from Heyman, etc. that there are mystery NL teams in on JDM. Even if he signs with the White Sox, there will be a lot of doubt and hand-wringing before then.
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    You should probably save your canned anti-journalism screed for a situation where it actually fits the article written. The author is not trying to explain a "complex situation," (which you curiously admit yourself in the same breath you're accusing her of doing so). It's actually pretty simple. She's taking issue with the Astros' ownership reflexively calling first-hand witnesses to a situation liars before investigating the facts and figuring out that they were, in fact, telling the truth. That this was their first impulse, and that they only reversed themselves after public pressure to do so, makes one question their organizational culture and ability to deal with like situations in circumstances with less public scrutiny. Not a difficult leap.
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    it's never an attractive job to bring in a GM and say " you have to keep the coach"
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    It was down to Pace or Ballard and pace surprised won the job. And Ballard is building the team the way I like, lots of picks, lots of FA space. Pace hit on some big players by being aggressive but you see how quickly the window closes in the NFL and you need depth so much more than being top heavy.
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    The Sox don't convey any attitude of urgency to its fanbase. They either know what they want to do with this roster building or don't. Right now they should get Jose's signing done and announce it. If it's against baseball rules or unwritten rules to upstage the World Series, then announce it the day after the series is decided. Then get to work and make significant offers to the guys they feel we need to WIN next season. My gosh all these losing seasons in a row. Time to act at least like the FO cares. They could leak some stuff to media at least.
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    It’s not me making one asinine post after another about Abreu.
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    "42 yard field goals are basically automatic" -head coach of team that missed a 35 yard field goal earlier that game
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    Completely agree. That was just baffling why he didn't do that or at least get closer.
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    I really see no reason for Trubisky or Nagy to be back next year
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    Fuck you guys, Y2HH said Rogue One was meh. It is decided.
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    I really liked Rogue one. Solo was underrated. If I had to rank the new movies in order of best to worst so far, it would be the following: 1. Rogue One 2. Solo 3. TFA 4. TLJ Just my opinion, but TFA and TLJ are worse than Revenge of the Sith at least, and arguably worse than The Phantom Menace.
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    I think there's a chance that JDM's decline in slugging % in a live ball 2019 may be problematic. After all, Father Time is undefeated, and he is a 32 year old statue who experienced an ~11.5% drop in slugging [.557 from .629] in a year where the league-average slugging % went up. I don't disagree that he had been a great hitter, in the past. Will he still be in 2021 as a 34 year old statue, when this club may be ready to compete? Who knows. Regardless, I don't see this club signing him, given his age/cost/agent and this org's thriftiness. But, this may be a situation where he may be in decline as this team is hoping to be climbing into contention.
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    this is my "non-realistic offseason" thread place. SIGN: Cole $35 mill Matt Moore $2.5 mill (ervin santana deal) Jose Abreu $16 mill Logan Morrison - minor league signing TRADE: Cease, Walker, Stiever for Mookie Betts (to re-sign at $40 mill/yr) 2020 salary = 131.8 mill April Roster C - McCann, Collins 1B - Abreu 2B - Sanchez 3B - Moncada SS - Anderson LF - Eloy CF - Engel RF - Betts DH - Collins OR Mercedes OR Morrison Rotation: Cole / Giolito / Kopech / Moore / ReyLo May Roster C - McCann/Collins 1B - Abreu 2B - Madrigal 3B - Moncada SS - Anderson LF - Eloy CF - Robert RF - Betts DH - Mercedes/Collins/Morrison Rotation - Cole / Giolito / Kopech / Moore / ReyLo May Lineup Anderson Moncada Betts Eloy Abreu Robert McCann Collins Madrigal August Lineup
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    The Force Awakens was good. Rogue One was good. Solo was decent. The Last Jedi was the only trash one so far of the newest 4.
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    The beginning of the end for the Astros started last weekend with the Taubman incident. Karma is a b****. Houston has $150M committed to payroll next season and that doesn’t even include arb eligible players like Correa or resigning Cole. They have big money tied up in Grienke and Verlander for several years, both of whom could hit a Lester wall at any moment.
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    It's also yet ANOTHER indication that we should be hiring someone from that organization for double their current salary and sticking them behind Hahn and ahead of Haber as the heir-apparent.
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    Good trades for now, but no pats on the back until champagne corks are flying.
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    So you're telling us this is just about the trades that jump started the rebuild ? Because there doesn't seem to be any disputing that but plenty to dispute in other trades, I mean great, pat the FO on the back all you want for picking some of the top talents from many many lists that tell you the top talent. But try relying on your talent evaluators for Major League talent for trades and it hasn't gone as well. Maybe some Sox scout/evaluator out there was adamant about not trading Tatis but it happened anyway. You read stories about how the scout for Trout was so convinced he was going to be good it may have swayed the Angel's FO to value him higher and they sweated out seeing if anyone else would pick him. Lat time I heard Hahn talk about how convinced a scout was about someone it was Manny Banuelos.
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