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    Lol, how fucking high are you?
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    Realistically he gets 5/150 or 6/170...are Sox Willing to pay that?
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    Welcome to the White Sox, Mr. Strasburg. You will enjoy pitching with Mr. Giolito and Mr. Cole.
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    Bummer, Dunning and Lopez would be the ask, but it still doesn’t make sense for the Cubs going into Marquee Network. With Zobrist gone and Russell on his very last legs...they need Happ and Schwarber more than ever. That doesn’t count the regression from Almora (a good hedge there would be JBJr) and covering predictable Bryant/Rizzo/Contreras injuries in terms of offensive impact. Finally, Bote took a step back as well. They can just go out and buy most of their needs with financial capital. Unless Hahn was dumb enough to take on Heyward’s contract to get one of those players included, but not both. Then they could keep Castellanos, sign JBJ and supplement their bullpen that was decimated by injuries and non-performance at the back end. So Bummer and Lopez for Heyward and Happ...OR just Bummer for Heyward and Schwarber, which would give the Cubs the flexibility to fix their most pressing issues/financial inflexibility with Castellanos, JBJ and 2-3 pitchers. "In Chicago, it’s just a mess. Chicago area Cable TV fans of the Bulls, Blackhawks and the Laundry (White Sox) are already paying NBC Sports Chicago a line item fee of nearly $9 for the service in their cable bill which used to include the Cubs. Do you know that small increase in your bill? Hmmmmm. Marquee wants to charge the same amount, $9, for dare I say, just the Chicago Cubs channel and it’s going to happen! " Feel like the Cubs will come in around $4.50-$6 if they’re smart, don’t see NBC Sports Chicago discounting their 3 team package by much, if anything. Unfortunately, the Bulls and Blackhawks are both down, so that removes their leverage...but so are the Cubs. It’s yet another argument for the White Sox not making incremental changes but spending $45-60 million instead of the expected/predicted $30 million (not including Abreu and raises/escalators.) We’ll find out soon enough who’s right. Old rumors. The Cubs are going to be charging $4 a month to cable companies and the NBC Sports price will come down as they have to negotiate all new cable deals without having the Cubs.
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    Think of all of the baseball-isms Hawk has coined. His announcing prime is iconic and he belongs in the hall.
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    Why shouldn't we have nice things?
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    Let's stop talking about Cub players. The Sox and Cubs have only made 2 trades in the last 15 years, m'kay. After getting bent over in the Q trade, I doubt Theo is going to call Hahn or answer his calls anytime soon.
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    One mans opinion. He was as good an announcer as he was a GM.
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    He is going to eventually get it. Hopefully it will be while he can enjoy it with family, friends and fans. So since he is now 78, dont be petty and make him wait.
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    If I was the GM of a contending team in need of a productive 1st basemen...I would go after Abreu.
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    Until they prove that the money "will be spent" I will assume that seat will be at the kid's table
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    Prediction: They don't even have a seat at the table
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    But they'll have a seat at the table.
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    Oh boy....that time of year again. Cole is the obvious choice here but strasburg is more realistic of the two. With that said I don’t think the Sox land either of them.
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    What am I missing here? The post attacked Abreu's total lack of fielding ability and that he should be the DH only. His offensive numbers were not attacked so they don't need to be defended.
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    Cole signs with the Angels or Dodgers. If Rendon signs with the Nationals and Strasburg opts out the white sox could be on a short list for his services.
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    Someone please add to the megathread, I don’t think I can.
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    You guys have to understand that when a team does this, it’s because they’re not making ends meet. “Should have stuck with” isn’t really a great option, because it wasn’t working. Granted, the name isn’t what made them fail in the first place, but short a new ballpark, there aren’t really any better ways to sell a bunch of new merchandise and get your brand to the forefront of the local news cycle for a while.
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    Not a purist on this one, I love the new name and logo!! Looking forward to doing a North Carolina affiliate trip soon.
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    Ok, they got me...I just ordered one of the caps. My wife will love to gift it to me for Christmas
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